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Thanks dmilligan! Gonna try the new build now.


"However, if you have a non-dual ISO shot even if cr2hdr is turned on, it should detect that is not dual ISO and leave it alone (this check will hurt performance somewhat though)." - i´ve tried this but to no avail.

Hi there,

I´m having trouble getting a timeline in Resolve with dual-iso and regular iso clips. I cannot select the dual-iso option for the dual-iso files on the webserver without afecting the non dual-iso files. So, when mixing the 2 kind of files on a timeline i either get a correct image on the dual-iso files and a weird looking image on the non dual, or if i don´t select the dual-iso option on the webserver, the dual-iso files have that interlaced look and the non dual are correct. I´ve tried to put the two files types on separate folders and mount each one, but as soon as i mount the second one the first webserver tab gives place to a new one and it´s settings override the ones i set previously.

So, any tips on how to get dual-iso and non dual-iso files on the same timeline?


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