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General Help Q&A / Re: Installation of ML on T3i
« on: Yesterday at 08:25:24 PM »
Thanks! Content itself looks good.

Still some design work to do, I think. Appearance before was kind of slim, column-like. More or less in line with the button bars. Now it's out of alignment, so to say. Gained too much in the waist IMO.
Design issues may be personal.

General Help Q&A / Re: Installation of ML on T3i
« on: Yesterday at 05:13:21 PM »
You don't need to delete DCIM and MISC.

Installation instructions from download page:
1   Make sure you are running Canon firmware 1.0.2.
2   Format the card from the camera.
3   Copy ML files on the card and run Firmware Update.
4   After installation, copy your ROM files (ML/LOGS on the card) to a safe place.

@a1ex: Maybe changing 3 into "Copy extracted ML files on the card and run Firmware Update"?

Yes, I know: Then we get users trying to decompress Autoexec.bin ...
You can't win. Linking a snapshot like dfort's?

General Help Q&A / Re: Installation of ML on T3i
« on: Yesterday at 04:50:27 PM »
Please clarify: Is there an ML-SETUP.FIR in card's root directory or not?

For debugging reasons I asked if anything changes in a scene without any movement (if possible) and no variations in lighting (if possible).

Does this happen in a truely static scene, too? No incandescent lighting testing this, please (AC driven tungsten bulb, pulsed LED, fluorescent bulb, ...).

General Help Q&A / Re: LiveView auto off
« on: Yesterday at 09:47:29 AM »

General Help Q&A / Re: Installation of ML on T3i
« on: Yesterday at 09:37:58 AM »
 Check if there is a file named "ML-SETUP.FIR" on your card.
If not: It should. Check zip content and copy it to card.
If: Give some info about your card. There may be issues with SDXC, try SDHC (if any) or create a partition < 32 GByte and retry (after copying again, of course).

Camera-specific discussion / Re: ML on EOS-M2
« on: December 09, 2018, 03:31:21 PM »
ML settings are stored in ML/Settings directory. Zip, upload somewhere and link it.

Most likely you are resposible for this kind of error.
ML enabled cams will access card as soon as battery compartment door is closed. Yes, cam's power switch has nothing to do here and card comparment door status is irrelevant, too.
There are cards incompatible with this read access. For example: Older EyeFi cards. I suppose your WiFi card falls into this scheme. Same for majority of SD-to-CF adapters.

If an incompatible card is accessed you can try whatever you may want: Power on/off, card removal. The cam just don't care. It is stuck until you remove battery/open battery compartment door.

Another issue occurs if you remove cards too fast after opening card slot. ML needs to write to the card. And it does this *after* opening card slot. If you interrupt this procedure you may end up with a fried card or at least a corrupted file system. Other cams (like 5D2) are not immune to disturbing cam's internal memory storage content. No, you won't want to deal with that, I suppose.

Raw Video / Re: How to shoot 3k - 3.5k RAW at 24fps
« on: December 07, 2018, 11:57:40 PM »
Looks like a fraud. Relabeled Lexar 800x, maybe. Contact reseller and ask for refund/replacement.

Raw Video / Re: How to shoot 3k - 3.5k RAW at 24fps
« on: December 07, 2018, 11:41:51 PM »
Do you own a decent cardreader (USB 3.x)? If so: Redo benchmark runs using your PC. Use CrystalDiskMark (Windows) or Blackmagic Disk Speed Test (macOS/OS X).

Raw Video / Re: How to shoot 3k - 3.5k RAW at 24fps
« on: December 07, 2018, 11:16:32 PM »
And do *not* use Liveview! Unload all modules but

Raw Video / Re: How to do 3.2k - 3.5k RAW at 24fps
« on: December 07, 2018, 11:03:40 PM »
Run benchmark in photo mode to get some comparable results.
After benchmark run you will find a new file named BENCHx.PPM on your card showing benchmark screen contents. Convert to JPEG, PNG, upload somewhere and link them here.
Write and read speeds differ a lot in real life. See

I have a Canon EOS M50, If you need me to do anything to help, Please feel free to ask.

Do you have another cam with ML running on it?
If not:
Take a look into

@kenthinson: Welcome abord! Best luck for the finals!

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 6D
« on: December 07, 2018, 07:43:53 AM »
First someone has to find out how to do 2x2 binning with Canon cams.

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 5D Mark IV
« on: December 05, 2018, 10:07:19 AM »
We had forum based fundings in the past without involving crowdfunding sites. No rewards offered of course.
There were requests for specific items by devs.

You may want to consider if the services you may want to offer do have a "customer".

Camera-specific discussion / Re: Canon 5D Mark IV
« on: December 04, 2018, 04:02:27 PM »
Do the math:
Porting ML for a new cam takes several hundred hours. (Estimated)
Then it needs to be maintained. Long term = years to come. New builds have to be tested. New firmware has to be ported, again. Some lesser time consumed by this but still work to do.

You may find a developer with
- experience in C and assembler for embedded devices (preferable ARM architecture)
- willing to do reverse engineering without that much support tools (no documentation or support by manufacturer, besides QEMU no emulator available, ...)
- and willing to put hundreds of hours work into it and able to maintain it.

There is a problem measuring the effort, though. You don't want to pay for hours but for results, i suppose. Easy for something you can see as a single product (=final build), not that easy for ML with its rolling release model (kind of) and more difficult to put a price tag on maintaining it.

I'm not going to discuss if dropping out from your bread&butter job is a good idea or not.

BTW: a1ex asked for 5D4 owners to take a risk doing some testing. Response was underwhelming:
5D4... no volunteer yet willing to assume this risk.

Feature Requests / Re: Save movie crop upon start up
« on: December 03, 2018, 09:37:01 PM »
Are we done here?
No more testing necessary?

You don't have to redo them.
Use MacBoot to make card bootable, copy "portable display test" autoexec.bin to card and insert card and battery. Close battery door and report back.

Reverse Engineering / Re: new Canon CR3 raw format from M50 camera
« on: December 02, 2018, 08:15:23 PM »
The only feature I can thoroughly test is wildcard handling on Windows. Link, please! For other Dcraw features there are some more competent people around. Dual-ISO picture processing is not my strong point.

EDIT: As long as GCC issue with wildcards is not solved (haven't heard anything about it, yet) ... If you have too much time to spend: Can you try to compile cr2hdr.exe, too?

Did you remove battery after each attempt?

Remove battery and all cards.
Find a standard SD-card. Size and speed doesn't matter but do not use WiFi cards. Format card in cardreader.
Insert card and battery.
Close compartment doors.

Report back.

Hardware and Accessories / Re: 4k link
« on: November 29, 2018, 10:56:31 AM »
They are not overly impressed by the concept of giving detailed technical specs about their output format.

Looks like they built a cozy environment for livestreamers (for example) not interested in all this technical mumbo-jumbo.

General Development Discussion / Re: I wonder
« on: November 29, 2018, 10:53:52 AM »
USB: One master (host), one or more slaves. Canon DSLR can only work as slave, you need a "master/host" on the other side and proper device support, too.

Post-processing Workflow / Re: Obsession about LUTs
« on: November 28, 2018, 09:37:31 PM »
Good news for you:
ML does not support LUTs for RAW recording. Therefore no confusion.
It's RAW output only.

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