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Hey guys here's my first video shot in raw with the 50D. So far I'm really happy to have switched from my 550D! Some of the shots were taken at 2k in crop mode. I found that you don't really need telephoto lenses anymore, in fact you could go shooting with just one good 28mm lens as you have 45 and 110mm equivalents with just one prime! The crop mode has no aliasing or moiré at all, being 1:1, but a few of my "1600" px shots were almost unusable (did not include them in the edit).

The .RAW files where converted to prores 444 using marten's exelent RAWanizer, then edited directly in premiere. The convertion process took about 6 hours for 32gb of footage and pretty much filled my HDD  ;D

I still did not yet fully understand how to get rid of the pink tone, what premiere effect would you recomend? I used RGB balance but I did not manage to get it all right.