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RAW video is not working, is it? I have raw_rec activated. If I start recording video with RAW video feature ON, the video stops recording when arriving to the second second (2"), the red right top corners says 1skipped and the message "Early stop(11). Didn't make it to estimated record time!." is shown. Video recording stops and nothing is saved (not even those 2 seconds...).

I experienced this with Nightly.2014Apr04.6D113 (the message was different, something like "this is a bug! please report it" and now with the version I updated to, magiclantern-Nightly2014May24.6D113.

Sorry if someone has reported this bug already... Is there something to solve this?

Archived porting threads / Re: Magic Lantern for 6D | Dev kit released
« on: April 05, 2014, 01:29:17 AM »
Hi and thanks for the release! (looks pretty stable to me :)

I installed "Nightly.2014Apr04.6D113". I found there "help files" are not found and the user guide cannot be read in camera. I understand this is because is not a stable release and the manual is not specifically written for 6D, but I guess I could use it sometimes. (I had ML in my old 500D, but looks much clean in 6D!)
So, what I should do is just to copy files in "doc" folder from the stable release download (not for 6D) into the SD card I already installed ML for my 6D? Probably I will just do it and risk myself before I get any answer...

Anyway, thanks again!

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