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Share Your Videos / Re: 5DmkIII 10bit 1080pRAW 60fps - NightLights
« on: January 25, 2017, 01:48:32 AM »
There is something strange.. the maximum (usable) height of 60 fps and 1920 x 632.  It records at 1920x672 but there is a black border above making it usable only 1920x632.
This film shown at "full screen" has a dimension of 1920x800 (aprox).  So I suspect that they actually cropped the 1920x672 in the center to 1516 x 632 and then stretched to 1920x800.

Oopps:  ha ha the explanation was posted while I was typing.. I guess I was right..  Looks pretty cool!

edit: Just to clarify.. I thought that he had scaled from a crop recording but according to the explanation above he has just done a vertical stretch which means he did not use any crop and therefore the recording was not a 1:1.

... do not close the message window, let the process finish.
It may take a couple of minutes depending on the size of the file and the speed of the computer.
The command window closes by itself. 


I noticed that in your comand you have "C:\MLV-Dump\"mlv_dump.exe
Why do you use " "
If you have the mlv_dump.exe in the C:\MLV-Dump\ directory then the command line should be:

@echo off
for %%a in (*.MLV) do ( md "%%~na" 2>nul )&(C:\MLV-Dump\mlv_dump.exe -o %%~na\%%~na_ --dng %%~na.MLV )

Also you must leave the command prompt open until it finishes the process.. it should close by itself.

You can use this batch.cmd in two ways.  One is to directly drop the mlv to it or to put in in the "windows send to directory" as explained above.

Hope that helps

@garry: here is my batch command which I put on the "SendTo" directory for quick conversion to dng:

You will need to edit with the correct directory to your mlv_dump directory.  To do so just open it with Notes, change it and then save it.

Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: MLVProducer
« on: January 22, 2017, 12:20:40 PM »
Fantastic support I am busy today but will be testing this later!  Thank you very much!

Raw Video / Re: What resolution and ratio do you use for 60fps in 5DMIII?
« on: January 19, 2017, 10:36:00 PM »
You are right!  It will not be the best solution for all circumstances but it may be the best for others.  It will be the sharpest, it will not have any aliasing, it will be framed exactly as you see it, and also you can get it pretty close to 2.35:1 if you sacrifice some of the width.  I can get continuous recording by using crop mode at 1:1 with aspect ratio 2.35:1 by setting the width to 1536 and the aspect ratio to 4:3 giving me 1536x672 at 60 fps.

Agreed that in the case you want a wide angle shot then the crop module is not your friend.  :P

Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 5D Mark IV
« on: January 19, 2017, 07:17:51 PM »
5DIV does seem to be a beast!  But if someday the 5DS is cracked by A1lex then I would buy one as a true replacement for my aging 5D3.

Raw Video / Re: What resolution and ratio do you use for 60fps in 5DMIII?
« on: January 19, 2017, 04:42:40 PM »
The highest detail in ML can be achieved in zoomed mode where no sensor lines are skipped. 
In the case of 5D3 and for 60 fps the best solution is to use the Crop Module (experimental) which gives you the highest detail and allows you to record at 60 fps at 1:1 (no line skipping).  This means that the resulting image is not squeezed.  The only drawback is the limited resolutions (frame size) and ratio.  The resulting image is 1920x648 and not larger but I can record 14 seconds.  If I chose a smaller aspect ratio I get less height but I can record continuously.  Also you can lower the size to 1728x584 you can record continuously at 60fps and 1:1 detail.  Another advantage is that the preview, although a little distorted, is center, in full color so framing is a breeze!

More details on crop module here:

Download the experimental build from 5D3 and EOSM here:

Edit: forgot to mention that I selected 10bit recording (available now) to extend the recording time.

Just a suggestion:  Is it possible for raw_twk to zoom to center of the image as default?  Thanks for this great tweak!

5D3.123  using crop_mo 3X at 60 fps

There is a aprox 28 pixel black border on the top of the frame.

I will do an update when this "experimental" build gets incorporated to nightly builds.  For now best to limit the 10/12 bit discussions to this thread:;topicseen#msg178542

Hi budafilms, 

When you set crop module to RAW 1:1 3x then as soon as you enter video mode the 3X zoom factor is applied and you get perfect canon like view that is centered.  This mode is limited to a max resolution of 1920x1080, you can go smaller but not larger.  Other options like 60 fps recording is also possible but the resolution changes to 1920x648 or smaller.  Finally this module can also be used with standard canon video.

In 1:1 CENTERED x5 Zoom the video mode begins in the standard un-zoomed mode and then you can zoom by pressing the zoom button.  Here you get  the gray-preview for framing and you can increase the resolution beyond the 1920x1080.

Since this requires to use the special crop_module it has a separate thread for more details on how it works here:

Any additional discussions regarding this "special" module should go there.

If you use Windows, this is a useful and efficient command to run mlv_dump.  Thanks piloui

From above I use the code:

Code: [Select]
@echo off
for %%a in ( %* ) do ( md "%%~na" 2>nul )&( path_to_mlv_dump\mlv_dump.exe -o %%~na\%%~na_ --dng %%~na.MLV )

To turn it into command just copy to notepad and save it as cmd. 

Now place it in windows "C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo"

Use it as explained above:

"Select any of the .mlv you want to extract, right clic, sent to , 01_mlv_dump.cmd. ( it behaves like a "drag and drop" ). Each SELECTED mlv will be extracted one after another in queue rather than all together in a LONG process. DNG are extracted in a subfolder named after the original file."


Yesterday I got a chance to test 10bit recording using crop module with 5D3 with firmware v.123
Lens 100-400 mm II
ISO between 200 and 3200.
First two scenes recorded at 60 fps at 1920x648 other shots recorded at 1920x1080 30 fps.
Hand held.
Magic Firmware: magiclantern-crop3x.2017Jan13.5D3123
Crop Rec download for testing here:

Usage: mlv_dump [-o output_file] [-rscd] [-l compression_level(0-9)] <inputfile>

Code: [Select]
 -o output_file      set the filename to write into
 -v                  verbose output
 --batch             output message suitable for batch processing

-- DNG output --
 --dng               output frames into separate .dng files. set prefix with -o
 --no-cs             no chroma smoothing (default)
 --cs2x2             2x2 chroma smoothing
 --cs3x3             3x3 chroma smoothing
 --cs5x5             5x5 chroma smoothing
 --no-fixcp          do not fix cold pixels
 --fixcp2            fix non-static (moving) cold pixels (slow)
 --no-stripes        do not fix vertical stripes in highlights

-- RAW output --
 -r                  output into a legacy raw file for e.g. raw2dng

-- MLV output --
 -b bits             convert image data to given bit depth per channel (1-16)
 -z bits             zero the lowest bits, so we have only specified number of b
its containing data (1-16) (improves compression rate)
 -f frames           frames to save. e.g. '12' saves the first 12 frames, '12-40
' saves frames 12 to 40.
 -A fpsx1000         Alter the video file's FPS metadata
 -x                  build xref file (indexing)
 -m                  write only metadata, no audio or video frames
 -n                  write no metadata, only audio and video frames

-- Image manipulation --
 -a                  average all frames in <inputfile> and output a single-frame MLV from it
 --avg-vertical      [DARKFRAME ONLY] average the resulting frame in vertical direction, so we will extract vertical banding
 --avg-horizontal    [DARKFRAME ONLY] average the resulting frame in horizontaldirection, so we will extract horizontal banding
 -s mlv_file         subtract the reference frame in given file from every single frame during processing
 -t mlv_file         use the reference frame in given file as flat field (gain correction)

-- Processing --
 -e                  delta-encode frames to improve compression, but lose random
 access capabilities
 -X type             extract only block type
 -I mlv_file         inject data from given MLV file right after MLVI header
 -c                  (re-)compress video and audio frames using LZMA (set bpp to
 16 to improve compression rate)
 -d                  decompress compressed video and audio frames using LZMA
 -l level            set compression level from 0=fastest to 9=best compression

-- bugfixes --
 --black-fix=value   set black level to <value> (fix green/magenta cast). if no
value given, it will be set to 2048.
 --white-fix=value   set white level to <value>. if no value given, it will be s
et to 15000.
 --fix-bug=id        fix some special bugs. *only* to be used if given instructi
on by developers.

I am experiencing problems with 1:1 (centered x5 zoom) settings when the resolution is above 3008x1320, at 3008 I have no problems but at 3040 I do!
Using mlv_rec module.
The problem begins when the camera stops due to skipped frame or stopped by button press.
After the camera stops I have to pull the battery out since camera stops responding.
The video file gets recorded and have no problems.
After rebooting the camera cannot play back the file it gets a black screen.

If I flick the video lever a couple of time I get camera Err 80.

Also confirm the problems is with mlv_rec..  Using raw_rec does not give me any problems and I can record to max resolution  3574x1320

Ok ok... here is my test recorded at 60 fps rendered at 29.9 fps with crop module: 1:1 3X giving resolution of 1920x648
TESTED: magiclantern-crop3x.2017Jan13.5D3123
Get it here:

Share Your Videos / Re: Rufous-bellied Seedsnipe
« on: January 15, 2017, 03:17:35 AM »
You are welcome!
Yes, I used twixter to slow it down but it cannot handle some of the fast head spinning very well.

wohoooo!  I love it.. full support for 5D3123.. 
Thanks my man!   :)

Very very nice!

Share Your Videos / Rufous-bellied Seedsnipe
« on: January 14, 2017, 01:24:05 AM »

Sometimes as a bird guide I get close views of amazing birds.  This Seedsnipe a difficult bird to see and we were very lucky to to have such an encounter at close range (15 meters).  I took a quick video with my 5D3 with 100-400 mm II and the marvelous crop_mo which put me in 3X zoom HD mode as soon as I engaged the video button.

Testing Latest : magiclantern-crop3x.2017Jan13.5D3123

a1c01bb: Raw backend: fix black borders on raw previews

Yep, this is working on raw previews for 14 bit.  On 12 and 10 bit the Gray Preview is frozen when recording starts.  If 10bit and 12bit preview during recording is not available could it swing back to Canon preview?  In this way at least we have the proper framing with the Gray Preview and then we can get some idea of the scene by looking at the Canon preview.  For now I click on the zoom button and get to the 10X zoom just before I start recording.

4081e14: Merged raw_video_10bit_12bit into crop_rec

Working great!  Crop rec module is doing its thing. 

f849355: mlv_rec: fix bad merge (to be tested)

mlv_rec is working very well with 10/12/14 bit video.  Tested sound, card spanning, resolution, and found no problems.

12f156f: Moved bit depth setup from raw_rec/mlv_rec to raw backend; raw overlays should now refuse to run at bit depths other than 14

Yep unfortunately the frozen gray preview is of no help..  as I mentioned before maybe if possible the canon preview should be put in place only during recording.

a31228c: raw_rec, mlv_rec: minimize roundoff error when scaling black and white levels
(using --black-fix in mlv_dump should be no longer needed)

Well done, 10bit footage looks very well.


Using crop_rec with 5X setting:
I recorded some videos with zoom and some without.  Always previewed them using the play button and then sometimes the playback got corrupted.  The video was recorded ok but the playback looked like this (caught it with screen shot):

If the camera is turned off and on then the video playback looks proper.


More Video Playback problems:

When erasing or playing videos with mlv_play
after pressing the erase the previous video shows up..  this only works for two or three videos and then just get a black screen
During playback the same issue happens.. only can review three videos and then a black screen without the video.
To erase more videos have to get out of LV and back in.. then the other videos appear.

This is great stuff guys!  I really appreciate all of the many hours of work that you have put into this great project. :)  :-*

Oh my, new Experimental build for crop_rec with 10 Bit and 5D3-123 :o Thanks A1lex!  ;)
Get them here:

I will have to test all the new updates but have not time now!

This is the new stuff for testing here:

a1c01bb: Raw backend: fix black borders on raw previews

4081e14: Merged raw_video_10bit_12bit into crop_rec

f849355: mlv_rec: fix bad merge (to be tested)

12f156f: Moved bit depth setup from raw_rec/mlv_rec to raw backend; raw overlays should now refuse to run at bit depths other than 14

a31228c: raw_rec, mlv_rec: minimize roundoff error when scaling black and white levels
(using --black-fix in mlv_dump should be no longer needed)

mlv_rec not available yet, only with raw_rec available here:

The exposure flickering happens with or without zebras... It seems to happen when the recording button is pressed before Auto ETTR has finished settling its exposure.
Was able to catch it in this video and later reproduced if start button was pressed while AETTR is still changing.
Also minor problems:
1. Notice the exposure flickering after stop button is pressed.
2. Notice how the Raw Histogram changes during recording to wrong settings.

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