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Thank you very much guys  :D This is incredible.

My measurments:

Everything tested with 24fps 10bit on 5d3 113, CF sandisk extreme pro 128gb 160mb/s

3168x1320 2.40:1 (1.81x crop) - 14 sec

3104x1320 2.35:1 (1.85x crop) - 18 sec
3104x1298 2.39:1 (1.85x crop) - 21 sec

3008x1280 2.35:1 (1.91x crop) - 38 sec
3008x1258 2.39:1 (1.91x crop) - 56 sec

2976x1266 2.35:1 (1.93x crop) - 60 sec
2976x1246 2.39:1 (1.93x crop) - 123 sec

2880x1226 2.35:1 (2x crop) - continous

And wider aspect ratios - just for fun:

3520x1320 2.67:1 (1,63x crop) - 6 sec
3296x1320 2.50:1 (1.74x crop) - 12 sec

Now I would like to see the comparison: 5d3 vs 5d4 - raw 10bit 3008x1258 (quite usable recording time - 56 sec) vs MJPEG 8bit 4k. Not so much different crops - 1.91x 5d3 vs 1.7x 5d4. Similar bitrates. That would be very interesting.

@dfort, are you able to compile a module for 5d3 113 with fine resolution changes?
Couple posts above...

there is raw video 10 12 bit zip, you have 5d3 113 inside the zip...

In mlv rec module there is possibility to choose from more resolutions, could somebody please add those resolutions to the 10/12bit raw rec module?

3200x1320 (2.42:1)
3168x1320 (2.40:1)
3104x1320 (2,35:1)

There might be some good recording times in 10 bit so we could utilize all available pixels in vertical axis.

Right now we have 2880x1320 and 3540x1320. With 10 bits we could use something in between.

I am testing this on 5d3 113. I am really shocked, with the old PC mlvfs (with pismo) 10 and 12 bits works like a breeze :) I am using resolve 12.5, sometimes only the first frames are corrupted but the rest is perfect. 10 and 12 bits recording is really a huge boost in recording times.


The most important and useful modes for me now:

1920x648 (1920x1080 16:9 after desqueeze) 50 fps 12bit - continous - (previously only 2,35:1 was continous)
1920x648 (1920x1080 16:9 after desqueeze) 60 fps 10 bit - 25 sek

1920x1080 37 fps 12 bit - 13 sek
                              10 bit - continous

2560x1320 25 fps (max vertical resolution available) 1.94:1 aspect - 10 bit - continous

2880x1226 2,35:1 25fps 10bit  - over 2 minutes
                              24 fps 10 bit - continous

I checked those recordings in resolve and sometimes there are first and last frames corrupted but no problems during clips.


in mlv rec module there is possibility to choose more resolutions, could somebody please add those resolutions to the 10/12bit raw rec module?
3200x1320 (2.42:1)
3168x1320 (2.40:1)
3104x1320 (2,35:1)

There might be some good recording times in 10 bit so we coul utilize all available pixels in vertical axis.

Like reddeercity said, checked 5d3 113 with global draw OFF  - liveview is good then with 10 and 12 bits.
I tried on  my 5d3 113, just a speed test with sandisk extreme pro CF card 160MB/sek, i assume that despite image issues frames are recorded with their proper size (but i didnt check).

So i tried 3K 2,35:1 23,975fps- 14 bits - 134 frames
                                               -12 bit - 294 frames
                                               -10 bit - over 3 minutes recording, didnt check longer
1920x648 (16:9 after stretch) 60 fps     -14 bit 308 frames
                                                            - 10bit 1425 frames
1920x648 50fps seems to be continous in 10 bit.

1920x1080 37fps - 14bit - 239 frames
                             - 10bit - over minute, didnt check longer.

highest possible resolution 3584x1320 23,976 10bit - 160 frames (vs 61 with 14bits).
Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: MLVProducer
June 22, 2016, 10:46:53 PM
AWPStar, i was thinking about using compressed DNGs from slimraw in your app. Could you make your app to see the files and process them just like any other DNGs?
Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: MLVProducer
June 21, 2016, 07:44:15 PM
AWPStar, what do you think about compressed DNGs support?
Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: MLVProducer
June 06, 2016, 02:36:29 PM
here are some samples of losslessly compressed DNGs
Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: MLVProducer
June 05, 2016, 08:16:48 AM
What do you think about implementing losslessly compressed DNGs support which comes from SlimRaw app?
I (and I think many other people) started using slimraw some time ago and i think its great, copying and lossesly compressing 2:1 takes almost the same time as just copying. So after the process we have folders with DNGs, ACR and resolve have no problem with reading these and it seems they do it with the same speed as normal DNGs. I will provide you with some samples when i get back home. Cheers
Nice! What card did you use?
With sandisk extreme pro 160mb/s, sound off, global draw off and 2,35:1 aspect ratio i can record 20 seconds of 37fps (5d3, 1.1.3). 9 seconds is with 2:1 aspect ratio.
Sorry for being impatient, is there any progress? Anything even in early stage what could be tested on 5d3?
When rack focus is active (rack focus text on the screen) rec start/stop button doesnt work (i would like to record raw) - when i press ot it just goes back to focus menu.

Is it possible to start raw recording and then make multiple rack focus cycles during one recording?

EDiT: it works, after start recording press trashbin and switch to focus menu with the joystick (5d3). Than press rack focus and set button. You have to have rack focus distance prepared earlier.

Thanks for sharing, did you have any corrupted frames with 39fps? I use 5d3 with 1.1.3, sandisks 128gb 160mb/s and cannot go higher than 37fps with sound off and GD off because i get pink/damaged frames. What settings did you shoot with (beside the resolution)?
General Help Q&A / Re: Display Cropmarks ONLY ... ?
April 16, 2016, 08:01:08 PM
I was asking a couple days ago about possibility to have some kind of cropmarks outside of global draw, i was thinking of using text layer (which exists on the screen with global draw OFF and which gives information about frames captured) to put some decimals or dots in the place on the screen where the graphical cropmarks would normally be.
When i am using fps override 35-37fps i always get some corrupted frames with global draw ON (sandisk 128gb 160mb/s), with global draw (and sound recording) OFF there are no damaged frames.
BTW - with 36 fps 1080p, 2,39:1 aspect, global draw and sound OFF i am getting about 50 seconds of recording :) (5d3 1.1.3). The lack of cropmarks makes things harder so i just put some tape on the screen.
IMO it is better to shoot 1568x672 unless you want this ultra wide aspect ratio. Cropping in post is a waste of data rate if you want 2,35:1 because 1920x672 gives you (with sandisk 128gb 160mb/s) about 10 seconds of 50p, after cropping in post you get exactly the same image as 1568x672 (which it is continous). Live-view works normally, fully usable for framing, focusing etc, it has  a little bit of anamorphic distortion (it is stretched vertically) but everything you see on the screen is recorded (1568x672 crop is included of course with global draw on).
I was testing slomo modes recently (5d3 1.1.3) - 1080p 37fps (2,35:1 aspect) vs 50fps 720p squashed vs 50fps "new crop"  mode. The "new crop mode" has 1080p quality but much wider aspect ratio - about 3:1  - i was getting very nice results with resolution 1568x672 which is like 3:1 aspect zoomed a little bit to match 2,35:1 - it  gives better overall image quality than 1920x672 (720p squashed) mode, no aliasing and it is continous. In 2.35:1 it is cropped though - 1,22x. It is so nice to have both options :)

37 fps works great (sandisk 128gb 160mb/s - 6-7 seconds 16:9, 18-20 seconds 2.35:1) but i had to turn global draw and sound recording to OFF to avoid pink frames. 
Recently i started to use fps override mode quite often to capture 36-38fps in 1080p 2,35:1 aspect. I get about 18-20 seconds which is quite usable for me (with MLV-lite even 30 seconds). Thing is that global draw must be turned OFF to avoid damaged frames - 35-36 is max with global draw ON (damaged frames happens but very rarely), 37-38 i am getting couple corrupted frames in every shot with GD ON (i am using sandisk extreme pro 128gb 160mb/s) It is hard to frame 2,35:1 with global draw OFF, i marked my screen with tape to help with framing. When GD is OFF we still have some basic info on the screen like number of frames recorded etc. So i thought maybe devs could add to those existing dials two rows of white dots on the screen (.........................) in place where 2.35:1 cropmarks would be with GD ON. What do you guys think? Is it possible to have this outside of global draw?
Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: MLVProducer
April 06, 2016, 07:07:53 PM
Quote from: NelsonSigmundoFilms on April 06, 2016, 02:20:03 PM
My antivirus is flagging MLVProducer as an virus (trojan) could you fix this? I'm using avira antivirus.

Mine too, I am using avast and it is blocking MLVProducer every time.
Yesterday i took my 5d3 to the airfield to test the new crop feature. Correct framing and fluid live view are just essential to shoot fast moving objects. What a great new tool!!!
Almost everything was shot with 70-200 f2.8 IS II with 3x 1:1 crop at 1080p 25fps. Lens set at f8. No single damaged frame, just perfect.  I have to get canon 2x extender now to have 1200mm lens :)

Its unbelievable, wow. Thank you for that, soooo useful now, this is huge!
Share Your Videos / Re: Dual ISO test with 5d3
March 31, 2016, 12:07:22 AM
Thanks for the tips.

@Walter Schultz - i copied cr2hdr (from the first page), dcraw and exiftool to each directory, selected all files and dragged and dropped over cr2hdr. If i select over 400 something - i get the message. I will try to use CMD. I didnt check but maybe it has some issue with slimRAW - first i mounted MLVs with the old method and than compressed (and copied) all DNGs with losseless setting.

@reddeercity - i will try barracuda, thanks. I cannot use MLVFS unfortunatelly because of some problem with installing c++ visual runtime 2015 (crashes every time at the end of installation) so i had to stay for now with the old MLVs quick-mount method.
Share Your Videos / Re: Dual ISO test with 5d3
March 30, 2016, 11:12:00 PM
no, pc win 7 64bit.
Share Your Videos / Dual ISO test with 5d3
March 30, 2016, 10:30:13 PM
Just a short test. I didnt use dualiso feature so often before but now i am more and more confident using it in some situations. I just used it wrong before with some extreme settings 100/3200, 100/6400 (despite the warning message :) so get too much of aliasing. In this test i used modest 100/800, there is aliasing and moire especially in power lines but it is not very distracting and i am very satisfied with quality and dynamic range. I exposted ETTR on the sky to avoid clipping, processed the files with cr2hdr and than did some grading in resolve 12. I lowered the highlights -100, shadows +100 and than raised the overall exposure + 3EV. I had to make some tweaking in nodes to avoid clipping in the bright sky after that.There was some noise in the shadows but i get rid of it with the neat video resolve plugin. I get a quite flat image so added some contrast and little bit of arri lut to the taste. And a film grain on top of that.
The sky was quite bright despite the clouds, with ETTR the car interior was very underexposed, without dual iso recovering of such amount of shadow information would be impossible.

By the way - in cr2hdr i couldnt drop more frames than 400ish, when i tried say 450 it gave me an error (name too long or something like that). So i had to process them by hand dropping 400 files, another next 400 files and so on. Is it possible to drop lets say 1500 frames on one time to have them processed overnight?