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Amazing! I love the artistic direction of this video! Hilarious and poignant all at once.

How did you go about doing the smooth zoom-ins? Was it through an attached servo motor, or done digitally in post?

Excellent work again.

Thank you! Much appreciated!!!

It was done in post. I did the edit in Fcpx and just keyframed the scale on the transform tab

Share Your Videos / 5D MKiii Music Video w/ [14bit lossless crop module]
« on: November 19, 2018, 02:16:36 AM »
My friends and I shot a music video with the 5d MKiii 4k crop module. There are a few 2k shots and some 60fps shots. This was also my first time using Davinci to color grade. I also used MlvApp (the app is a godsend) to process the footage. I'm pretty happy with the footage, I was only really disappointed with how much the Youtube compression softened the shots (if anyone has any recommendations to combat that, please let me know hahaha)

Check out the video below! ***warning it is a bit raunchy but nothing too much for youtube. Enjoy!

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