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here i have a similar issue, i cant reformat, copy paste  / do anything with my sd card formerly formatted at the eos m camera.. but I m inl linux, tried different things, not even gparted with sudo rights can do anything.. any idea?? thanks :)
Hi guys,

now got a eos m for testing , I m new to all this, but couldnt find the download option for eos m-.. ;(

shall i use the tragiclantern latest download from here ? or is there some kind of difference to the old download?

I d like to test the clean hdmi out from the eos m I need for installation purposes..

alright, thanks! this will take a while, i still need to buy one.. once i know I ll share...
Hi there, I m new in this forum and heard about magic lantern on the chaos communication congress.. seems like a fantastic project for indie filmmakers like me ;)
#i have one question: for a visual project i need a camera with a clean hdmi output, must not be full HD resolution, but clean in the sense of no overlays, shutterspeed , battery infos etc.. is this possible with the Canon eos m and the magic lantern (nightly builds.)?? Thanks :)