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Feature Requests / Re: Cameratrapping
« on: July 15, 2018, 09:33:39 PM »
My 2 ct:
External power supply + timer = Done.

Or use Lua script to do it in cam. -> Dryos

General Help Q&A / Re: Converting RAW video
« on: July 15, 2018, 06:24:23 PM »
MLV_DUMP.EXE <filename>.MLV
from command line interface (CMD) and look for error messages.

Sorry, I'm not into tethered shooting*. I bought this card out of curiosity (to please the inner nerd).

*: Waiting for ML over PTP...

finally :D

And another FAQ entry in troll section going down the drain:
When will we be able to shoot in our Canon 100 fps, 200 fps, 1000 fps!?

When you buy this camera and slap a Canon sticker on it.

Wondering why it hasn't been hyped elsewhere yet ... CR, PP, EOSHD, Slashcam ...

Thumbs down here. Nobody complained since '14, anyone using it still is not our problem, we have an item less to maintain and document. And there is lua.

Thanks, a1ex!
File is there but no menu item showing up.

I'm using an Eyefi mobi 8GB in 650D right now and feature matrix shows 650D supports this feature. Checked menus but not aware of any chances.

EDIT: Found it, I think. There should be a new menu item in Shoot tab called Eyefi Trick with some rename options to bypass Eyefi utility file transfer limitations.
Question now: Why does it not show up in dfort's latest build for 650D.105?

General Help Q&A / Re: Disable focusing rectangle
« on: July 13, 2018, 02:49:09 PM »
I can only hide it through Global Draw Off.

Other options:
Prefs -> Focus box settings -> Display "Auto-Hide"
Display -> Clear Overlays

General Help Q&A / Re: Best compatible camera for custom grid lines
« on: July 13, 2018, 07:10:31 AM » -> Scroll down to "Main Features" -> Use link to "feature matrix".

Machine 1:
Win 7/64 (German)
Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC (7.4) tried German and English UI.
Plug-in: 3.0-170316-02-MLV-DEV (tried older 0305, too)

Machine 2:
Win 8.1/64 (German)
Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC (7.3.1)
Plug-in: 3.0.170316-02-MLV-DEV

EDIT: Dang, it's working now. Pretty sure PEBKAC.

Dang! Context-sensitive message boxes are gone!
Have to contact kichetof!

There are some files named "TranslatedStrings_<lang>.txt" containing context-sensitive strings but they are not working anymore. 

@kichetof: Houston, we have a problem!
Context-sensitive message boxes gone!

How to restore?

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 7D Mark I
« on: July 11, 2018, 08:11:39 PM »
Top of page -> User Guide -> FAQ/User Guide/Install Guide

H.264 recording lasts 29:59 and ML is able to restart recording but loosing some frames every 29:59.
MLV/raw recording is seamless.

He is referring to the link in reply #1.

Top of page -> Downloads -> Download Nightly Builds -> 6D -> Installation
and use linked firmware file.

5D2 handling takes special care. Never! remove card without waiting some seconds for write operations to complete. Yes, cam will access card *after* opening card compartment lid!
Are you sure you took that into consideration?

Obsolete menu entries deleted (ongoing), reordered remaining ones and added some missing.
Looks almost like nightly build menu structure now.

To do:
Checking 50D specific entries.
Filling it with content. Again: HDR is in bad shape. Anyone actually doing something with this option?

Some story about creating a feature film with various cameras (lots of: SONY FS700, Panasonic GH2 (hacked), SONY FS-100, Blackmagic 2.5K, Blackmagic 4K, Canon 5DMK 2 & 3, Panasonic LX100, SONY F5, Canon C300, Alexa Mini) and getting a consistent "look" despite of it.
German only, sorry!

Not to include:
Screenshot: All use cases I can imagine are connected to troubleshooting and tutorials. So: No, leave it in Debug.
Lens Info: Nah, as you said ...
Overclocking: No need for action right now. Bleeding edge experimental. Functionality resembles "Card warm-up", think it would better be placed there, too (if it ever makes it into unified).
Warnings: No reason to move it from prefs, IMO.

Temperature: Yes, forgot about astros ...

+ Item to hide/unhide Debug tab.

To discuss: Does it make sense to move debug options into Util tab item "Advanced/Debug" as in "Advanced settings" found elsewhere?

Having an itch because of placement of benchmarks (esp. Card benchmarks), file manager and shutter count in Debug tab.
What about
1) a UTIL tab and
2) hiding Debug tab by default? Most users don't care about Debug tab and with a reason.

Benchmarking a card in cam: Householding duty IMO (yes, I'm a sysadmin).
Filemanager: Necessary to play MLV ... why hide it in Debug?
Shutter count: Some people advise to install ML for the very reason. Lookup some forum posts elsewhere, I'm kidding you not!

Better clean it up now; just not sure what the behavior should be. Is it better to move these to a pickbox with 3 choices? (OFF, Arrow keys, LCD Sensor). The last option would appear only on models with this sensor.

Pickbox would be fine!

Slow progress ... as expected ...

@a1ex: Not sure if sufficient for an issue report:
Focus tab -> Follow Focus
Highlighting most menu items you can use scroll wheel selecting available options. This one is weird (IMO) in 650D: You can select OFF and either Arrow Keys or LCD sensor. Depends which one you selected after pressing Q. There you have "LCD sensor" and "Arrow keys" but "OFF" is missing.
Lines at bottom are a little bit confusing, too: In submenu Follow Focus it says:
"You can focus with arrow keys or with the LCD sensor". Makes sense.
In Focus tab you will see:
"You can focus with arrow keys. MENU while REC = save focus point." Doesn't matter which option is selected. Just a matter of character length limit?

So, question: Clean it up now or just collect all inconsistencies?

Started with some editing ...

@R: Damn the torpedoes! There are native speakers able to clean up our mess. ;-)

@Erik Krause:
Suggestions: "Incomplete" flag doesn't seem sufficient. There is no way to tell unedited sections from those considered perfect/complete. Just adding flag to all sections might be useful.
We may need additional flags for some kind of review process. 

@all: HDR-video section is in very bad shape. Most of the tool links are dead.
-> Is there someone able to "speak" HDR video and able to describe a workflow with tools - more or less - up-to-date? Help!

Nah, speed might not be a problem here.

Just to humour me:
- Format card in cam
- Copy extracted nightly build contents to card
- Run firmware update
- Turn cam off when asked for reboot.
- Wait a few seconds
- Startup cam and wait some seconds
- Press trashcan button again.

Result? If ML doesn't come up:
Use EOScard (Windows) or Macboot (MacOS) to make card bootable. Insert card into cam, startup and report result.

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