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Here's a link to my Google Drive shared folder, with one of them files. Converted with v1.13,no big preview in Premium and unable to import into Premiere CC.

Thank for you help

Thanks David for your response,

V 1.13 worked like a treat converting all, but still no preview in Studio Premium upon import in Step 2.
I just added Protune preset blindy ( well i can see the little icons in the preset box actually previewing the footage,bo not the big preview),
and only about a half of my footage import in premiere CC, the other half says "Unsupported format or damaged file" and I just can't import it. Help please.

The above is just so much faster,please don't make me go back to the currently working workflow of :
1.converting RAW files via raw2cdng into it's own folders of dng files
2.importing the sequences into Step 1 in Studio Premium
3.Converting and previewing in Step 2.
This way does work but I end up with 2x the data plus CF RAW files, but it works and has a preview in Studio Premium and all imports just fine to Premiere CC.

Hi guys, first post on this forum, so please go easy. I'm on PC,Windows 7 Home Premium, GoPro Studio Premium,Creative Cloud.

The batch v1.11 converts ony first file and then crashes, so I only get one file at a time,can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?
converting in place (on disk in the same folder, 'cd' to that folder)
raw2gpcf *.RAW *.AVI

When I import to GoPro Premium the converted files with RAW2GPCF v1.11 i do not see a preview in the software but changes do get applied to this file when I've got it on Premiere CC timeline and move a frame forward ( but with with issues around keyframes see other issue below ). Should I be seeing a preview in CF Premium upon importing it just like after converting a RAW DNG sequence from step 1 to 2 ?

Regarding the keyframe issue above, when I change any preset LUT in GoPro Premium ( trial for the moment) it kind of creates kayframes on the file in Premiere CC. I have to create a keyrame in GoPro Premium and delete it, for the clip to have the same preset on the whole clip now in Premiere CC. Is it weird?

Anyway, great work, lloks like as soon as those last bits and pieces get fixes I'll be buying the Premium as I can just edit these files with full resno frame dropping preview in Premiere CC on my i7 920 with GTX 285 2GB.

Great job David and the rest of Cineform guys!

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