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Also RAW Zebras (working only in QR mode) seems to work ok (the zebras area is less extended in RAW representation than in normal LV zebras, like they have to be) and they are perfectly aligned with the image, at least with my extensive tests I done. If someone have different results or problems, please chime here !

General Chat / Re: 550D Shutter Sound Difference
« on: May 29, 2013, 03:18:43 PM »
I have a 550D with second-type sound (high pitch to the end). What should be correct and what is not ?  :o

Ok, raw SPOTMETER seems to work great on 550D.
EV raw indicator is mean value of RGB values, when 0EV it means that center spot is oversaturated on the max, and then lesser values, like -1.5EV, -4.0EV and so  on, indicates how overexposed the center spot is. Waiting for confirmations or anomalies, if any found. Many thanks !  ;)

Raw Video / Re: 550D raw video recording port official thread
« on: May 29, 2013, 02:10:46 PM »
No bad pixels on sensor!

Its the same issue on 600d that was fixed

see spinkle fix build 600d...

Good to know ! Now I post this problem in the "state-of-the-art" head post of this thread ! Many thanks for your signaling !  :)

Great ! So good news : these modifications for raw histo on lv and qr mode on 550D was now merged and will be available on the next nightly build for all of you 550D lovers and proud owners ! Many thanks and credits to XAINT and his invaluable help and time !!  8)

Now lets verify raw zebras and raw spotmeter !  ;)

Raw Video / Re: 550D raw video recording port official thread
« on: May 29, 2013, 01:16:27 PM »
Getting odd sprinklies pixie dust on 720p mode using this hack


Tested up to 10gb , no frame outs, 1360 x 694 , 12fps, shutter override 1/48

You have probably some bad pixels on the sensor: with normal video & photos they are masked in the canon firmware, but in ml raw not

Yes ! All you said is correct ! It is too work to load up the raw and make a histogram from it...
However, where Canon finds the jpg associated to the raw file, to load into preview mode, if in the Canon menu I select RAW (only) and not RAW+jpg ?

Right, there is only normal histogram if, while reviewing the image, you press the "Q" button, can you verify if we are aligned on this ?  ;)

Ok, may thanks !

For the moment I made a pull request to add raw histogram on lv and qr modes, I think it's stable now, thanks to your valuable help !

The next problem is that in review mode (not quick) the histogram is normal and not raw, do it's so also for you ?
If so, this is our next problem to solve now !  ;)

Yes I understand perfectly what you are saying ! And I agree... but... why you obtain so perfect match between lv and qr, and me not ? Have you made the ISO switching tests to see if you maintain the perfect match between lv and qr in all iso values ?

Yes ! But... there are news ! juggling with the settings, i discovered that by rising the ISO setting from 100 to 200, circles appears in qr ! , but are lower values than lv ! Then going to 400 iso, warn circles values are in some way equals, even if not very much. Then going to 800 iso and up, the warn values in qr are way way more Greater than in lv !!!! Do we discovered the problem ? ...  :o

Can you make also this test ?!? So we can arrive to a consolidated raw histogram for 550d !

However, it's still incredible on how your values (lv and qr) are so almost perfectly equal !!! And mine not !   :o

I also tried to delete all canon settings to their defaults, and also defaulting all the canon fn(c) functions, but the problem persists ! Try also you, to double check if perhaps you have some settings inside canon parameters (normal or fn(c)) that make the warn circles working on qr mode: if by resetting them you come to my results, it's some canon parameters, otherwise the mistery goes on !  :o

You try it on 500d? or typo?  500D 550D -not the same

Typo ! I mean 550d ! sorry !!!  ;D  corrected now...  ::)

try to go to the wrench menu and then -restore ml defaults- then shut down and restart your 550d so we have same settings, then see if warn circles appear in quick review ... in my 550d not!  :o


Sure! Here you go:

Oh crap ! Your bin also it doesn't work !   :o

Ouch !  :o Here I'm missing something very hard to understand for me ! Why I'm missing the warning circles in the QR mode ?!?  :o
Can you send me your BIN, please ? Just to check ! Thanks !  :o

I checked and double-checked: I get perfectly identical histogram values in lv and qr, BUT in qr there are no warning circles !  :o

If you send your bin, then, if the problem persists, it's a matter of values and parameters inside ml or canon menus in my camera. If, otherwise, the problem is gone, then it's a difference in our sources !  ::)

I somehow can't figure out how to interpret the hints.

when it says i.e. 1.5 up and I adjust the EV ~1.5 upwards it says "Over" most of the time but the picture is really dark.

Trying in my living room while pointin the cam outside, 550d with 10-22mm Canon lens.

I thought the hints were vor overexposing in such a range you can still crank the lights down to get more informations out of a RAW?

The results I get are the other way round, picture needs to be darkened down according to the Hints.

Using M mode.

Do you base your ETTR hint readings on Live View screen or on Quick Review screen ?

Yes, I have yet done your modifications some days ago, but the problem is still into the parameters "skip...and so on" I think. You have found the right modifications I already done. Now I inserted your NEW parameters of skippage and dimensions you have lastly found, but I still don't see the overexposure circles in qr that I see in LV, and the ETTR hint data is different from liveview to Quickreview. The problem may be :

[1] The dimensions and skip parameters
[2] The raw photo EDMAC address
[3] The value in sds 3 front state, like discussed here in my latest modifications:
[4] Something else (?)

What do you think ? And: are you sure the skip and dimensions parameters are ok ? You said it's off about 2 pixels on one side and three pixels on other side, so: why you don't correct the skip or dimensions parameters accordingly ? Or is this not correctable ? It's just a curiosity, I know this don't solve our problem so much...

Raw Video / Re: 550D raw video recording port official thread
« on: May 27, 2013, 04:02:36 PM »
Do this raw video for 550d is 14 bit and 422 or 14 bit 444, really ?

then it doesn't matter where we are: in LiveView mode, or not in LiveView, RAW_DEBUG_DUMP saves a 18Mpx DNG from both 2 cases,
and we have the RAW Histogram in Quick Review mode.

I hope I make myself clear :D :D

Whoa ! My fault ! I was so concentrated by using only live view, that I didn't considered the case when we don't use liveview ! Great, so we will keep this piece of code, it's vital ! Many thanks !

Also, have you managed to follow the hints in the link I posted on the first post of this thread ? I lost myself because I'm not so aquainted with Linux o/s ... so I cannot manage to launch all that mess commands in order to guess the values we need... did you succeeded in some degree ?  ;)

Ok, I tested throughly the burst mode, I shot about 30 bursts at max resolution, and over 30 bursts, one had a screwed-up frame inside. Ok, they managed to lower the chances to stumble into the problem, but it's still there...

If someone intentionally modified something to mitigate the problem (with success, many thanks!), can I ask him to push a little bit more the parameters of his mod ?

Otherwise, do someone have some ideas in order to solve this ?

I found that this code you added :

#ifdef CONFIG_550D
raw_info.buffer = (void*) shamem_read(RAW_PHOTO_EDMAC);

Is not needed at all... it don't solve our problem, however we clean out the code a bit...

@Xaint: You went so close to the solution but... we have only a little problem when we reach some overexposures in some channels: the liveview raw histogram, in this case, differ from the quick review histogram, but not on the graph, but on the indications, and here are the differences:

[1] The ETTR hint is different
[2] The background red area extension is different
[3] The overexposure circles are different (well... in the quickreview there aren't at all)

See this for reference :



We are so close ! Compliments anyway ! Do you have an idea on where to make modifications for this little problem ? I'm searching also... the first who arrive at a solution, knocks here !  ;)  Many thanks again !!  ;)

@Xaint : Great ! Now I put on your modifications and I will check it throughly ! Then I will report here my confirmations ! Many thanks Xaint !  :D

I just tried the burst mode. All images were ok! It takes sequence of 17 images and I tried several shots. I'm also using latest nightly.

Sure ? ... That's a great news ! Perhaps they adjusted something in the last night build ! Now I check it throughly and I will report to you the results here !  ;)

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