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Raw Video / The RAW videos I shot are invisble on my memory card
« on: November 08, 2019, 11:57:00 AM »
Hey guys,

I'm new to Magic Lantern. After installed the Nightly build 1.1.3 for my Canon 5D3, I loded the RAW video shooting modules (mlv_play, mlv_rec, mlv_snd), and shot few videos with it (it always stops that 10 seconds and says frame skipped, stopping, but that another problem). Then I connected my camera to PC using data cable, the video was definitely recorded on the card as it took spaces of the card (fig.1), yet i checked every folder (hidden item is visible) and there is nothing, every folder is empty (fig.2).

I'm just so confused, how did this happen and how to solve it? anyone has ever got the same issue? Thanks for help in advance!


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