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I recorded 1:30 and this time no dropped frames at all. Sound perfectly synced till the end of a clip. i dont know why i had dropped frames before, both times 1920x1080 25fps. This time however i formatted my card to exfat, before was FAT32. In both cases MLV file was splitted to 4 GB and the rest. I think i was able to record all card with single file with raw-rec. Does Mlv-rec records files over 4GB?

Which buffer settings do you use for MLV 1080P?

Any more settings to try I stop recording after 1 min from frame skip?

I can repoduce the skip.
It seems to happen at 4096MB. Suddenly the buffer fills up and a frame is skipped. Before about 1/5 to 1/4 of the buffer is used. Nevertheless I  observe a similar behavior when the recording starts. First the buffer fills up to almost 100% then writig catches up and the buffer emptys. I assume there is something happening while beginning the second chunk and writing metadata?

5DMKIII (Fill Method: 3 CF-only buffers: 8)
Nightly build December 25th.
Nightly build December 26th.

I can not believe you added AUDIO SUPPORT!  :D 8)
It really works for me on 5D3 (Komputerbay 128GB, Fill:3 Buffer:4 CF & SD: Mode S1)
(Edit: CF-only: 8 works more reliable)
This is a niiice x-mas present!

PS: Test-Mode freezes sometimes using the nightly build (Dec 22 2013). This happens after about 3-5 aquisitions stopped by a skipframe.

Feature Requests / [ALREADY DONE] [DUAL-ISO] maximum ISO-value
« on: October 13, 2013, 04:56:15 PM »

I did some testing with the current build on 5D MKIII:
When I let AETTR modify Dual-ISO-settings it sometimes chooses ISO 12800 etc.
In most situations higher ISOs than 1600 or even 800 (depending on camera) are not bringing any benefit.

So I came to the conclusion that adding a maximum ISO value for the recovery ISO would be really nice. I would not mind if it only was in a config file.

Great work!
Used it for 720p RAW footage of my 7D yesterday without problems :-)

One suggestion: Would it be possible to detect pink frames by calculating the difference of 3 succeeding pictures (maybe just the WB setting??). If the program could output a logfile with the detected frames it would be much easier to replace them by a copy of the preceeding frame by hand.
Maybe it is even possible to do this automatically?

I suggest an optional paramater for this feature because I can imagine this will slow down the conversion process a lot, so it should not be the default option...

Archived porting threads / Re: Magic Lantern for 7D alpha 2
« on: August 23, 2013, 08:09:26 AM »
My Version is timestamped aug-06 8:00 something.
Is there a newer one? I tried using EOSCard but I alwas gat this one.

Archived porting threads / Re: Magic Lantern for 7D alpha 2
« on: August 21, 2013, 10:03:22 PM »
So after several tried, workarounds, taking pics in manual mode, then turning autofocus on, etc etc I managed to get it partially working.. it didnt work all the time.. every now and then I had to swap the AF-MF button on the lens.. :/

I think it is ML related because I think I read around this thread that people had 7D's with autofocus broken... truth is I am really scared about this.. if this is true I won't be able to sell the camera, or take pictures.. am I hallusinating or does this happened before? If so, is there any fix??

BTW I haven't been able to test it with another lens.. but the one that was given was good I believe!!!

I experience a similar behavior:
When exchanging lenses I always have to pull the battery. Otherwise the lens will focus somewhere but not at the spot I want it to. If I pull the battery everything is fine again. I can live with this workaround for now and since I was not sure if anybody is already working on the bug I did not mention it till now. My build is timestamped last week, I think (but I will check).
Maybe related: Dot Tune AFMA is not working properly. It always gets values of +9 to +12 and complains to double check the focus chart.
My manually adjusted values are in the range of -3 to +4.

I really appreciate the work done so far! It's just my feedback to the great developers.

Great work - Thank you!

I would not even have dreamed my 7D could deliver that clean shadows!

Hi a1ex,

I forgot to mention the fact that this is an EOS 7D picture, but I guess you already noticed from the EXIF.
I have some additional RAW files in case you need another one.

Thank you for your fast response. I think it is a minor issue and will probably only happen in these very high DR situations. Maybe some pixels bleed because of the very high photon count and create the artifacts?


Pixel peeping is pretty hard, who'd like to run some tests to make sure it handles pretty much everything better than the older one?

I just realized that the new version works great removing the reddish shadows. Unfortunately there are some artifacts near highlights which may be caused by the anti-aliasing? Each highlight is surrounded by a ring of horizontal lines which are about three to four pixels long.

I hosted the .cr2 at:
(I may have to remove the link if traffic gets huge).

Update: This CR2 is of an EOS 7D

The last experimental version did not show the lines and rendered the highligts clearly. Of course there was the reddish shadow cast.

I really appreciate your work!

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