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General Development / Re: Compiling on a Mac
« on: June 18, 2012, 04:13:21 PM »
Good work! I will use this in the future if it is completed / works (I develop from my macbook pro w/ Lion). A couple things to remember:

- latest version of ipython will not work, you must revert to an older version.
- i think the same case with sympy.

Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 5D classic
« on: June 15, 2012, 11:11:03 PM »
Update: Tackled some more compiler/linker errors today. Slowly making progress on porting the menu system! It should be done by next week.

5dc Port Progress
Current state: Open Beta

I started this project months ago, progress has been slow. The reason is that the 5dc is a bit unique. It runs VxWorks, but has a lot of similarities to modern DryOS cameras. As a result, simply porting Magic Lantern or 400plus was not an option, I had to start fresh.
EDIT The 5dc will work on the unified tree! Big thanks to A1ex for the help in making this happen.

Short-term Todo List:
Blink LEDs from user FIR file boot.
Enable bootflag for autoexec.bin booting.
Hijack Canon's GUI task.
Port BMP routines from ML for screen printing.
Port menu system from ML.
Fix fonts to be sized correctly on screen.
Fix up properties and property handlers from ML.
Begin porting all non-lv features from ML (intervalometer, audio triggering, trap focus, etc).
. . .
? ? ?

Install Instructions (READ FIRST!!!)
*** Remember, I am not responsible for any damage to your camera. This is BETA software, and I can't predict what could happen. If you are not comfortable with this, then please do not download this firmware. ***
1.) Make sure you are running v1.1.1 firmware (if not, upgrade to it!)
2.) Double check that you are running v1.1.1 firmware.
3.) One more time make sure that you are running v1.1.1 firmware!
4.) Charge battery to 100% and remove any battery grip for the install procedure.
5.) Download the zip file from the link below, unzip all of the files to your CF card.
7.) Launch the firmware update process. If you see any red led, then something went wrong. A solid blue led means that the bootdisk is now enabled. A blinking blue led means the bootdisk is now disabled (if you want to completely uninstall ML). Each time you run the firmware update it just toggles the bootdisk to the opposite of whatever it is currently. The installer FIR will make your CF card bootable for you, no further work required here.
8.) Turn the power switch off and pull your battery to turn the camera off. Just turn the camera on (make sure autoexec.bin and ML directory are on the card!) and you're all set. Press the Trash button to bring up the ML menu.

You only need to run the firmware update to enable the bootflag ONCE. Each time after that will only disable, re-enable, disable, re-enable, etc. the bootflag.

If you have any questions, please read the ML documentation to see if it can be answered before posting here:

Download (click here!)

Changelog / Release Notes

Beta 4 - 10/13/2012 (see also the announcement)

* All stability tests passed :)

* New stuff:
   - DOF bracketing ( )
   - Flash bracketing (not tested, I don't have a flash)
   - press DirectPrint to toggle MLU
   - RGB zebras and histogram
   - Display saturation (including grayscale preview - if you use UniWB, for example)
   - Exposure adjustment in playback mode (rough approximation)

* Complete feature list:
   - zebras, focus peaking, spotmeter, histogram, waveform, vectorscope (in playback mode)
   - exposure bracketing: shutter, ISO, flash; 2x0.5 ... 9x5EV; auto mode (covers the entire dynamic range).
   - DOF bracketing (changes aperture and shutter while keeping exposure constant)
   - Intervalometer
   - Mirror lockup (shortcut key, or link to self-timer)
   - Flash exposure compensation (-10...+3EV) - not tested
   - Flash / no flash (like in fuji 6500) - not tested
   - Display saturation (grayscale/normal/oversaturated)
   - Fast zoom (one click goes to 100%, like on 5D3/1Dx)
   - Quick erase (like on 5D3)
   - "Ken Rockwell" zoom (press Zoom In after you took a picture, without pressing PLAY)
   - Exposure adjustment in playback mode (very rough)
   - Timelapse playback -
   - In-camera help (press INFO)
   - Benchmark (check read/write speed of the card)
   - Display operating system internals (tasks, free memory)

Basically, this is what we can achieve on 5Dc with our current knowledge. For more, one needs to dig deeper in the firmware and reverse engineer it. The camera is about 7 years old if I'm not mistaken - but simply the fact that it runs a large subset of the same ML code designed for DIGIC 4 cameras, is amazing!

Beta 3 - 10/2/2012
Big thanks to Alex for this release! He found the missing VRAM buffers which enabled a lot of features in playback mode.

- auto bracketing, intervalometer
- zebra, focus peaking (huge help for this tiny screen!), spotmeter, histogram, waveform
- fast zoom in playback mode, quick erase (well... not quite perfect, but almost there)
- card and focus peaking benchmarks (5Dc's ARM processor is twice as slow as 5D3's)
- custom color palette for ML

Not working:
- RGB tools, bulb, trap focus, AF patterns (very hard or impossible)
- AF options, MLU (easy to fix, just takes time)

Beta 2 - 9/25/2012
- Changed boot code from how it's done in the ROM to how it's done in the firmware update flasher code. My camera boots, hope it works for all other 5dcs too.
- Updated to latest source tree, nothing changed for 5dc though.
- Now included is a FIR file that will only make your card bootable - just run the firmware update and pull your battery when you see the blue LED, your card is now bootable after that.

Beta 1 (initial release)
- Potentially very buggy. Try it out, let me know how it works. Many features are disabled because they don't work yet / will never work (obviously all LiveView features).
What Works:
- Intervalometer
- HDR Bracketing
- Flash Tweaks

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