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Redownloaded the exe after reading this and everything the same (:

Have you downloaded this file?

@dmilligan, g3gg0
You really did some magic to the source code :)

In the last uploaded mlvfs (which btw is linked againts debug versions of the vclibs)
1. files >2gb!!! (strange but) - YES!  I have not changed anything in my system, same Dokan v0.8
2. webgui "Naming Scheme" - YES
3. webgui all other params - YES
4. wav - YES

not working:
1. webgui gif previews in "DaVinci Resolve" naming mode
I guess something related to win paths and naming again


What does exacty switching "Naming Scheme" from "Default" to "DaVinci Resolve"? Changes some cdng metadata in favor of resolve? Or something else?

tried with a forged 19GiB file and that works well.

hmm... will try to record some huge mlvs on exfat. From ~50 test files of mine worked none which is bigger than 2048mb. They just do not show up in mounted folder.

@g3gg0: Great! Wav plays nicely :). However, as mothaibaphoto mentioned above MLVs >2GB ignored again. Can you compile the test binary against the Dokan version 1.0-beta1? The new version gets rid of a DokanMounter service and adds windows mount manager support.

Several consecutive refreshing of webGUI with changing parameters causes smiley BSOD. Reproduced several times - comp. restart - webGUI - attempt to save anything - BSOD.

Think I nailed exact reason of it. Switching "Naming Scheme" from "Deafult" to "DaVinci Resolve" and after that accessing folders, every time, ends up with exception. Sometimes restarting DokanMounter service helps and you can remount the folder, but sometimes OS freezes and only hard reset is a solution.
Other parameters in webgui are working just fine and only "Fix Pattern Noise" slows the process down a little bit. I think It's a normal behavior.


Just accessing dir or accesing wav:
E:\MLVFS>mlvfs_debug E:\DNG --mlv-dir=E:\MLV
mlvfs_wrap_read(1440): caught exception 0xC0000005 at address 0x739AE21C

Sometimes (very rearly) DokanMounter service stops and needs to be started manually.
E:\MLVFS>mlvfs_debug E:\DNG --mlv-dir=E:\MLV

!!! Checked on 3 PCs MLVs >2GB are not mountig at all and can not be seen in file explorer (win10prox64, unfortunatelly have no win7 or 8.1 to test it on) !!!

@mothaibaphoto: What ver of win do you use and do you have the problem with MLVs bigger than 2GB


Hi Again,

Problem 1
E:\MLVFS>mlvfs E:\DNG --mlv-dir=E:\MLV
mlvfs_wrap_read(1440): caught exception 0xC0000005
mlvfs_wrap_read(1440): caught exception 0xC0000005

no difference if you mount it to drive letter or empty dir.
exceptions mostly caught when accessing WAV file. Wave shows correct size but I can not copy it. However I could copy it with the previous mlvfs version.

Problem 2
It seams that MLVs bigger than 2048mb (also MLVs + M00...) can not be mounted at all?! they are not shown on dir list. Checked all available versions of mlvfs.

OS: Windows 10 Pro x64, Dokan 0.8 (checked Dokan 1.0-beta and it shows the same behavior)

@dmilligan: Webui works. BTW it lists every MLV even the >2gb ones which are not mounted (seen) in file explorer.


the problem shows up in every browser: firefox, msie, chrome, microsoft edge.

For windows version Web based GUI works but strangely all fields in "Configuration Options" are empty or not checked. If you try to check any radio button the "Configuration Options" table looses it's last three lines (e.g. "Interpolation" and below, same in firefox, internet explorer and microsoft edge). Refreshing page gives all blank fields again. MLV files info is working, previews are working as well.

So the paratemets can not be changed from the web I guess. Did not try from CLI switches though.

Thanx for the great solution for ml raw editing :)

Hi baldand

I've just tested 1.1.5 (win32) version and noticed that when playback paused, pressing the "F" key (Toggle between drop-frame/sequential mode) activates audio only playback from the current position. Then I went  back to version 1.1.4 and experienced the same behavior. Never tried this in earlier builds though. During playback everything is OK. This happens just in pause mode. Is it supposed to be that way or it's a bug?

Thanx for this fantastic app.

I tried baffle removed EF-S 10-22 and EF-S 17-55 on 5d3. I love fast 17-55 for IQ and IS.

1st usable from 14mm with severe vignette and unrecoverable CA in corners but center is ok.
2nd covers only constant diameter circle for the whole zoom range.

They're just not designed for FF.

However I've successfully used both in crop mode raw video. Especially 10-22 (10mm) but with the risk to damage mirror (range 10-12mm) if LV would eventually shut down.

In general I do not recommend using ef-s glass on FF.


General Development / Re: Some questions about RAW Histogram and ETTR
« on: December 05, 2013, 06:39:28 PM »
Hi a1ex

1. the sensor is sampled differently, so the results are sometimes different; if the error is always in the same direction, it can be adjusted
2. yes (will check, but all exposure overlays should disappear when turning off expsim)
3. SNR limits
4. will check

1. Yes it always in the same direction (QR always brighter than LV). I saw differences in range from 0.1 to 0.7 but most often 0.3-0.5.
2. Histo overlay disappears ("ExpoSim is off" warning icon instead) only when "DOF button pressed" setting is set. Last checked on ML build 2013Dec03.
3. I thought so. Will check with SNR values off.
4. Will be interesting :)


General Development / Some questions about RAW Histogram and ETTR
« on: December 05, 2013, 12:22:18 PM »

I have some questions about the subject:
1. The histo is a little bit different for LV and Quick Review mode right after the shot. Difference is about 0.4-0.7 stop. QR mode always shows brighter. For example: LV E 0.2 before shot - QR E -0.5 after shot. Is it normal for the current implementation of the raw histogram? 0.7 stop is not a small diff btw. I can assure that the lite condition is not changing during exposure.

2. As I understand RAW histo math heavily depends on Canon's ExpoSim mode?! (I have no enough experience in coding to examine the sources for the algo). Then why on my 5D3 raw histo operates even with ExpoSim mode off (and shoes wrong value) and only shows "ExpoSim off" icon when this mode set to "when DOF button pressed".

3. In some dark but contrasty situation (quite dark wall with some quite bright highlights on it) ETTR looses control e.g. does not show messages "whoops" or "exposure limits reached" and shows ETTR hint for example E 1.5 while severe RGB clips are present like R30 G34 B28.

4. I've been experimenting a little and looking at raw histo with lens cap on (max darkness). Aperture did not make any sense only shutter and iso. I thought that raw algo in this situation mesures just a noise level but I guess I was wrong. When:
a) shutter 1/8000 and iso 100 ettr hint shows E 9.2
b) shutter 1/8000 and iso 25600 ettr hint shows E 11.9 (higher ISOs than this make no sense)
I don't understand those values while knowing that dynamic range is larger and noise lower for iso 100 (11.5 stop) than for iso 25600 (7 or something) with significantly more noise.


Hi !

Great additions. Grouping feature is cool!
I noticed that after picking another file preview every clip advances 1 frame further. Is it supposed to be this way?


its harder to not play the video than to play it :)
which frame should i display? at which brightness?

let me play a bit, maybe i can find a good answer.

ok :)

Regarding the frame to display - 1st frame I  think will be fine with playback mode activated on focus (or maybe not) and FF/REW by mouse drag already is a cool feature. I think this last one should be smoother with all of the playing off.

Brightness? don't know ;) you tell me.

Regards BB

for which reason?

The same reason you mentioned above "stress on a system".  On SSD it's not noticeable on a regular HDD even on 1fps it is pain for 20+ clips in a folder.
Poor magnetic heads are going crazy. Anyway it's an early development (but great) tool so never mind :)


Hi g3gg0. Can you make the simultaneous playback of all clips optional? Adding some switch to turn this on/off.


General Help Q&A / Re: 5D3 ML Temp Accuracy
« on: November 01, 2013, 05:46:53 PM »
Thanx for reply. Can you remember the temp value showing by ML before this happened to your camera?

General Help Q&A / Re: 5D3 ML Temp Accuracy
« on: November 01, 2013, 04:52:37 PM »
Well... my 5D3 shows temperature above 60 degree celsius after 7-8 min continuous menu browsing while in liveview. Is it normal? Anyone?

General Help Q&A / normal raw shooting temperature
« on: October 25, 2013, 04:11:25 PM »
Hey guys just wanna know if the temperature value is correctly transformed to celsius from rawtemp for 5D3 nightly builds?

General Help Q&A / Re: CF card benchmarking differences
« on: August 08, 2013, 08:23:35 PM »
I guess I should answer myself :)

Because of the CPU load difference in those modes.

General Help Q&A / CF card benchmarking differences
« on: August 06, 2013, 09:35:25 PM »
Hello everybody

Please someone explain to me why the ML CF card benchmark results are so different in photo (so called playback) mode and video mode?

photo mode (not in live view)

video mode


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