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Well, it might be an old camera, but still has some juice left...
Hi everyone,

I've made a small test of ML RAW video on 550d. It was recorded in 1024x352 at 24 fps. Didn't do the upscale to 720p. Generally, I'm impressed with increase in dynamic range and sharpness over h.264, but the workflow and low resolutions are big issues. Workflow was raw2dng>After Effects>Premiere Pro.

I just tried the burst mode. All images were ok! It takes sequence of 17 images and I tried several shots. I'm also using latest nightly.
I was trying out the new magiclantern-v2.3.NEXT.2013May26 build with silent pics and didn't get any screwed up images (which always happened before). I took 500 pics and all of them were ok :-) The resolution was 1734x1156.