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Quote from: alexboum on April 25, 2020, 10:10:38 PM
The footage is great, it really feels cinematic. Could you teel us wich stabilizer did you use?
These are handheld footages but the lens I used has stabilization built-in.
Quote from: Luther on April 24, 2020, 06:51:20 PM
Another great music choice (is that Ludovico Einaudi?). Well recorded, great scenes (particularly the rain scenes at 1min56s). This color grading reminds me of Kodak Tri-X with 'stand' development, which I think is beautiful.
Your video productions would really enjoy a fast and old lens like Helios-44. I like your 18-55 but it can be harsh sometimes. A smoother lens would be a good change.

edit:just saw the music is from Mattia Cupelli. Still, reminds me so much of Einaudi's compositions.
Thank you for the kind words.
I love my Helios-44 lens as well. The only problem is that it lacks stabilization and when shooting 2.7K raw the camera also crops in to 2.0x so it would be a 116MM lens, with which I couldn't handhold to get a stable image. When using a monopod it would be my choice of lens for sure :). I hope someday I can get a camera with IBIS so that I can utilize all my vintage lenses for handheld videos. But for now the 18-55 lens is more versatile for mobile use to me. It is also very cheap I got mine for less than $100 second-hand.
I always love black & white photography so I figure why not make a video in B&W.
It's just fun to grade with raw footage.
The time is April and life is almost back to normal.
Hope everybody stay safe no matter where you are.

Lens used in this video: Canon EF-S 18-55MM STM modded to be fit in fullframe cameras.
Share Your Videos / Re: Canon 5DmkIII Travel Movie
March 28, 2020, 10:24:40 AM
Amazing video! I love your editing very much.
Quote from: dlprod on March 24, 2020, 01:13:06 PM
Great video. Which build did you use?
Hi I am using the December build from here:
Quote from: Luther on March 21, 2020, 06:55:35 AM
Very good. Really like the last scene. Good music choice too.
Nature carries on as if nothing is happening, as always.
Stay safe @york824 !
Thank you. Being out and shooting is also a way to calm myself down during this difficult time. Hope everybody stay safe.
Quote from: IDA_ML on March 20, 2020, 10:30:31 AM
Beautiful shots, indeed.  I would just add a little more contrast.  The nice thing about these old vintage lenses is the fact that, beeing fairly soft,  they seem to totally suppress aliasing without seriously affecting image sharpness and fine detail.  In my experience, using such lenses is the best and most efficient way to suppress this ugly phenomenon.
I totally agree. Vintage lens are magical especially shooting videos. The only downside is I have to use a monopod to stabilize otherwise the footage would look extremely shaky.
Quote from: yourboylloyd on March 20, 2020, 09:50:39 AM
Beautiful shots! I was thinking that the images was going to be super blurry but they were way sharper than I ever got on my helios 44-2! Was this helios 44-2 modded? i don't think I've ever seen a copy of that lens give such a wide range of perspectives in one video. I was a little worried when I was that some of the sky was over exposed in the beginning of the video, but as we moved past those everything was breath taking!

Can you explain your setup/process a little more? It actually helps inspire people (me included) even when they don't comment on the forums.

Thank you.
I may have mislead you a bit sorry for that :P. Actually I had used 3 lenses in total in this video:
1. Helios 44-2 58MM F2
2. Super Takumar 28MM F3.5
3. A modded Canon EF-S 18-55MM F3.5-F5.6 (this is a APSC lens but someone modded it to be used in fullframe camera)

I think I have used each lens for the same amount of footage and the Helios one definitely produces the softest images so I have to add more sharpening in post.
Out of the three lenses I prefer the Super Takumar very much as it is quite sharp and the color seems most pleasing. The Canon APSC lens is the sharpest but there is a lot of purple fringing and I don't really know how to deal with them in Davinci Resolve.

My process is quite simple though. I use MLV App to convert the MLV files to CinemaDNGs, and import them to Davinci Resolve for editing and color-grading.
The difficult part for me is to learn the basics of Davinci Resolve and I am still very new to this apparently extremely powerful software. I'm glad there are tons of tutorials on the Internet for free.
It has been a difficult time for all of us in our country. Had to stay home for an entire month but I am glad things are getting back altogether slowly.

Anyway since I am staying withing the community where I live I got more time to play with the very old 5D2.

I have used a few lens in this video and the Helios 44-2 58MM F2 is very soft. But it's just for fun so I don't mind much.
So I took a little walk around my home in the evening yesterday and shot some footage. I don't have much time with my camera because of work and other stuff but it's always fun to experiment with my beloved 5D2.

Wow I was in Taiwan in January as well this year. But at that time I had not discovered the power of the Magic Lantern Raw video yet so I only took Photos with my Canon 5D2. Still happy with the results though.

These are very beautiful footage. Thank you for sharing.
@DeafEyeJedi @Luther wow Thank you for your kind words :D. I find that both shooting and editing have been big challenges for me as a hobbyist photographer, but I am still having fun.
Quote from: RH42 on October 19, 2019, 10:15:43 AM
Thanks  :) was that from July 16? I know there have been several versions, and I've lost track of them lately.
Yes I have been using the July 16 build.
Quote from: RH42 on October 18, 2019, 05:13:19 PM
I think you've done a great job! - which build did you use?
Thanks very much!

I have been trying this build from July.

It's been fairly stable during the past months.
Share Your Videos / 5D2 2.7K footage, Guangdong China.
October 18, 2019, 04:51:18 AM
I have been having fun with my very old 5D2 camera with the Magic Lantern firmware. I mostly shoot still photos but recently found that I love learning videos as well.
So I would share some of my works here.

Countryside in Guangdong, China:

Guangzhou City:

UPDATE 2019-12-22:
So I took a little walk around my home in the evening yesterday and shot some footage. I don't have much time with my camera because of work and other stuff but it's always fun to experiment with my beloved 5D2.

Been a 5D2 user for many years but recently found this build( now I am trying to learn video recording for fun. It is capable of recording at 2784*1160 for around 14 seconds in raw with a 2x crop, so basically a 2K M43 raw video camera and I have been impressed by the image quality so far. Would be better if there is a compression feature like in the EOS M though. It's just amazing how a 10-year-old camera can still perform this well.
Quote from: jpegmasterjesse on October 10, 2019, 07:34:28 AM
You can expect problems using DSLR Controller and ML. Especially crop mode. In standard Raw recording you MAY be able to expect RAW video to work ok.
Thanks for your reply.

I have been using this build for a few months now. Really enjoying it. Can't say thank you enough for your work.
It's also a learning process for me as I am really new to video. One small question though: I saw that there is an app called DSLR Controller on Google Play Store that seems to allow Android phones to control Canon DSLRs. My smartphone has a much better screen so I am wondering if it is compatible with Magic Lantern. I did some Google search on this but most information was from 2013 or 2014 so I am not sure how it is today.
Quote from: reddeercity on September 02, 2019, 05:48:21 AM
First , there no aliasing in 3x crop mode (5xZoom) it's 1:1 pixel , that why there a crop factor .
The aliasing in your video comes from your workflow (special the 8bit  Jpegs)
(From your Youtube post ) Plus I see it's also upscaled to 4k  :( , personal I think up scaling to 4k is a bad think , I never seen a good one yet .
It always introduces artifacts & aliasing issues

You go from RAW Cdng's (10bit ,Linear color space) to Jpeg (8bit , 4.2.2 , 16-235 color space) then grade it (coloring) in Light Room .
Why grade the 8bit Jpegs ? you are loosing all that data .
Best to grade the cdng's , you have Resolve so you can grade (color) the cdng right there , and if you don't like resolve
to grade your image you can use MLV App to color the raw cdng's .

The data rate for 2784x1160 23.976 fps is around 90MB/s & 5D2 CF Card bus speed is limited to around 75-80MB/s ( but this not a hard limit , working on overclock the bus speed)
So if you get around 15 second a footage that's about right , I have Lexar 1066x 64GB and what I get on average.
If you what longer record times use 4k Anamorphic preset or lower horizontal resolution in centered 3.5k crop to 2.5k etc. ...

Thank you so much for your advises. I use Lightroom because I am new to Davinci Resolve and don't know how to get the color grading done. The MLV App seems to render the images badly at least they don't look half as good when exported as DNG and opened in Lightroom so I don't really know how to grade in MLV App. Guess I have to learn how to grade Davinci Resolve now :D.
So I shoot some footage using the 3K build and overall I am very impressed by the image quality and resolution. Only issue seems to be the aliasing and the very short recording time. I get 10~11 seconds with a Sandisk 120MB/s CF and 14 seconds with a Toshiba 150MB/s CF card.
I am very new to shooting videos but it feels really fun.
Thank you for your amazing work.
I installed the July 15th build and found one issue: the mlv_play module cannot be enabled. Once I enable it and reboot the camera, I got some errors and all modules were disabled. Had to disable the mlv_play to have other modules working. I tried uninstalling the Magic Lantern on the CF card, re-formatting it and installing it back, still not working. When the module disabled, all other modules seem working fine.
Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon EOS M
May 26, 2018, 11:23:54 AM
Is it possible to get Image Stabilization working when shooting RAW videos? I bought a EF-M 18-55MM IS for shooting videos, hoping it would fix all the shaky problems but when reviewing all the footages I still get very shaky results. When shooting H.264 the IS is apparently working well. Also when previewing from camera there is a line stating that there is no IS in the videos. I did some searching in the forum but can't find anything helpful to this issue.
Hi everyone I'm very new to raw video shooting and I have some questions which after some searching I still can't find answers to.

When using MLV App to export MLV files to CinemaDNG, I always get half-resolution DNG files. I shoot in 1736*976 (streched from 1736*586) but only get 868*488 files. If I choose to "Export Actual Frame" then I get the full resolution DNG. Is it normal? Right now I can only make some adjustments in MLV App and export to Prores but I want to use Lightroom to do some more editing or using Rawtherapee to completely remove all the pink dots. How do I get the full-resolution DNG files?