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It seems I missed two replies here.

You're welcome

HDMI output won't be benefited from these modes regarding quality also Dual ISO (which needs to be processed in post, otherwise if you used it in streaming you will get lines in the image), as you said you will get the benefits from these modes only when recording RAW data to SD card, the best Mode for streaming using HDMI is the normal 1080p.

Hello, thanks

Set video mode to 720p @ 60 FPS (NTSC) from Canon Menu, then enable "Crop mode V2" and do the following:

Then press Menu button twice to apply the new settings, this will give 1736x868 2:1 AR @ 48 FPS in 3x3 Binning mode, the preview would be stretched!
- You can increase Y resolution more, but you may get corrupted frames.

Thanks a lot for the explanation, I'll will try now.
Good job

Hi to everyone , thanks for you hard work. About 48fps record I have some dudes. Please can someone post the steps for a right configuration. Should I change the resolution in canon menu? Thanks for your attention

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