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Quote from: X-RAY on August 21, 2013, 09:46:20 PM
This seems to be just an incorrect whitebalance setting. Are the EXIF information in the DNG file correct (like aperture, shutter speed...)?

My result is after "correcting" White balance.
Will check the dng when possible.
Using dual ison on my 5D2 and this is what I get when done with the postprocessing.

Is it really supposed to be this greenish?
Is an Alpha/beta in sight soon for the mark2?
Cant wait to try this new format out :)
X-RAY how did you expose? ETTR-like or just normal exposure for the highlights?

AND for the ones that know, will video support be available for the 5D2 or is just a model limitation that says "Never"? =)
Hate to sound like a broken record, but fun to know if one is thinking about a mk3 like I am, dealbreaker if the 5D2 will get the support too eventually.
Is it a limitation or what causes the mk2 not to be able to do video with this?
Final verdict or just atm? =)
When using the preset, is it made for using a correct exposure or with a ETTR-exposure?
That digic-magic works wonders on raw-filming =D
Great find indeed.
I agree about greenish tint, using latest cr2hdr with my 5D2 many images are greenish and no color correction can get rid of it, any attempt
just adds some other color on the greens.
I understand its for 5D3 only atm, but when reading trough about it, will it work the same on the Mk2 or are there features that will be Mk3 only in the format?
Is there a version yet for the 5D2 to test run and check? :)
As in atm or forever? Would be sweet if it will work in videomode too someday :)
Or forget about it and go mk3 that is planned :)
If it doesn't use up more memory/cycles it should be possible in time then with some luck :)
Someone that claim it works, feel free to tell how too, if it does indeed works :)
How? Afaik dual iso on the 5D2 only works in photo mode not video?
Anyone knowing if dual iso raw video will be possible on the 5d2? :)
Or hardware just too old and slow?
Will the 5D2 be able to do dual-iso raw video like the mk3 or just too old hardware?
If I read right that the mk3 can do that :)
Latest build = awesomenewss in terms of speed =)
After trying a bunch of all the new ways to handle the RAW-files I have to say I´m more confused than ever.
Not really sure which way to go now when handling the RAW-files. The old fashion way using AE to import and export proxies/tiffs that Premiere can read works, but would like a simpler way.

But say I want to have the control ACR gives me but the simplicity of using one of the new utilities available to get RAW>prores etc,
which way is the best? I prioritize ACR-like control, and second comes some clever format to pack it all in.
What am I doing wrong if I try the cineform export-option and get a really noisy image that even is worse than the in-camere h264?  Looks like really high iso noise, but its not
Doesnt look like raw to me at all. :(

Other modes work fine.
Raw Video / 5D2 RAW settings.
June 12, 2013, 10:48:53 AM
Thought I´d try and get some deep info regarding what you use to shoot with using the 5D2 and RAW video.
So that others can see how it looks etc. :)

So please share what resolution you use, if you upscale or downscale, what your Postprocess looks like if any special,
share a frame or two and lets just discuss why and how.

Allways fun getting inside tips and trading them!