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I will look at the options for DCraw and RawTherapee.
I can also add a checkbox for hiding the conversion progress.

EDIT: DCRaw seems like a lot better of an option :)

How about using one of the new 4x microSD RAID CF adapters? those are said to be quite fast...

Hey, my app is portable, unfortunately Imagemagick is not...
If you can recommend another free (commandline usable, which is most of them)  - utility which reads DNGs, I would be happy to change that.

how would that look? are you thinking of a kind of internal file browser?
or just the folder structure built up before the actual conversion, already with the folder.jpgs created?

I could try to implement a function like this, but why?

Raw Video / Re: Raw2dng development ideas
« on: May 25, 2013, 12:58:23 AM »
seems your RAWanizer pretty much does everything the BATCHelor does, and already has the proxy available.
I will test it out- sounds sweet!

Are there any differences in the workflow?
what do you use to extract the tiffs from the dngs?

Hi, I appreciate it. :)

For thumbnails (in this version, that is) do the following:
1. install imagemagick.
2. go to your program files/imagemagick and copy the complete folder to Batchelors folder.
so you got

hope it works for you. I can implement another method maybe in the future.

DCRaw is now our preview tool. No action on your side required. :)

Raw Video / Re: Raw2dng development ideas
« on: May 24, 2013, 04:52:58 PM »
happy to hear that.
thanks for your suggestion,
I think I will do that in the next release.

I created a new thread for it and all future versions:

Raw Video Postprocessing / [RAW2DNG] BATCHelor 3.0 Alpha 3
« on: May 24, 2013, 03:43:29 PM »
BATCHelor 3.0 Alpha 3


Code: [Select]

v3.0 Alpha 3

- implemented pause option

v3.0 Alpha 2

- critical bugfix for compression feature

v3.0 Alpha
- added preview function for .RAW
- added project management
- cleanup
- added button icons
- increased reliability
- warnings for known issues with path length

- File Spanning Support
- Raw2Dng conversion success check routine

My goal is to make this the only software you need on set to save your files off your CF cards.
You select your source (CF Reader) and destination directory, Batchelor creates a folder structure for each card, and each file.
The idea is, you leave BATCHelor running on your notebook (hibernate, if neccessary) and each time you have a new card, just press "GO!". :)

with thumbnails and optional lossy/lossless DNG compression
TIP: try lossy! It's a great difference in size (sometimes reduction to 30%) but looks the same!
(after successfully copying your files, because we know you need your CF card back ;) )
you can name your files and number the cards.

for info on RAW2GPCF (Cineform) installation, please refer to

Any Questions will be answered here.

Bug Reports:
Please contact me via PM, providing a sample of affected files. This is the only way to fix some problems.

*Remember this is a Beta! Please post suggestions and problems here. Old version can be found under the same link.* :D

Raw Video / Re: Raw2dng development ideas
« on: May 24, 2013, 03:29:06 PM »
Hello guys, I did something very similar. Give it a try. :)

RAW2DNG BATCHelor 1.1 Beta

It is a GUI with renaming, and thumbnail generation option.
It puts all your DNGs in separate folders with a folder.jpg and
also renames the DNGs and each folder.
You can also drag n drop your folder into the field on top.

I would be happy if you like it.
Any Questions will be answered here.

Making an MP4 preview will not be very problematic. If there is real need for it, I can try to implement that aswell.

I created a new thread for it and all future versions: ]]

Batch RAW to DNG for Windows is here!

I wrote this little tool for you.
It's called RAW2DNG BATCHelor 1.0
I would be happy if you like it.
It automates the conversion and generates a nice thumbnail. :)
dowload here:

Raw Video Postprocessing / RAW2DNG BATCHelor
« on: May 16, 2013, 01:12:08 PM »
Here is a little Batch tool i wrote for Windows, maybe it is of use to some. :)

RAW2DNG BATCHelor 1.0 Beta

With permission I can include the raw2dng.exe in it.
If ImageMagick is available inside its Folder it can generate a thumbnail aswell.
Let me know what you think.

It seems ImageMagick has to be installed, and (for version 1.0) copied to the folder.

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