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Great nikfreak! Than thats just a matter of time until the crop_rec_4k branch will compile for the 70D again :)
The value of the SRM_BUFFER_SIZE for the 70D is *not yet* known within the crop_rec_4k branch. Have at the look at the code in the exmem.c class within the branch. You need to copy the printf(...) method call to the unified branch, compile it and run it on a real 70D. You are be able to find the value of the SRM_BUFFER_SIZE within a terminal window. Take this value and write it into the exmem.c class of the crop_rec_4k branch and try to compile it again.

I did the same for the 550D some days ago.
Since Magic Lantern is using Bitbucket from Attlasian to host the whole open source project, why not simply using Confluence from Attlasian as well? Within Confluence you are able to write text and technical documentation very easy.
SRM_BUFFER_SIZE for the 550D

srm_malloc_cbr(156510, 48000064, 1f68000)

A1ex or David, could one of you please add the following line to the consts.h header file within the platform/550D.109 folder of the crop_rec_4k branch? (My old ML fork does not yet contain the crop_rec_4k branch and I didn't found a way to sync newer branches to my repository. I guess I need to fork it again.)

#define SRM_BUFFER_SIZE 0x1F68000

Next time I try to find the SRM_BUFFER_SIZE for the 50D and 5D2 too.

Could you please share the source code? Maybe you could simply push all your changes as one commit. We can compare the sources against the master/trunk within BitBucket afterwards.
Quote from: reddeercity on November 15, 2016, 07:08:18 AM
...Something better ? Or would it be easier with Linux (Ubuntu) then would that be more alone the lines of a using a Mac platform ?

I would choose Ubuntu. It's pretty easy to setup for ML. It's much easier than on OSX or even Windows.
What about running Ubuntu within VirtualBox on your Win7 PC? You can share folders between your host OS and the guest OS within VirtualBox. That makes it easy to copy the compiled ML files to your CF or SD card.
Quote from: oleg_milantiev on October 13, 2016, 05:27:00 PM
Heh, same question ask myself just today.
Using DualISO in photo long time, but know about it not working in video just today.

Thanks for trying to porting this very needed feature. Will wait sure.

For the 50D I got Dual ISO RAW video working. See also

I don't have a 7D. Maybe someone could try to do the same as I did.
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 50D
October 05, 2016, 04:41:06 PM
Some time ago I played around with an dual iso video branch, that is supposed to work on the 50D and the 5D Mark II. I don't know why but it does not work on my 50D so far.

The good news is, I am able to record dual iso RAW video by changing the CMOS[0] manually to a value of 8, 18 or 28. (See also my post in the dual iso for 5D2 thread

Here you can find a MLV of an 50D dual iso RAW video and a dual iso DNG file that was created by MLVFS.

Can anyone help us to put these things together? It seams simple to get dual iso RAW video working even on the good old 50D.

A1ex, I make some progress with the Python script. Now I could generate HTML files with the data from Jenkins, that contain almost every information, like your 550D.html page example in your first post, but for every camera currently supported by ML. Missing within the HTML is currently the hash of the Mercurial changeset from the repository, the commit messages and the number of downloads. I need to extract the first two values from a structure which appears to me like a JSON object or array.

'node': '15eb9aaa05c022c637c6ece48095a219ee7069c3',
'deletedPaths': [],
'modifiedPaths': ['modules/raw_rec/Makefile'],
'absoluteUrl': '',
'fullName': 'alex@thinkpad'
'timestamp': -1,
'rev': 12166,
'commitId': None,
'date': '1473959453.0-10800',
'merge': False,
'addedPaths': [],
'_class': 'hudson.plugins.mercurial.MercurialChangeSet',
'affectedPaths': ['modules/raw_rec/Makefile'],
'msg': 'raw2dng and related: use HOST_CFLAGS (should fix building raw_rec with older compilers)'

The number of downloads must be read somehow with the JenkinsAPI, but I don't know how to do it yet. I pushed my latest progress into my development branch.
A1ex, I've got a simple Python script running now, that reads a generic template file, takes the URL of the latest nightly build from Jenkins and write everything into a new HTML file. I could not manage to read anything else (e.g. build time, changeset hash or the number of downloads) from the Jenkins instance so far. I need to understand the Python JenkinsAPI better if it's even possible. To bad currently Jenkins is not reachable here. So I couldn't test out things.

> There's some extra functionality I'd like to add, too.
Could you tell me what you like to add in future?

Do you plan to use one Python script that generates multiple HTML file or do you need to call it with parameters for each camera model?

> Any volunteers to help me with this task?

I help you a1ex.
Reverse Engineering / Re: Video - dual iso for 5D2
September 02, 2016, 08:48:33 AM
> No I don't use it much and no I haven't had a lockup but I don't pan fast so I don't have problems

Good to hear that it the approach works somehow reddeercity. Maybe your freeze of the Liveview on the was related to something else. I'll test it on the 5d2 by myself later.
First I want to check out if we can get dual iso video on the 50D. I'm sure the implementation for the 50D is very similar to the 5d2. We know already the address of CMOS[0] in movie mode on the 50D. I used the implementation that works for the 5d2 and tried to get it working for the 50D.

I don't know why, but dualiso does not yet work when Liveview is turned on. I checked the CMOS[0] address for ISO 100 in movie mode. It's correct. I played around a bit with atdg_gui. By changing the value to 8, 18 or 28 I was able to record a raw video of something that looks similar to dualiso. I need to check the DNGs if these are just horizontal stripes or not.

> Works great but a nightmare in processing , unless you have a very fast Computer & Raid0 or storage SSD .
Sure it needs more time and steps in postprocessing. But it's the same on every dualiso video supported camera model. No matter if your using a 5d3 or 550d. It just takes some time ;) I think it would be cool to have this dualiso video feature on all ML cameras. I don't want to waste the effort waza57 put into the implementation for the 5d2. At least this implementation should be in the nightly build when its stable enough.
Reverse Engineering / Re: Video - dual iso for 5D2
September 01, 2016, 01:05:45 PM
Quote from: reddeercity on March 19, 2016, 05:40:05 AM
Just a quick report , I did have a Liveview freeze up with dual iso module loaded,
basically I was doing very quick pan without recording raw video and needed a battery pull
re-start cam every back to normal.
so watch out for any quick motion with cam as this can freeze the 5D2 Liveview with dual ISO.

Do you still use the dual iso module on your 5d2? Did your Liveview freeze just once or did it happen more often?

Did anyone except Nikfreak already tried to implement dual iso video for the 50d?
QuoteHow will you mount an EFs lens to a 5D?
I did this with my old kit lens. ;)
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 80D
July 12, 2016, 01:18:57 PM
Done ;)
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 80D
July 12, 2016, 12:41:07 PM
If MCR p15,0,Rd,cr6,cr2,0:       RGNR <- 0x0
is the same as MCR p15, 0, <Rt>, c6, c2, 0 ; Write Rt to RGNR
then I found the following section.

Accessing the RGNR

To access the RGNR, software reads or writes the CP15 registers with <opc1> set to 0, <CRn> set to c6, <CRm> set to c2, and <opc2> set to 0. For example:
MRC p15, 0, <Rt>, c6, c2, 0 ; Read RGNR into Rt
MCR p15, 0, <Rt>, c6, c2, 0 ; Write Rt to RGNR

Do you need to know what RGNR and so on is?

RGNR = MPU Region Number Register
RGNR = MPU Region Number Register
DRBAR = Data Region Base Address Register
DRSR = Data Region Size and Enable Register
DRACR = Data Region Access Control Register
SCTLR = System Control Register (?)
BTCM =  B? Trapping Control Mechnism (?)
ATCM = A? Trapping Control Mechnism (?)

Substract and the result is 24966, which is 25k.
Share Your Photos / Re: Thread photos dual iso
May 11, 2016, 03:58:41 PM
QuoteWill it work on mountain lion?
I installed Yosemite some months ago on a Thinkpad x201 with an old i5 processor. It works quite well. I couldn't get Wifi working, even after I installed a patched BIOS and changed the internal card with a compatible (but maybe broken) one. Currently I use a cheap tiny USB Wifi adapter as workaround. Good luck!
Raw Video / Re: RAW video non starting on 5D2
May 11, 2016, 09:29:57 AM
QuoteStrange thing is, on the RAW video (MLV) submenu, on the resolution option, I can only choose:
640 960 1280 1600 1920 and on...

If I choose 1920 it automatically downscale to 1845x1044, but this way I cannot choose the suggested 1728x972 resolution.

Choose any resolution in the submenu. Afterwards you should be able to adjust the resolution in finer steps by pressing the joystick either to the left or the right. We are aware that we should improve the documentation here a bit ;) It's not obvious for end users.
Raw Video / Re: RAW video non starting on 5D2
May 10, 2016, 02:57:59 PM
Do *not* load mlv_rec  and raw_rec module at the same time. Just use mlv_rec (and mlv_snd, mlv_play).
I compiled a version of the new raw2dng from bouncyball for OSX.

General Development / Re: Font used for the icons?
April 29, 2016, 09:16:54 PM
Your welcome josepvm! I'm glad that I could give at least a little bit back to the ML community.
General Development / Re: Font used for the icons?
April 29, 2016, 12:46:17 PM
Proposal for the LiveView icons:

I used the icons from the pull request a1ex linked and scaled the icons a bit up by adding some pixels right and top by hand.