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Has anyone tired recording the HDMI out on a recorder (atomos ninja,) etc.?
Why? Film History. Lying works. Throughout film distribution history, many films got deals by falsely claiming (lying) to have better acquisition. Two examples from the '90's, 28 Days Later and Open Water,  shot in mini-DV, producers got theatrical distribution by lying that they shot in film. Hundreds of 16mm films have been sold by claiming to be 35mm.   If you tell a major distributor you shot 1080p DSLR, they'll refuse to even look at your film because its "cheap DSLR crap." They also want to future proof their products with 4K, UltraHD. But here's the thing, they lack the eyes to tell if its 1080p, 2k or 4k.  Even if they later discover the truth, they have committed too much money to pull out. And hilariously, almost all the time, you do not get theatrical distribution, but 1080p bluray and web, which is where you started.
So, in the real world, you have a choice. You can be honest and have distributors spit on your film WITHOUT WATCHING IT because its "1080p DSLR crap." Or, get them to look at it because its 4K UltraHD.
Please excuse me if this info is somewhere, can only seem to find pieces here and there. Planning on a feature film, shooting ML RAW 1080p, would like to upscale 1080P master to 4K anamorphic when we make that big sale (yeah, sure we will...) Anyways, any post workflow suggestions. Thanks in advance.
My KB cards, purchased in May, are going 93mb/s to 97mb/s since purchase.
Raw Video / Re: New and Old Banding Issues
December 17, 2013, 06:53:41 PM
Canon 5Dm3. Are the RAW banding issues still there? I thought this was taken care of back in june or july. I've shot alot with the more recent builds, and have not noticed any banding - did I just miss it?
I've been shooting 5Dm3 RAW on komputer bay 64gig cards since june and never have a problem. Same with many others. I suggest either your camera settings are off, you have bad Komputer bay cards, or you have fake kopmputer bay cards (sold on ebay sites.)  But I can assure you that almost all  of us with komputer 64gig cards are not have problems.
Core RAW problem for indie's:  monitoring or real-time playback of RAW will never happen (according to resident ML pro's.)

Work-around solution: smartphone. This  DOES NOT show you what the camera is seeing and recording - it is completely different video from a slightly different perspective.  But it allows you to monitor and replay talent performance even when shooting RAW.

#1. Hotshoe mounted iPhone, send facetime video to a mac device (iPhone, iPad or Laptop.) Director and others can  watch performance "on screen" and also  record it for  replay.  Pro: Wireless. Con: facetime video is low quality and low fps, requires 2 different mac devices.


#2, Playback only - hotshoe mount iPhone (or any smartphone), record performance,  director can replay with phone still attached to production camera, or phone can be removed for "portable" replay.  Pro: only one smart phone is needed, video quality is actually pretty good (far better then Facetime.) Con: no live viewing, removing and re-attaching phone does not look pro and quickly becomes a pain.

You can also buy a  microphone-to-iPhone cable and capture production audio.

Bottom line & reality check. Its real low budget Indie. But it works, its free if you already have the phone, and it can save your butt when shooting RAW.

Example, last weekend a take looked good to us. But I decided to check the replay - and one of the extra's was looking at the camera - we all missed it. Caught it in replay. This low rez, micky mouse system saved us.

I apologize in advance if this is a dumb question, but I cannot find a definitive answer. Liveview pciture is not RAW, but canon picture style. But liveview zebras can be RAW even if the underlying picture is not RAW. So is the spotmeter showing RAW or canon picture style levels?
Hey Midphase...

"you might want to re-think your desire to use ML...." I've been running ML since early 2011 on a variety of cameras, and shooting RAW since May.

My simple question was if 1.2.1 worked, maybe you should learn to read English.

"Please take the time to read all of the step by step instructions...." My question specifically said " Install guides do not mention this issue at all. "

The official sticky
"How to record: -- 30/24/25 fps RAW VIDEO ON 5D3 "
does NOT mention firmware.

The official sticky
"How to Record: -- 60/50 fps RAW Video for 5D3"
Does NOT mention firmware

The official sticky
"Current raw video capabilities - All ML cameras"
does NOT mention firmware

Okay buddy, how about you show me the official sticky statement that 1.2.1 does not work. Heh?

edited language //Audionut
here's one,

theres a whole bunch more, under different search criteria. In several places,  people are begging for links to find 1.1.3 so they can deinstall 1.21,, and several have posted links to sites were you can get 1.1.3. I'd guess everyone who has posted a download link for 1.1.3 has also had problems with 1.21. Note, I've only seen people talking about this for 5dm3, and no other cameras. Also, I'm running 1.21 with no problems, but have only been playing around with RAW - I have a real (paying) job coming up and am nervous.
Searched. Some say de-install 1.21 and go to older 1.13. Others having no problem with 1.21. Install guides do not mention this issue at all. Can someone explain what is going on as of today, 09/18/13?
Hardware and Accessories / Re: New Komputerbay 64gig 1050X
September 18, 2013, 11:27:45 PM
A couple days ago, I read here, somewhere, that the 1050X were benching out in the same range as the 1000X. Komputer Bay cards has always had a very wide range, greater then 5%, so who knows? Even if real, is a 5% increase worth such a premium?  I cannot think of any situation were 5% would matter.
Nope, talking about the "older" 1000X cards. Thanks for the point to the hardware forum, weird, I did a search and it did not come up.
Raw Video / Re: Syncing Audio with RAW
September 17, 2013, 07:48:42 PM
Advice from am old, cynical, and  successful pro - use a traditional film slate, for reasons you guys have not even mentioned.  Clients and talent *LOVE* slates. Its  "hollywood," makes you look "real." Anything else and they think your amateur hour. Also, in the real world, you get better takes. Slating is a very structured, slow,  start process so the talent knows whats going on and is ready - not nervous about surprises. The time it takes to get the slate out of picture insures the talent will not start too early (especially important for nervous amateur talent.)  If you have nervous talent, let them play with the slate during setup - it distracts them and calms them. Slates make a great "gift" to producers or important talent - giving an up and coming agency producer a $40 slate can help get you the next big bid.
12 weeks ago, many reports of the 128 GB komputer bay dropping frames, whereas the 64 GB were fine. So have they fixed the 128 GB issues?
Back in the '90's, the establishment with their $50,000 Betacam SP camcorders, insisted that DV could NEVER be broadcast quality. They were lying. The history of video is one of the establishment repressing or bad mouthing revolutionary new gear and processes to protect their own gear investment and discourage competition. 10 years ago, the pro's would have been spreading lies about how ML bricked your camera. Today, if they tried it, social media would reveal them and ruin their reputation. So instead they have chosen quiet repression, along with hard to prove or understand allegations.  If Bloom came out for ML RAW, his corporate sponsors would dump him, and his "pro" following, desperate to protect their equipment investment and scare off potential competition, would leave him.
Raw Video / Re: One RAW File totally GREEN! Need Help!
September 08, 2013, 06:41:35 PM
What camera and build were you using?
Feature Requests / Turn off the 30 minute record limit?
September 05, 2013, 06:46:06 PM
Could you turn off the 30 minute record limitation? As I understand it, its artificial, designed to avoid being labeled a video camera under  Euro tax codes.
Rentophoto, I've read 2K was plagued by skipped frames. You're not getting skipped frames at 23.97FPS?
If 2K is possible, I'm holding off on buying more 1000X cards

With the current 1000X cards, we can only get very short recording at 2K in crop mode. The primary issue seems to be that the 1000X card is too slow. And Crop mode is difficult and weird and not a client friendly  workflow.

How about the new 1200X CF cards?  Can this extra 20% get us into 2K land? Hopefully without crop mode?

I'm confused as to when this would be useful. If your primary issues are no time and no drive space, why not do it ACR - pro rez - edit, and avoid the entire after effects grading step? If you have time and drive space, why not RAW in resolve? Regardless, thanks for posting this
Answer - you don't use ETTR with video.  ETTR adjusts both shutter and iso. It will change your "video" shutter speed (1/60) to something else. Use zebras instead.
Sorry, but I cannot understand how to use the ETTR with video. Not sure if anything is happening when I follow the still photo steps. Can someone explain the steps to me for using ETTR with RAW video? Thanks in advance.
Please, please, please reinstate the audio for use in two system. With two system we sync on noise (clapper, hand clap) or if desperate, manually sync up with waveforms on the first couple seconds. But we desperately need something more then that little beep that our Tascam does not pick up.
thank you, you are the gods of film!