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Tutorials and Creative Uses / Re: Hand Held HDR
« on: June 21, 2018, 02:50:15 AM »
Here are the tests
In ALL pics the last one on the RIGHT is the final picture

2x4EV - dual iso - silent

3x4EV - dual iso - silent

3x4EV - dual iso

2x4EV - dual iso



Tutorials and Creative Uses / Re: Hand Held HDR
« on: June 20, 2018, 05:00:56 PM »
First, thank you Garry . Second, sorry for my poor english. Usualy on posts yours comments have some vital informations. Like on the ETTR that you said about RAW EV histogram. My t2i always get out of range for AETTR, but with you RAW EV Histogram resolved my problem and it´s so easy and fast.

So, here are some thinking on Hand held HDR. Later will post the pics.

On camera
- Ajusted the expo ETTR so the histogram says ~-4.0 EV. Set ISO to 100. Then I put on 1/30 when I want to use Then ajust F. If still needed, and it will :D, ajust ISO.
- Turn Dual ISO ON, and set alternative ISO to +2EV
- On Advanced Bracketing, with Full ISO shifting, adjust 2x4EV and 0 + ++

With this, I think, I will get this ev diferences with two shots: 0EV -> 2EV (Dual ISO) -> 4EV (AB) -> 6EV (Dual ISO). You can play with the Dual iso and AB settings. Just remember that AB setting will be double of Dual ISO. Ex: if dual iso is +3EV AB shoud be 2x6EV. You can also take more shots, but since it´s hand held 2 and 4 exposures is ok for me.

Post Processing
- For dual iso processing use CR2HDR with no image processing (Just tried with full resolution).
- Use favorite soft for merging, I use enfuse
- if you wish, touch with your favorite program.

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