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 - added mlv_snd which adds audio recording to mlv_rec

you can play it using
a) my MLV Viewer or
b) when you use 'mlv_dump -o <outname>' which will create a .wav (thanks to Jarno Paananen,

can you test it whether it works for you? tried on
5D3: works
7D: no audio recorded


Is mlv_snd part of the latest nightly build? I would love to test it out for my 5D3. Thanks so much for all the hard work and updates!

I found a way to trick the stmpe module to play the sound with raw_rec without freezing. When you start up the camera go to the Audio Tab and go to the SMPTE Output settings and hit set on the Test Output which will play the sound and then hit set again to stop. Now start recording with with raw_record and the sound will play and record without freezing. With this work around I am recording and monitoring sound with my H4n. There is a mixer function in the menu that will allow you to pan or turn off the volume of the smpte sound.

Not a good workflow, but I thought it might help g3gg0 or any other developer in finding a solution to enable smtpe to work with raw_rec. At least I hoping someone would like to help us! Thanks so much!

Would it be difficult to make the smpte sound module work with the All I really need is the sound output to trigger my recorder. I was able to get it to work, but when I restart the camera it crashes when trying to record again. I know it is made for, but would be great if I could use it for raw_rec.

I prefer working with over because of the ease of use I have converting files with Raw Magic. Raw_rec development is a little further along as well. I haven't been able to convert mlv files with my Mac running 10.8.5 and Mavericks even after reading several threads and trying many different possible solutions.


Is there any audio support other than the sync beep for mlv_rec at this point?


There is a way to hook up the tone from the camera so that it only goes through the left or right channel. You would need a cable that has either xlr or phone plug for the h6 or H4n left or right inputs. That way you could at least monitor the sound from the other channel with a pair of earbud headphones and just don't put the one with the beep in your ear.

 Not an elegant way, but most of the time for me I use the 5d Raw for B-Roll so I don't monitor the sound for each shot anyway. I would still love this feature so that I don't have to stop the H4n or H6 each time I stop the camera recording. I am sure there are other possible solutions. I just wanted to share my thoughts.

I can also add that this feature would work with the H4n as well. The H4n is much cheaper now ($169 on B&H). What a great feature to have audio that could be matched with the Raw video without much work at all. This is such a great feature for single shooters! I hope someone can help by developing this feature. Thanks so much!

Raw Video / Re: Automatic Rec-start on H6 solved!
« on: December 12, 2013, 07:18:17 AM »
I actually saw that also and thought about it =), was hoping that someone with the right skills would develop a solution for this via the remote connectors on the camera and h6 but since the "tone solution" is so much easier maybe we should try to get that done first. All we need is for someone to program an extra option in rec signal settings so you can choose "continuous tone signal during recording"

Unfortunately i myself have no programing skills =(
I am not new to magic lantern raw video recording, but I am new to this forum. What can we do to propose this feature to a developer that might like to help us? I believe this is a huge addition to Raw recording. Getting audio working in this way would solve my only problem with my Raw video workflow!

Raw Video / Re: Automatic Rec-start on H6 solved!
« on: December 12, 2013, 07:13:14 AM »
That's great Markus!
But it gets even better. The zoom H6 also has an Autorecord Stop function, too. When turned ON, as soon as incoming signal drops below the Stop Level you've set, recording ends (page 85 of the Zoom H6 manual).
So if the camera sends a continuous tone whenever it is recording, both the camera and the recorder are always in sync.
The tone coming out of the camera can even be on just one channel in order to save battery life.

It shouldn't be difficult to develop this function in ML.

diegolamac has a fantastic idea. His idea above should work perfectly and shouldn't require any starting and stopping on the H6 or H4n. I wish I knew how to program so I could help get this feature added. As he said, while the camera is recording the tone is being sent. Many people would still want the single beep, but if we could add another option to send a tone for the full length of the recording that would be great!


I can also add that the H4n has this same function as the H6.

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