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Hi Ted,

I'm in touch with KB support, and they say o me you're testing some 128GB 1000x cards like mine. I made some tests on my side with some tools to seek some differences between my 3x128GB CF to understand what's different with the 1050x and I have found this :

(A copy from my mail to KB tech support) :


I've made some tests with the 3x128GB cards I have and I found this with "Active@ Partition Manager" in partition table :

The Master Bootstrap (MBS) is different with the 1050x :
  600x : MBS : 000000000000000000000 etc etc - enable ML
1000x : MBS : 000000000000000000000  etc etc - enable ML
1050x : MBS : 33C08ED0BC007C8EC08ED etc etc - DO NOT enable ML

From what I've find on google, the MBS enable the UDMA controller but I'm definitively not a specialist.
If it could help... maybe something to change MBS directly from windows / OSX

Best regards, JDG

Cheers  :)

I have a brand new 1050x 128gb Komputerbay CF and the MBS is  000000000000000000000  etc etc but still not loading ML.
Probably KB has updated these cards...but still I can't load ML.

Hardware and Accessories / Re: NEW KomputerBay *1050x* 128 GB Card
« on: December 09, 2013, 03:25:38 PM »
Chris_ I installed the newest nightly build for my 5d mark ii and retested my benchmarks. Customer support emailed me back last night at 2am!!!! asked me to go to Overlay Tab and only have global draw in LiveView. everything else turned off. Movie tab - bitrate set at default, and fps override at 23,976. Movie mode at 1920x1080 24p with global draw off average Benchmark is 38.65MB/s Write and 43.25MB/s Read. In playback mode with global draw on. average Benchmarks are  70.98MB/s Write and 97MB/s Read.

How can I install ML on a 1050x 128gb brand new Komputerbay on my 5D mark II ?
I tried to copy the ML files from a previous  CF running ML and booting the KB card with macboot but ML doesn't boot :(


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