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General Help Q&A / Re: IQ: EOS M or 5Diii?
« on: November 02, 2019, 06:40:47 AM »
Off-topic: If we weight in all arguments ... M is easily adaptable to different mounts because of shorter flange distance.

General Help Q&A / Re: IQ: EOS M or 5Diii?
« on: November 02, 2019, 05:55:20 AM »
Are we talking H.264 or mlv/raw recording?
And at least a link to said youtuber would reduce guessing a bit ...

General Chat / Re: How many people would like to donate?
« on: October 31, 2019, 02:39:03 AM »
I suppose you haven't had the opportunity to read the whole thread from start. It has not been determined which form of donations will be used in the future. And there is a showstopper called legal concerns not solved yet.
Because of that older statements about donations are still in place.

And there are several forum threads (2014-recent) about this software. Generating garbage with footage created by experimental builds seems to be a mayor issue.

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 5D Mark III / 5D3 / Firmware 1.2.3
« on: October 28, 2019, 01:17:59 PM »
Use a decent UDMA-7 compatible cardreader and CrystalDiskMark (Windows) or Blackmagic Disk Speed Test (macOS) to verify your results.

General Help Q&A / Re: Focus area in Live View
« on: October 28, 2019, 01:05:52 PM »
Overlay tab -> Focus Peak ON
Make sure to have Global Draw available in your mode.

Most of the data should be recoverable.
May require a1ex's assistance:

General Chat / South America - ML users around?
« on: October 23, 2019, 10:41:06 PM »

Will get on the motobike on Monday for a 5-month trip up and down the Andes (Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentinia and whereever my bike will tell me to go). Part of the trip is getting back into photography. Somehow lost grip some time ago, unfortunately.
If there are ML users wanting to show me some places not featured in Lonely Planets I would appreciate it a lot. Interested in Urbex, architecture, landscape or just having a good time.
Drop a line via PN. English, please! Eager to learn spanish but somehow spanish and I are in a difficult relationship.

  • Most of the 1Ds use Digic 4 and Digic 5
There are 11 cams named 1D. 3 out of 11 cams are hosting Digic IV or Digic V. (Digic - Digic III: 7, Digic 6:1)
The cheapest among those 3 is 1D4 for around 880€.
All are dual Digic cams. Ask g3gg0 about it ... [/list]

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 7D Mark II
« on: October 17, 2019, 02:17:29 PM »
Dual processor cams might be hard nuts to crack. 7D port (Dual Digic 4) was several years late because of this and it's the only ML supported dual processor cam right now. Still missing some features available for other Digic 4 cams, though.
And there is no full Digic 6 ML port available right now.

Sounds like fighting the end boss in level 1.

For starters it might be a good idea to lower the bar with a cam like 750D/760D/80D. But I'm not a programmer/developer.

Anyway: Lookup for starting guide.

The set button on my Canon 6D mk1 is broken, and this means that I can't activate a lot of important features on my camera INCLUDING updating the firmware which is necessary to install the latest version of Magic Lantern. 

Use EOS Utility for firmware installation instead.

Hardware and Accessories / Re: Compiled list of card speeds
« on: October 15, 2019, 06:11:02 PM »
A Micro-SD adapter contains just a few millimeters wire. Doesn't offer a lot of opportunity to mess things up IMO and according to my limited experience ...

General Chat / Re: How many people would like to donate?
« on: October 14, 2019, 05:07:25 PM »
Against it: This is just "testing the water" and as such I think message and response came through and there is enough data for a1ex to come closer to a decision.

Really think it would be more effective/efficient not to make much noise now:
- a1ex made clear legal advice is paramount. Potential showstopper.
- We cannot offer a strategy right now. No straightforward way to spend money *now* for those who are interested. I think it is more likely to let people of the hook and/or frustrate them by splitting "noise" into a non-formal inquiry and - some time after - asking them to put their money where there mouth was some time ago.

Camera-specific discussion / Re: ML on EOS-M2
« on: October 14, 2019, 11:02:28 AM »
According to an unverifiable source around 30 percent of all SD-cards offered by non-official dealers are faked.
If you purchase a card from such a source a thorough after-buy check is mandatory (in all other cases highly recommended).

Check for faked speed specification:
- Fast cardreader + PC + a benchmark program like CrystalDiskMark (Windows) or Blackmagic Disk Speed Test (macOS).
  You only need to run sequential R/W. Compare with benchmark runs from reliable sources like
Check for faked capacity number:
- Cardreader + PC + h2testw (Windows) or f3/F3 QT (macOS)
  If capacity info is altered by some crook you will get serious data corruption because cam will overwrite data recorded previously if physical storage limit is reached. Cam's firmware (and your PC, too) rely on card's info set to be correct and will not check if data set numbers and reality match.

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 5D Mark II / 5D2
« on: October 13, 2019, 01:52:49 AM »
As of today ML does not offer that much to avoid Canon's ways of generating mushy H.264 output.
Sorry, explaination doesn't go without ML lingo:
5D2 in this mode does (as all ML supported cams but 5D3) line skipping/row binning. Means: Only every third sensor line is used in movie mode. This rises the risk of getting moiré. And this means cam does not record 1920x1080 but 1880x1058 (if I got it right). To fight moiré sensor's anti-aliasing filter won't help much because it is designed for photo mode. Therefore electronic filters are responsible for softening the image to fight aliasing, add some noise reduction, blowing it up to 1920x1080. This is done by dedicated hardware we don't know much about.
For H.264 ML can only enhance ISO performance a bit, allow shutter timing fine-tuning and some more (Dual-ISO, HDR, ...). But H.264 sharpness in general is not in ML's hands.


RAW/MLV on the other hand ...

General Chat / Re: How many people would like to donate?
« on: October 12, 2019, 10:52:57 AM »
That would be a large one-off expense spent on a single developer.

So what? I will not be surprised if the only person having a problem with that will be you ... ;-)

The majority of these donations are from years ago - what are we going to do afterwards?

Let's cross that bridge when we come to it ...

(Most likely it will work the same way as before: There was money resting and nobody cared. If there is no money nobody will care.
Edit: Oh, your revenue service will do...)

General Development Discussion / Re: The MLV format
« on: October 11, 2019, 10:17:32 PM »
Please compress this file. It doesn't need 6 MByte to show what you want us to see and mobile users data plans will suffer.

Hardware and Accessories / Re: Compiled list of card speeds
« on: October 11, 2019, 09:48:42 PM »
Current card SanDisk Extreme 80MB/s U-1 Class-10 64GB (SDHC card)

Picture, please!
Pretty sure there is no card matching this description. "U-1" does not exist, it's either UHS-I (interface type) or U3 (UHS speed class). If it is indeed U1 you should get a faster card easily ...
"U-II" does not exist either. Because there is no U2 designation it can be determined you meant to write UHS-II. But there is no Sandisk card with UHS-II interface and 95 MB/s written on label.

Cam's card interface is SDR50 or DDR50 -> 50 MByte/s transfer rate (theoretical). With overclocking we get transfer rates above 65 MByte/s (benchmark only, not possible in RL recording) compared to about 38 MByte/s write rate for continuous recording.

Do yourself a favor and benchmark your card with a decent cardreader and programs like CrystalDiskmark (Windows) or BlackMagic Disk Speed Test (macOS).

Browse for some benchmark numbers. For UHS-II cards you have to find out which cardreader does not support UHS-II to get the numbers for UHS-I compatibility mode.

General Chat / Re: How many people would like to donate?
« on: October 11, 2019, 06:14:47 PM »
Has Canon ever "gotten mad" before?

Offtopic and IMO: "Before" implies Canon is mad now. Cannot follow this conclusion.

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon EOS M
« on: October 10, 2019, 07:24:01 AM »
There is no generic firmware for Canon cameras. A firmware fits exactly for the camera type it was designed to fit and nowhere else. ML project does not alter Canon firmware files.

An ML build for a camera fits exactly for that cam *and* a designated firmware version. If there is a new firmware version published you can't use ML created for the previous firmware version.

If we talk about "EOS M" this does *not* mean we talk about all cameras with an EF-M mount. From a programmer's viewpoint each cam type is unique.

And M10 won't be covered by ML project (highly unlikely) because it runs on code for the PowerShot series. Which is CHDK's area:

The question is if you have the latest plug-in version:
Replace plug-in's cr2hdr with your version.

Computer's OS version?

General Help Q&A / Re: Canon 600D Flash Live View
« on: October 09, 2019, 08:06:58 AM »
I suppose you already tried
Shoot tab -> Flash tweaks -> 3rd p. flash LV

Shoot preparation / Re: 550D
« on: October 08, 2019, 05:40:47 PM »
Sentence missing at least a verb.
Please clarify!

General Help Q&A / Re: Need Help to decide what to get T5i or T7i
« on: October 08, 2019, 05:37:28 PM »
You know there is no ML for T7i/800D?

30 minute limit an issue or not?
Are you vlogging from home (or other static environment) or are you doing videos moving around? Means: Is autofocus an issue or not?
Do you want to record to card or stream via HDMI?

Camera Emergency Department / Re: 60d can it be fixed?
« on: October 08, 2019, 05:05:16 PM »
Remove battery, insert card, insert battery, close compartment lids.
If it doesn't work:
Remove battery, insert card into cardreader, backup and delete contents in ML\Settings dir. Insert card, insert battery, close lids and report back.

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