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BTS from a music video in Puerto Rico. Filmed using 5DMIII with Magic Lantern (14 bit) and MLV Producer with CineonLog Profile and rendered at ProRes 444 for edit. Hope you like it!
Really love your work! Place is amazing! Everything looks fantastic! Are you from Puerto Rico? Thing is that I am from PR. If that the case it makes me proud! Was thinking that a music video using Magic Lantern with a 5DMRkIII and an organized crew project would be great! And you just did that! More than 75% of directors here uses Sony cameras and a 5DMRKIII with Magic Lantern makes a big difference. Congratulations bro!
Share Your Videos / Re: 3.5K Raw Testing - 5D III
April 22, 2019, 03:19:24 PM
Great video! 5D MarkkIII still such a powerful camera these days and the ones coming!
Quote from: Ilia3101 on April 19, 2019, 08:36:05 AM
Thanks for the comparison.

What MLV App does is the same as Adobe camera raw, it processes raw images, except straight from MLV instead of through DNG.

So a fairer comparison would be one of these:

1. Convert to LOG in MLV app and to LOG in ACR (can use andy600's log product), then grade both versions in Vegas, then compare
2. Grade in MLV App and in ACR, then compare

But out of the comparison I like both results. The rocks are nice and contrasty in Adobe, but I think MLVApp version is more warm and "cinematic" (my fav word).

Thanks for replying! So, grading both LOG would be more of a fair comparison regarding sharpness?
First one Canon, second BlackMagic  :D
Did almost same color grading for both and crop BlackMagic one to a close focal length for an easy compare presentation. Wich one you think is Canon and BlackMagic?
It come to my attention, why I have to sharpen the image 100% withing MLV App so it looks the same quality in sharpness as a RAW processed sequence image using CinemaDNG uncompressed with Adobe Photoshop RAW? It is because when MLV App process a ProRes (we used ProRes 444) format the footage loses sharpness as it's being proceeded as an video format and not image sequence? Or there is another reason for this?


ML-Forum" border="0
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The rocks on the one below, looks brighter because for me it was easier to grade with Shadow Adobe PS RAW slider. Maybe using the same equivalent slider withing ML App I can achieve the same result. If it looks kind of noisy is because I filmed 1080p 1:1 for an 200mm equivalent from a 24-70mm Sigma Art.
Wich one looks better? Same footage, each one processed using MLV App with Cineon and 100% sharpen at ProRes 444 and the other CinemaDNG uncompressed with Vertical Stripes in Normal. Cineon one color graduated with Sony Vegas Pro and the other with Adobe Photoshop RAW.
Share Your Videos / Re: Paris moves // 5DIV + 6D RAW
April 12, 2019, 03:15:23 AM
Impressive!!! Such a beautiful and inspiring work! Thanks for sharing!
Forum and Website / Re: High data rate h264 on 5D3
March 18, 2019, 12:40:23 AM
Interesting. Never knew about this future.
@LoO93 love the image quality, as you said, looks very close to a high-standard cinematic camera! How you do to achieve that pro handheld motion for the latest scenes? Like it!
a1ex and Danne, looks amazing! Thanks for your time and effort! I'm doing it right away! Not an experiment person with script, I would learn.
Quote from: Danne on December 08, 2018, 08:22:52 PM
The footage is clearly corrupted. Better to reshoot and watch out for it not to happen again.

Ok Danne! Corrupted clips can not be fixed. Thanks for letting me know, although we cannot re shoot again, we can edit it in a creative way like looking trough an Old Analog TV, a damage analog fx should dissimulate corruption. It's a very short intro so we would be ok! Thanks everyone!
Quote from: Levas on December 07, 2018, 07:58:01 PM
You should record a dark frame clip and try to extract that, I think that's an option available in MLVapp.
For recording a dark frame clip you can't use lossless compression, if I'm not mistaken, so if you used 14 bit lossless for the normal clip, you should use 14 bit uncompressed for the dark frame.
So for dark frame clip, use 14 bit uncompressed and then use the same ISO setting, same shutter time setting and same resolution setting as the normal clip.
Now put the lens cap on the lens and close down the diafragma to maximum, probably f22 (to eliminate all surrounding light).
Record a MLV clip and use this MLV for dark frame substraction in MLV app.

Just tried it Levas, every step as you suggested! Did not clean the red lines. Thanks for the suggestion!
Thanks @Ilia3101! Tried that one too and nothing happened.

If you or someone want to take a look or experiment, here is the MLV file

Tried to clean it using Pattern Noise option, almost did the job. Don't know if there is another option or technique. Check image below. Can someone help me?

Thanks @Danne for the info! Downloaded it would be testing it! Forgot to mention for the record, that I used NTSC and 720p 60 All-i in the Canon menu. So more info is available for you guys.

Can this corrupted clips be repaired so we can use them as an intro for a seminar video? We filmed like 5 clips of no more than 10 seconds with this issue. Hope it is possible to clean them.

Hi everyone! I just filmed today a few short clips using magiclantern-crop_rec_4k.2018Jul22.5D3113 version witch Crop mode 1080p45/1040p48 3x3 activated. Clips have red vertical lines. Can I fix them using MLV App? Here is an example if anyone like to see...
So Intense!!! Great production!
@andy kh

Why are you getting that moire and artifacts? I processed the same clip using ProRes444 and don't see anything like that.
@Danne and @masc

Can Vertical Stripes (Force) enabled correct @Petter Sand footage?
Quote from: masc on March 28, 2018, 08:35:44 AM
Could you please upload such a file and provide some more information (OS, version, ...). Thx.

You can add one of the implemented filters. There is no LUT support atm.

Here are the files =>

M22-1506 (footage) and M27-1523 (darkframe)

Windows 10 Home, Version 1709, OS Build 16299.309


Magic Lantern version: crop_rec_4k.2017Oct28.5D3113
"MLVApp has stopped working"

That is when I select a MLV File for Darkframe Subtraction option.

Any help?

General Development / Re: mlv_dump on steroids
January 17, 2018, 08:03:55 PM
C'mon don't play with our feelings  ;D