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General Help Q&A / ML aplha 2 not installing on a 7D
« on: December 25, 2012, 08:30:05 AM »

I'm hoping that someone can help.  I have tried unsuccessfully to instal ML alpha 2 onto my 7D.

Below are the steps that I followed:
1.  reinstalled canon firmware v2.0.3
2.  formatted an 8gb scandisk Extreme III CF card (in the camera)
3.  removed the CF card from the camera inserted it into a card reader and extracted the contents of the release zip file to the
     root of the CF card.
4.  reinserted the CF card n the camera and set it to "M"
5.  Started the firmware upgrade:
     - Current version is 2.0.3 Update. Options Cancel or OK - selected OK.
     - Firmware upgrade program loading message appears
     - The LED flashed about 5 times
     - The sensor cleaning mode actives and completes
     - shortly after the camers goes to sleep.

There were no further upgrade messes (ML's success) or otherwise.

I restarted the camera, went into live view mode and toggled the info button - no ML audio level bars or submenu.

The camera still functions normally but sadly no ML  :'(

Any assistance to getting ML to insatll would be much appreciated.

Regards... Otto

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