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Share Your Videos / MUSIC VIDEO: Akwasi - Pauline
February 14, 2014, 06:36:03 PM
Dutch rapper Akwasi's new videoclip.


Shot on 5dmk3 Magic Lantern RAW.   oh, and did some arkanoid in between shots.
Zeiss ZE lens-set.

editted by someone else. I just shoot.

Using Magic Lantern Raw on a 5d3.
photo / video
All shot with zeiss primes.

Additional photography from stock footage.

Edit done by the great Eelko Ferwerda, who is allso in charge of grading and stuff. I just shot the images.

Raw Video / raw2dng does not convert long takes
December 15, 2013, 12:57:48 PM
Hi all!

Yesterday i've been out shooting with a new production company.
The director was stressing out over the day and kept doing extremely long takes, even after telling multiple times that I didn't want to stress out the camera.

He didn't listen, and kept telling the actors that they should "keep going!!".
So i've been converting a lot now and Raw files that are rather lengthy in take (1.5 to 3 minutes) are not converted by raw2DNG.
I'm not a fan of long takes, but sometimes it needs to be done, or you have a director that doesn't listen to the dop  ;D

Anyhow, am i doing anything wrong or does raw2dng not support a certain length?

Raw2dng version: 0.13     (MAC)
ML version:  21 august     

Shot on a 5D3 
Resolution 1920/1080

Anyhow, any help on getting the shots is greatly appreciated.
And the stuff that comes out if it works, gotta love it!