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To Walter Schulz:
 Version ML 2016/07/09 Nightly Build, on Two 600D with a SANDISK 256GB Card, Class 10, No Bugs On This Version
  Hope This Helps.  pnwhikerz....

Share Your Photos / DIY USB Led LightBox Demo
« on: October 25, 2018, 10:46:18 PM »
For those of you who would like to jazz up your photography, build yourself a USB Led Lightbox and get
results like this or better. If you decide to try this, I would recommend purchasing a led usb strip with remote,
the lightbox can be as inexpensive as a cardboard box with glass on top or you can go my route and do a build with
Acrylite Plastic, built to last and is light weight.

Photography Equipment Used:
Canon T3i/600D DSLR with Magic Lantern on a Tripod
DIY USB Led LightBox with Remote
USB Battery Pack
Natures Actors, came as they were.

Enough chatter here are some sample photo's and Video Demo.

Here is the web link below. Enjoy ...Pnwhiker.

Share Your Photos / Re: Mars
« on: July 20, 2018, 08:26:25 PM »
I thought i would throw this at all of you, here is a short timelapse video
of Mars Rising with Milky Way, shot on 07/13/2018 starting around 11:15 PM Pacific Standard Time,
at McClellan View Point, Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Washington, USA. My Original purpose was
to catch the sunset and do some light painting but tourist with questions side tracked that idea and
got all this by mistake, only problem heading back home at 2:35am in the morning  a snag fell across
the road almost hiting the passenger side of the vehicle, woke up real fast after that.
Canon T3i/600D DSLR Stats:
 Manual Mode/ Bulb Mode
 Magic Lantern Intervalometer; Take a shot every 5 seconds, Number of shots 310
 Shutter Speed: 30 Seconds
 Aperatue: 2.8
 ISO 3200
 WB 4000
 Lens 11/16 Focal Length 11m

You Can Watch At This WEB LINK:

To tim.ingram3:
 Here is the web link to EOScard - make a memory card bootable on Canon digital cameras Web Site
 the version of 1.0.9 for the 550 is down near the bottom of the page. Norton360 tells me the site is safe
 and been around for a few years. Hope this helps.

To Anna Sharkaya:
The following info is to help you save some of your Gold, and just maybe
show you a easy way to use Magic Lantern and your phone or tablet as a monitor
either thru wifi or using a OTG connector, connection via a usb setup.
Just to prove my point here is a web link to my website showing a wifi/tablet
live view setup in action. pnwhiker web demo:
FYI: There are no ads/bs or broken links on this web page.........
So here is a short video demo showing how I'm using the Merlin Head and PandroidWiz running on the Dell tablet
communicating via Bluetooth, with qDSLRdashboard running on a Galaxy Tablet via TP-Link 3040 wireless router.

I'm posting these pic's showing the different setup's using the Merlin, Samsung Tablet & Phone, Canon Rebel T3i,
TP-Link 3040, qDslrDashboard, Pandroidwiz, battery power paks.

Here is a break down list of equipment I used to accomplish the above task.
Hardware List:
Camera: Canon T3i (Magic Lantern)
Skywatcher Merlin Non-Goto (Bluetooth enabled)
Android Phone: Samsung Galaxy S5
Android Tablet: Samsung GalaxyTab S and Dell Tablet (Pandroidwiz Software)
Wifi: The Skywatcher Merlin Non-Goto / TP Link 3040 (No longer sold by TP-Link)
Dell Streak 7 Tablet (Papywizard)
Micro-USB Male to USB 2.0 Female Host OTG Adapter Cable
USB Extension Cable - 3 meter.

Software List:
Magic Lantern for Canon T3i (600D)
PandroidWiz app
qDSLRdashboard app
FYI: you can also use the following apps with Magic Lantern and Canon in Live View.
DSLR Dashboard via otg/usb connection
DSLR Remote via otg/usb connection
Helicon Remote Remote via otg/usb connection

The way my setup works is the Canon T3i is attached to the TP-Link via usb/otg, which
via wifi communicates to the Samsung tablet via wifi using the qDSLRdashboard app in
Live view on the tablet, all camera settings can be made from tablet in Live View.
That includes Timelapses, Focus Stacking, Single Shots, Long Exposures, ect...
The Merlin Non-Goto Head is connected to the Dell Streak Tablet via Bluetooth
and is running the PandroidWiz app which is using a prewritten script firing the camera in shot/move mode.

Hope this helps in some way, do your homework and fell freee to pm with questions... pnwhiker..

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