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crop_rec and derived builds / Re: Danne's crop_rec_4k, 5DIII
« on: December 30, 2022, 11:23:44 AM »
Hey Danne,
 can you clarify something for me? In the "data format" submenu help text, are the recommended iso settings to aid with a more efficient compression rate? Or is there a quality improvement to be had by following the suggested iso ranges? Obviously a lower iso results in a cleaner image, no question about that but where it says "14-bit recommended iso less than 100" or "12-bit lossless recommended iso 100-1600" are there any side effects other than an increased bitrate and noise when shooting high iso?

Hi, in my practice 14 bit uncompressed cleaner at all iso's in the shadows than 10/12 bits

crop_rec and derived builds / Re: Danne's crop_rec_4k experiments for EOS M
« on: November 03, 2022, 06:25:20 PM »
@pepper_chip @essbe

Try changing Access Mode to SDR50, restart camera, does 192 MHz work again?
(try on Kingston Canvas Go! SD card)

Yeah, nothing change, 160 mHz works, another 192 mHz and 240 mHz shows low speed 20 21 mbs

crop_rec and derived builds / Re: Danne's crop_rec_4k experiments for EOS M
« on: November 02, 2022, 11:21:05 AM »
+ 1

On previous builds my canvas go 128 gb and 256 works in 160 mHz and 192 mHz overlooking and show 80 when Im recording recording,  with last build they works only on 160 mHz  :-[

Inreresting. Applies to other presets as well?

I'm almost sure our "focus pixels" in fact exposure meter dots. But I can't recheck it becouse dont understand how I can "catch" moment what register is off "metering" (I'm trying edit regs from
I'm just not a developer so I could be wrong in my "theory"

Inreresting. Applies to other presets as well?

I'm stop experimenting with this cmos reg becouse waiting moderate my massage, look at data 03 July
Doesn't work in another modes/presets

Hi Danne, look, I'm experimenting with registers in advanced mode dropdown menu and found somesing interest with cmos6 register. When I set it in 0xe8d, refresh, and waiting for around 1-2 minutes vertical stripes from preview are gone, I'm record footage, then when I open it in MLV app and set to off any raw corrections I don't see any focus dots in Frame.

I'm not a developer, but maybe you can to recheck it and to do a testing build?

Regular 1080p, last build, 14 bits, fix focus dots is off, chroma smooth is off,bad pixel Mapp is off

And what I think, we try fixed not a Focus dots, its seems more like a Exposition Metter pixels, becouse if you look in front of sensor you see it.

Share Your Videos / Canon EOS M 4k Raw Anamorphic Mode Look
« on: September 30, 2021, 01:19:32 AM »

Just another last Summer Day ^^

Camera:Canon EOS M
Lens: 18/55 Kit III
Stab: Moza Air 2018 Mod
Mode: 5k FRTP
          10 bit Lossles
          24 fps
          16:9 (1260:2160)
SD: Kingston Canvas Go! 128 gb
Edit: CDNG Davinci Resolve 17 w/o Luts

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