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Is it just me having issues with the overlay dissappearing when recording, despite it isnt supposed too, then never returns until reset?
The framing etc is just gone, so dont really know where Im shooting.
Oh listen to the positives and not the, sorry to say it, buts its true, the ***** :)

They tend to sound more than the ones praising you. Despite being less.
Guess Ill wait for the nightlies then =P

Me and compiling stuff... nah :)
Are there any pre-built modules working for the 5d2 that is newer than 10-3?
Quote from: g3gg0 on October 06, 2013, 02:18:46 PM
you wanted to try it again, you said a few weeks ago ;)

the module is not camera-dependent, you can use it for any model.

it should work with any camera on which the original raw_rec works too.
but it may require some symbols in the ML/MODULES/<model>.SYM, so you may get an error.

which error do you get? which model?

Which I did, but i noticed ppl with 5d2 posted logs and videos showing the same results.
Tried again  with the same results, lock-up.

Thought there was another recent build to try :)
Is it just me or isnt the new layout working as it shold?
The 2 rows of info should be on top and bottom, but all on bottom on my 5d2.

Maybe im missing something, settings etc?
Any news regarding 5D2? =)
Quote from: swinxx on September 25, 2013, 06:45:21 AM

mlv really sounds interesting and i think we all hope that audio will make it to the final verison,
can someone post a link to a actual build with mlv for 5d mark3... have no skills to build my own one. thx.


Likewise but for 5D2, cant find a newer one that should work besides the old 50D one =)
When will the format be available in the nightly builds? :) If it will.
Quote from: g3gg0 on September 21, 2013, 10:35:09 PM
i dont know what is wrong on 5D2. there were just reports of "hanging" module.
can you explain the problem in detail?

I can try again, can you point me to the latest build of the module that should work?
(I tried one before, and I was the one saying it froze, gave me speeds of 6-7MB/s instead of 60-70 when it works)
Does one dare to ask if there is a module that works on the 5D2 yet? =)
That is awesome, allways wanted to be able to preview files before extracting etc =)
Feature Requests / Icon for simple audio sync
September 18, 2013, 10:59:04 AM
A icon that pops up briefly along the with startup beep when recording, to make syncing easy.
If the beep can be synced to the icon it would work quite well in theory?ยจ

(if its possible to paste in an image on the moviefile itself, might not be?)
So how is this module coming along? Feels like it is some time since one read news :)
Still waiting eagerly for the 5d2 version :P
A simple scale using the editor of your picking?
As a newbie in some areas of filmmaking, what does one use TC for?
Is it to sync audio and video?
1% any news regarding the odd happenings with the 50D module? :)
Played some more with the 50D-module and still no go. Tried every setting, different bufferings methods, hacks on/off. All with the same results.
So pretty sure the 50D-module has some code that just doesnt wanna play with the 5d2 =)

But it was really nice to see the menu and play around (not being sarcastic, I am uber-positive)
Tried from a scratch made card, only module loaded = mlv.
When not locked I get a datarate of 2-3MB/s so something isnt working properly for the 5D2 =/

But never expected it to work, might be made with 50D-specifics in mind?
Very. Menu looks screwed up too after. Completely locked up, with brief unlocked.
Then it just stops automatically. And menu keeps saying Stopping... on the raw-post.

Biggest MLV so far is around 3meg, so I guess its locked up then.

But I didnt expect it to work 100% since its for 50D :)

Just a test
Just for fun, the 50D module allmost works on the 5d2, can setup nicely etc, but recording just locks it up.
But hey, fun to see the options etc :D
I hate sounding like a broken record... buuut :P
Anyone compiling some tests for 5D2 now that 50D seems to be getting some compiles too :)
Any chance someone can do a Mk2 version soon to play around with? =)
Considering it seems to work quite well on the Mk3.
Raw Video / Re: Turn off record buffer info feature.
August 27, 2013, 09:59:44 AM
Pretty sure its allready there if you talk about killing the number of frames etc when doing raw.
Go into raw and then interface.
Quote from: dariSSight on August 23, 2013, 05:01:17 PM
I was checking out the Pre-Built Module of MLV, I only use the rec-mo file because I work on a Mac and the exe files are irrelevant to me on a Mac, but when I use the module on my Canon 5D Mark II, it freeze so I have no choice but to reboot.

It is not made for the Mark II, yet =)