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I tried it out, and worked like a fucking charm. I literally have no idea how it's possible for someone to figure out how to fix a problem like mine. Truly incredible.

Thanks a lot. My important footage that was corrupted is completely restored. Can I keep using this download for future reference, in case this problem keeps occuring? :)

Hi, I have a similar problem and tried to download the zip file but it isn’t available anymore. Do you by chance still have it?

Here is a patched mlv_dump with the black fix number hardcoded as well according to a1ex proposal. Tested with your corrupt file. There is a howto file inside the zip.

Just put all the files in the folder next to mlv_dump and the MAIN.command script. DO tests with copies first!

What you do is you double click the MAIN.command script and your MLV files will be processed into folders with dng files. Make sure to give the MAIN.command permission rights. It,s explained in the howto what to do. If any questions write back. Do backups. I tested only briefly. Should work for all files including .M00 etc.

@Aeidxst, Could you please help with this zip file? I couldn't find it, but experienced the same problem just yesterday and need to deliver project first thing on Monday at the office. Thanks.

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