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Here it is, full ML :

Shot in Raw using a 5D2, ML RAW
No tripod
Grading in Resolve
All post in Avid Media Composer

I still have the issue of frame recorded in wrong order when using crop mode. The first frame appear each 2 frames. So it counts 1 2 1 3 1 4 1 5 1 6 and so on. Anyone with same issue ? Issue existing since first release of Raw module.

Hi all, please excuse my newbiness if some / all questions were answered before. I did not find all the infos so let me ask few things :

- Why a pink preview, apart for performance, why not b&w and with more contrast ? I have troubles to follow focus the actors moving for examples.

- I need to retry more with the last night build but I have an issue with some raw recordings : not skipped frames but like unordered frames (eg: fr1, fr50, fr2, fr51 and so on) on raw recordings during more than 200 frames in any resolution. I tried to reencode in DNG with both actual converters RAW2DNG & RAWMAGIC : sometimes retrying fixes the problem, often not.
(PS: fr1, fr50 are frame numbers examples, not actual correct numbers).

- The Prores 422HQ  file is interesting for previewing, but why not 4444 ?

- Any way to get MXF in 10 bit ? :)

- How come Resolve can't understand the DNG from RAW2DNG actual version but Lightroom & PS do ?

- Could you add a sub menu for setting for good different resolution according to crop modes ? It actually resets to 1880 and I would keep 2K for 5X & 10X

- Could you rewrite the link or email to donate ? I have something for you.

Thanks for reading and keep it up all, your work is just amazing, i'm addicted, you changed our minds !