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I don't know if this is the right place to ask but I've found something odd...

I got a new Zeiss lens and when I take pictures with it, my ACR (Photoshop RAW converter) can read its metadata and apply 'lens profile adjustment' automatically.
When I create video .dng files using mlv_dump (I tested MLVApp too) I can't make it apply the adjustment automatically - it is behaving as it does not have any metadata related to the lens used but the info about 'focal length', shutter, aperture, ISO, are all there!

With my Canon and Sigma lenses this problem doesn't happen, only with my new Zeiss Distagon ZE (Canon mount).

Any light on this issue?

Thanks for the insights guys, will take a more refined closer look at this topic again.
English is not my native language so sometimes the technical aspects are harder to understand.

I'm interested in this technique to make my low light footage 'cleaner' so made 3 tests without any conclusion of the real benefits with my 5D MKIII, no crop mode.

The last test I made (ISO 3200) was puting ADTG Preamp to 2 (Default is 85 in my camera and not 52 as in the video) and ADTG 0xFE to 3 resulting ISO 1648. When exporting the .mlv and using ACR to make the adjustments I found no improvement after matching the brightness of both files - normal and with iso_reg.
If I turn camera off and on again, the resulting ISO changes to 1923 without touching anything!

My questions are:
 - Is this the right way to test this module?
 - Is the turn off/on 'resulting ISO' change expected?
 - I haven't touched the shutter/aperture dials in my latest test, they were the same, was it the wrong approach?

PS: If there was a video showing how to use dual iso the proper way as @70MM13 video showed how to use this module, it would be very cool.

I really don't know what 'plain vanilla' means (not English native speaker) but using Danne's last page's Feb Build 1.2.3 with an extra bench module I got this:


LEXAR 128GB 1066x



Thank you very much, it solved the situation! I was really unaware of this option.
Using 'framing' option or 'realtime' it gives me the same frame in 24p Full HD setting, 'auto' option could very well relate to 'real-time' instead of 'framing' in this situation.

I wrote a few pages ago about this theme but could not find any way to solve this question for my needs.

If you put aspect ratio at 1:1,3:2 or 4:3 in mlv_rec, it gives real time preview with croped borders when using at 24fps mode. Everything is perfect.
If you do the same with mlv_lite than it gives the low fps and lower quality preview that we see as if using crop_rec with slow motion. Even when recording at 24fps.

Isn't there really any way to make mlv_lite work as mlv_rec with realtime good image quality preview for different aspect ratios other than 16:9?

I had some problems with the latest Experimental build from 22 July with my 5D MKIII that I'd like to share...

Take a look at the pink stain on the right side.
Never experienced this before in 4 years of ML RAW use and more than 40 videos recorded, looked like a random thing occurence, could not reproduce at will.
(I can't verify right now but thinking about it, looks like it only happens with slow motion footage)

Another thing I had was camera freeze after reaching 10x zoom. It blacks out and you have to turn off and on again the camera. This problem is a little annoying when using a gimbal.
I don't know how or where to send the 3 crash reports I have for you developers, please let me know.

Reproduced. ML uses some heuristics to pick between real-time and framing-accurate preview, and looks like you have found some cases where the automatic choice is not the best.
However, this is just the default behavior; you can customize it from the raw video submenu. Should the option be renamed or moved to make it more obvious?

I don't know if I understand que question because English is not my native language and I don't know if I could understand this context very well, but from the two options I think 'renamed' would be my choice.

Half-shutter is meant for quick (temporary) changes in preview; you don't have to keep it pressed. If you have to do that, you may want to look in the menu.
Will take a better look at the menu to see what I'm missing...

1032px - how did you get this value? On 5D3, the closest limit is 1040px at 48 FPS (overridable from menu).
With slow motion you will only get the real 4:3 aspect if you lower the height pixel dimension to 1032px so you can use 1376px at the larger side. With 1040px it is very close to 4:3 but does not have the perfect aspect ratio.

Thanks for the inputs, a1ex!

I don't know if this discussion should be here but I've found that I have some issues making 4:3 recordings.
Tried with 1440x1080px and 1712x1284px - I'm not interested in the anamorphic use, more a creative style

With 1440x1080px it is possible to record with a 4:3 aspect ratio and get realtime preview but you need to press half the shutter and mantain it pressed (the crop window goes away when recording, you can only see a full 16:9 image). Not perfect but it is possible to use tape to cover the sides in the worst case scenario.

With higher resolution (1728x1290px for example) we can press half the shutter and get a realtime preview of the image but as soon as you hit record and press the shutter, it changes the real aspect preview to a croped one, wide aspect, not very useful at all. And this extra resolution (above 1440x1080px) would be very welcome.

Both working in non crop mode. I understand that in croped mode the real time preview would be not possible, and I understand the limitation of 1032px (maximum height resolution) with slow motion recording too.

Is possible to solve this?
I understand this mode is more for a anamorphic use than the one I intend to make, but...

Share Your Videos / Re: Moscow moves // 6D MLRAW + 5DIV
« on: March 14, 2018, 08:12:39 AM »
Good work, Alex!

I did. In case of 6D, while detail and dynamic range are noticeably higher in 10 bit RAW, 8bit H.264 file has an edge with a relatively "consistent and accurate" color, whereas 12/10bit file gets polluted with a green & yellow cast in blacks/shadows. This temperature/tint difference is also noticeable between 14 bit (best IQ results) and 12/10 bit files. Has anyone noticed similar temp/tint shifts with other models?

With 5D MKIII there is a magenta color shift in the blacks (with mlv_dump), the only reason I quit using 12/10bit lossless.
Edit: Didn't know about this 14bit conversion solution for the color shift. Will try soon my own tests...

Here it is:
(I didn't use 12bit options because it is of no interest to me)

I've made new tests comparing files at 14/10bit and 14/10bit lossless with different ISO values. In daylight it doesn't look like the 10bit lossless files are better at banding than 14bit ones as in the previous set I've uploaded with tungsten light at ISO 3200 (post #1315). Another interesting thing is it looks to me (I may be wrong here) that 14bit lossless looks a little bit better than 14/10bit files.

All 4 pictures for each ISO have the same adjustments in ACR (Photoshop) - WB values were used clicking on the second gray patch in the color target:

Always 14bit > 14bit lossless > 10bit > 10bitlossless

ISO 1600

ISO 3200 (last one 10bit lossless Black Level at 2048)

ISO 6400 (last one 9bit lossless Black Level at 2048)

ISO 12800 (last one 8bit lossless Black Level at 2049)

As you can see, every 10/9/8bit lossless file does have a colour shift in my real world use, and I can see some small pink and green dots in the conversion too. Unfortunately while I appreciate the smaller size and the potential better dynamic range and better banding handling in the images (as seen in my first comparison #1315), I think for now I'll still going to use 14bit lossless for my low light work. In my workflow it is impossible to get different ISO takes to match each other while at 10bit lossless. Until ISO 1600 this is somewhat a small problem, but above it (my need), it turns to a big one.

I think I don't know what 'average' mean in the .dng conversion yet, hope my test is not flawed because of this.

I got to record everything again because it is dawn here and there is day light coming from the window. Looks like there is an issue with 12bit lossless too:
(14/12/10bit + 14/12/8bit lossless)

EDIT: I can say to you that the 10bit lossless .dng file with black level at 2048 in ACR (Photoshop) looks different - it may appear cleaner because it has less banding and for sure looks brighter to me than the 14bit equivalent! This may be very good because my main use for 10bit lossless will be recording documentary style videos at night with some interviews.

Take a look at those attached files - exposure levels raised a bit:



I hope this 'find' is good news for all of us!

Thansk a1ex!

Here you can download my .mlv files:
(the clips are very short so you can download faster - dozen frames only each)

I forgot to add that I'm using 5D MKIII with 1.2.3 firmware.

I've found that 10bit lossless mlv_lite converted to .dng is giving me different colors than 14bit, 10bit and 14bit lossless, all of which are looking the same - ISO 3200 recording.
I tought this black level issue was solved earlier but looks like I was wrong.

Is there anything that I have to add to mlv_dump code to compensate this?

I have black lines at left with my 5D MKIII 1.2.3 images too.
Is this related to mlv_dump settings?

Share Your Videos / Re: 5D Mark iii Riffle Promotion
« on: June 04, 2017, 03:49:07 AM »
Good work!
I'd like to know what you did to rotate the gun too.


 Regarding my post [b#1081]]#1081[/b] I finally (after some struggle) learnt how to process .MLV with mlv_dump and could see that there is no color cast between 14bit and 10bit files using this software.

Thanks for all of your input!

Any difference if you convert with latest mlv_dump from ?

Thanks a1ex for the insight. I tought mlv_dump was a software for developers!
If I make it work, I'll come back with info. I think my English is not helping very much on this issue, but I'll try to find what is happening.

I'm going to post something that may be of interest, even if I'm not sure it is related to this area of the forum, or the 'post processing' one.

Using the experimental builds today - 5D MKIII 1.2.3 13th January - I tested the crop mode 3x3 720p and FPS override at 70fps (67fps) in 10/12/14bit modes.
Using raw2cdng software with "16bit CDNG maximized" option ticked, I opened the 3 files in Photoshop (ACR) and noticed that the blue cast in the shadows is not there anymore, but there are differences related to the magenta/green cast now, being 10bit files greener than 14bit files. I don't know if it is possible to see the exact difference from the image bellow, but there is a link to download these files if anyone is interested.

10bit TOP
12bit MIDDLE
14bit BELLOW

The download link of the 3 files is here:

The difference is not solved with tint adjustment, unfortunately.

By the way, I don't know if people have tried this and seen before or not, but on a side note, related to software, MLV Mystic is producing noticeable more magenta images than raw2cdng from the same 14bit files too. So I don't know if it is something software related or code related.

You can import the .jpg files in Premiere as 'jpg sequence' (no need to use Quicktime for .mov, if I understood well).

Hardware and Accessories / Re: Compiled list of card speeds
« on: July 27, 2014, 05:33:12 PM »
I have these results for my 2 newest cards, right from the pack:

KOMPUTERBAY 64GB 1066x / 5D MKIII / 24FPS #1

KOMPUTERBAY 64GB 1066x / 5D MKIII / 24FPS #2

This one is the first card I've got in July last year, if you only do 'quick format', it is not able to do Full HD with my MKIII without dropping frames. With 'full format' in my PC, it sometimes skips (depends on the build) on a few takes, and after that can reach 1920x1152 without any problems:

TRANSCEND 128GB 1000x / 5D MKIII / 24FPS (full format)

This one is worth for takes of around 5 seconds, as it skips after that. It is too slow for continuous Full HD:

TRANSCEND 16GB 1000x / 5D MKIII / 24FPS (full format)

Thank you for your explanation, baldavenger!
Will take a look at this workflow to see how effective it can be in my way of working. ;D

Looks good, baldavenger, but I need to know how did you get this.
With ACR it was a matter of simply using a one click at the grey patch. The same thing* with Resolve results in the image I posted earlier. If there is something that would put the image in a more "neutral" look as I can get with ACR, without too much effort, I'd appreciate.

*almost, as one needs to place the points in the target

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