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Tragic Lantern / Re: 7D Raw Thread
November 01, 2013, 08:22:36 PM
well i use ginger NOW but i have a whole music video already exported to DNG's and they show up pure black in my after effects..

i just installed Adobe CC/Bridge and still no luck..  when in bridge and i click CAMERA RAW it says i need to open an app atleast once?
Share Your Videos / Re: 5D3 h.264 vs RAW comparison
November 01, 2013, 06:53:08 PM
Quote from: ultimatemale on October 28, 2013, 11:50:15 PM
But like i stated, its not a scientific test. ;)

If it looks good and fits the video, sometimes thats all that matters.  all that 1/2938 and 3/4th of a crop 1:3:3 stuff just takes the fun out of filming and making it look NATURAL ...

i loved the escalator shots! impressive!

i followed a pretty cool workflow

using lightroom and quicktime to export...

here is a final video using the format.

ive heard everyones opinion.. but the way i shoot and workflow wont allow me to use a heavy program live divinci.. my macbook just closes it out.. and after effects gives me warning in 32-bit mode when adding color correction .  so ijust do everything really detailed in lightroom.  Minus, Grain/Noise (add/remove)

GReat video im workin on my 5d3
Quote from: ShootingStars on October 27, 2013, 10:11:28 AM
Can anyone give me advice on how to do it efficiently on a weaker computer? This is because I am travelling, and my desktop is at home.

2.9GHz Core i7-3520M 2 core 4 threads
Intel HD Graphics 4000
8GB Ram

2 workflows to follow:

i have a i5 macbook (2011)

RAWmagic>After Effects (ginger hdr, ACR)>export as prores and work with those clips

Tragic Lantern / Re: 7D Raw Thread
October 31, 2013, 05:04:17 PM
heres a video it

Tragic Lantern / Re: 7D Raw Thread
October 31, 2013, 04:59:16 PM
Quote from: DFM on October 31, 2013, 11:02:01 AM
Straying off topic but sorry, but I would really advise against that workflow.

Lightroom was never designed to process CinemaDNG sequences. The database engine hasn't been optimized for tens of thousands of frames in a temporary transcoding pipeline. It assumes you're permanently importing photographs into the catalog (so all that waiting around is while it writes hundreds of megabytes of SQL and preview data to disk that you'll never need again), and while the developments in Lr are nondestructive, the exports aren't. The point of using raw footage is to retain it for as long into the pipeline as possible, so for example you can change the white balance long after you've started cutting the dailies.

After Effects includes exactly the same Camera RAW engine as is used in Lr, but in AE it's been integrated specifically to support frame sequences. No temporary files are created, your developments for frame 1 are automatically applied to all the others, and it's completely nondestructive. ACR supports user presets, lens corrections, etc. and the only things missing in the ACR window compared to the Lr UI are tools which would never be used on frame sequences (such as healing brushes).

Bouncing through a Quicktime DI is also a very bad idea, as the QT engine isn't optimized for 64-bit platforms (unlike Ae and ACR). The entire point behind the DirectLink pipeline between AE and Pr is to avoid any need for intermediates.

The 'correct' workflow at the moment, from an Adobe point of view, is to import the DNG sequences directly into After Effects on a 16 or 32-bit comp, apply import corrections (lens adjustments, whibal and detail) in ACR then grade the footage on the timeline. If you want to cut in Premiere Pro, simply drop the AE comps into a Pr sequence. Everything remains 100% nondestructive and x64-compatible.

All this will be moot when the update to the CC video tools collection are rolled out to the public, as you'll then be able to load cDNG sequences into Premiere Pro and Speedgrade. They've been delayed while engineering perform some additional tests, but they're due shortly.


well someone who has clips like mine that ACR wont pull up in After effects only way to get ACR is through photoshop.

so for the moment this was a great sub. since i didnt have the raw files only sequence.

ive seen plenty of people use lightroom to convert. WITHOUT NOISE REDUCTION, GRAIN ADDING and WITHOUT SHARPENING in light room.. .

and as for the quicktime export.  the person who created THIS VIDEO, was one of the people who first told me how to EXPORT from Quicktime (Chamillionaire - Ridin Dirty)

so its not the first time ive heard it was a good way to export.

i honestly PERSONALLY dont see any difference for YOUTUBE purpose but maybe for On screen or dvd.
plus your comparing the 5d2 to the 5d3...
Tragic Lantern / Re: 7D Raw Thread
October 31, 2013, 06:43:32 AM
nice workflow

Quicktime Pro (if you know how to get it  ;) )
After Effects

really simple and cool...

just found this workflow.

Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: Resolve 10 beta is out
October 31, 2013, 04:06:52 AM
i cant even click on a clip to import. it doesnt even show all my clips in the folder either.
i dont have that More Options menu.
that opens my Photoshop.  is there anyway to change that?
just get Ginger HDR or ADOBE CAMERA RAW and import the .raw file into AE.

or RAWmagic>import the FIRST ( img_000.dng) intro after effects.. and Audjust.. export to Prores
Edit>Template> both of the output module and Render settings.  you can SAVE ALL... or LOAD just save em after you create it.. and send those if possible.
can anyone save a Export Template? so i can load on my after effects?
Here is my sequence if anyone else can see.. i wonder why i cant get ACR to pop up on import?
i cant get resolve on my macbook 2011 13" i5... something about a GUI error or something.. LITE dont work.  tried all the new stuff.

only thing i can do is   .raw to After effects on my new shoots..  but these clips i have i wanted to re export them cause right now they are one long B-Roll clip ... but i want individual clips..

thanks for the help i am uploading my file squence (150 clips) to drop box maybe someone has the same issue using the whole sequence. cause i dont see the raw sequence setting
when you downlaoded and imported did it change the image size to 200x400? or something in that ballpark?

when i downloaded from my drop box it was full size.. and when i uploaded to after effects it was the right color.  but the size was smaller?  weird!  WTH lol. 
no luck.  whenever i upload the picture it just shows black in my icon at the top. even in yours it is showing the accurate look?
thats weird.

acr works in photoshop though
i installed the Camera Raw 7.1 now everything is a bunch of colored pixels.
i think i seen acr in photoshop?  RAW magic already exported these .dng

i dont see a sequence option?

how do i get ACR? i downloaded the 8.1 update form Adobe for Camera raw and DNG converter i believe? or something like that.

anyways i am running AE CS6 i dont have the .raw files anymore cause i had previously exported through FCPx to one long clip.

but i wanna see if i can get a better quality through AE using the workflow of importing the first sequence and using Ginger HDR

so i have all the files of DNG i can upload maybe someone can see if theirs pics it up?
they cant answer me they always seem to skim pass my questions or cant suggest anything for mac.
this being a post about mov_rec i figured i would ask.

and no i have it enabled.  thats why i said it records one or 2 videos then the rest are .mov files.  is it cause i might hit the 5x zoom?
Tragic Lantern / Re: 7D Raw Thread
October 30, 2013, 04:57:47 AM
can you give a setting check list to what you have on and off in your last menu?
well i took the .raw file and used RAWmagic the other day.

all the .dng files it pulls up are really really dark and i cant even add any exposure or nothing. but it shows regular in my file explorer. no issues. only when i import it into After Effects.