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Yes, also for me... I cannot see where is this option !  ???
Feature Requests / Re: Improved vectorscope
February 19, 2013, 09:54:35 PM
... do someone can tell me if my works are ok, or they need to be revised ?
Feature Requests / Re: Improved vectorscope
February 12, 2013, 10:56:01 AM
Some specifications:

[1] The BMPs are not RLE-compressed. If you need them to be RLE compressed, tell me so I will re-upload them.

[2] If you can head me to which palette color you used for your white-semi-transparent background used in the existent vectorscope (based on the original ML palette published on the cropmarks wiki page), I can semi-transparentize it by myself, so offering you the work already done.
Feature Requests / Re: Improved vectorscope
February 11, 2013, 11:51:32 PM
Work done !

Here is the 480px vectorscope :
Here is the 400px vectorscope :
Here is the 200px vectorscope :
Here is the 100px vectorscope :

It would be nice all the sizes can be user-choosen.
Also, because I used black for drawing the vectorscope, I think that you could use dark green to draw the vectors (like a real vectorscope).
I used full-transparent background, but if you can use your opaque-white background for the inside of the circle, it would be more readable.

Let me know !
Many thanks !
Feature Requests / Re: Improved vectorscope
February 10, 2013, 06:55:51 PM
I'm following the cropmark tutorial you headed me to, so I'm working on a canvas of 720x480 resolution, so putting a big vectorscope on center for first version, and a smaller one on the upper left corner. Pls correct me if I'm doing it wrong, thankyou !

Also: it is stated that "color 3 is semi-transparent black", but it's not true: it is absolute covering black, like color 2 (starting numberig from zero, like in the cropmarks wiki help). I tried to load some ready-made cropmarks in the wiki, but they are faking transparency by dithering full-transparent pixels (color 0) with full covering pixels (color 2 or 3) in a chequered pattern. I'm stuck there...

I cannot find the color, in the cropmarks palette, that you used in your vectorscope as white-semi-transparent background: how and where I can find it ?

Update: I have done extensive tests and I modified the cropmarks wiki section: ERRATA: the first 80 colors are common, the others are camera dependent. CORRIGE: the first 20 colors are common. ERRATA: color 3 is semi-transparent. CORRIGE: only color 20 is semi-transparent.

Update: I can produce a full vectorscope 480x480 pixels with the ML palette and with transparent background  (color 0), if it's ok for you, so you can put programmatically your white semi-transparent background: I can see I cannot put it by myself with the cropmarks palette, because the palette color number 20 is semi-transparent but more black-ish than yours.
480x480 pixels is real-full-screen (going under the upper and lower ML info stripes). If you want I can produce also a 400x400 pixels version (minus 40 pixels for upper stripe and minus 40 pixels for lower stripe, right ?). Then I can produce a 200x200 and a 100x100 version, so you can make a user-menu to choose the dimensions, that's ok ?
Feature Requests / Re: Improved vectorscope
February 10, 2013, 02:42:12 PM
Hi g3gg0 !

Good ! I will start immediately !

I will draw a small (like the existing one)  and a bigger version, so it can be switchable by user willing.

Where can I send the works when done ?

Many thanks !
Feature Requests / Re: Multi-point focus hard stops
February 10, 2013, 02:18:27 PM
Normally, we have two focus hard-stops on some follow focus. It would be useful to have a more-than-two programmable focus points, and this is useful expecially for the electric lenses like the Canon EF series, expecially for the 18-55 classic stock kit that cannot be follow-focused because the front lens is the one to rotate for focusing, but it is too thin to attach the follow focus belt, and also zooming makes the front lens push and pull and so it disengage the follow focus belt. And also for the prime lenses it will be a bonus to have more than two focus hard stops like said before. Also, it is useful for who has not a follow focus or for who has a follow focus but without the hard stops, or also for who has a classic 2 hard stops follow focus but needs more focus points. Do you think this can suffice to rise interest to work on this feature ? Many thanks !
Great boys ! You are the best !  8)
Feature Requests / Improved vectorscope
February 09, 2013, 11:13:16 PM
I propose some improvements to the vectorscope :

[1] Instead of a simple point, draw the four-squares little grid of strict confidence
[2] Draw also the four corners of large confidence aroud each point
[3] Think about adding the option to draw a bigger vectorscope, that occupy all the display space, in order to see it more precisely
[4] Think about adding the option to use a user-defined level of transparency for this tool
[5] Add the option for the marks to be valid for PAL or NTSC (user-defined switchable)

See here for an example :

Many thanks !
For example when I have three actors at three differet distances from the lens, that have to be focused separately when each is talking
Do it is possible, in movie mode or photo mode, to sum-up two or more (user-defined) frames with one or more criteria (for example only luma or luma+chroma and other summing algorithms) and display them on Live View display in real-time as they are summing one-by one or after every sum cycle, and then save every summed resulting frame as a photo or as a frame of a movie ? and/or saving a photo or movie frame of the current sum result at the pressure of a key ?
It will be useful, in some situations, to have some programmable focus hard stops. A user-defined numbers of focus points would be perfect, along with a user-defined sequence to follow (for example: 1-2-3-2-1 or 1-4-2-3-1-2 and so on)
Do it is possible to set one or more user-defined windows (x size, y size and x,y position for each) inside the photo frame, so that only inside them the motion detection will take place ?
Do it can be implemented, as an option, to have also a RGB and a YCbCr waveform monitor in addition to the Y-only waveform monitor ?
Do it is possible to have a function in the script language that can read the absolute and/or the relative light intensity that is coming through the camera lens, like the little vertical cursor on the exposure scale of the camera already does, so we can program an intervalometer exposure ramping without guessing the values by pre-setting them, but by directly read the light and then set the iso/aperture/time values in consequence ?