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General Help Q&A / Re: ML aplha 2 not installing on a 7D
December 25, 2012, 09:24:09 AM
Hi Everyone,

Ignore the above - I figured out what was happening.

Being an alpha I have to re-install everytime I want to use ML.

So obviously after restarting the camera ML was lost. Also, when the camera goes to sleep it was lost (It would be nice if the latter didn't happen.  In any case the workaraound until the Beta or first stable version for the 7d arrives is to disable the timeout.

Cheers.... Will be playing with ML over the holidays.

Happy holidays to all.

Cheers.... Otto
General Help Q&A / ML aplha 2 not installing on a 7D
December 25, 2012, 08:30:05 AM

I'm hoping that someone can help.  I have tried unsuccessfully to instal ML alpha 2 onto my 7D.

Below are the steps that I followed:
1.  reinstalled canon firmware v2.0.3
2.  formatted an 8gb scandisk Extreme III CF card (in the camera)
3.  removed the CF card from the camera inserted it into a card reader and extracted the contents of the release zip file to the
     root of the CF card.
4.  reinserted the CF card n the camera and set it to "M"
5.  Started the firmware upgrade:
     - Current version is 2.0.3 Update. Options Cancel or OK - selected OK.
     - Firmware upgrade program loading message appears
     - The LED flashed about 5 times
     - The sensor cleaning mode actives and completes
     - shortly after the camers goes to sleep.

There were no further upgrade messes (ML's success) or otherwise.

I restarted the camera, went into live view mode and toggled the info button - no ML audio level bars or submenu.

The camera still functions normally but sadly no ML  :'(

Any assistance to getting ML to insatll would be much appreciated.

Regards... Otto