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If you want speed, just go with fastcinemadng.

This won't fix the AF points or help me with other MLV-specific raw fixes though. It's not really a full solution. The only app with the proper raw controls is MLV app. That's where Cuda needs to be added (along other optimizations, let's not put all the blame to the lack of GPU support).

And why don't you use these cameras if they work so fine?

Because I also own an EOS M camera, so I'd like to use it too.

The only Blackmagic cameras you can really compare to ML record cDNG. This footage brings exactly the same speed using exactly the same applications (e.g. Resolve). BRAW is partially preprocessed and works differently.

I also own the original BMPCC, so I have worked with CDNG too. It's miles faster than MLV.

But I'll stop now to answer and to explain, because it seems you still have nothing read I wrote, still have nothing understood I wrote, but you're still rumbling.

No, I'm not. I have provided the information needed to get to the bottom of this. I simply reported that is slow to decode and export. I provided my setup. Instead, your replies have been "mlv is very fast, you're an idiot", only to change the tune later to "mlv is not as fast as in other raw pro cameras, you're rambling". You're the one who does not offer a lucid reply or solution. You're just angry that I badmouthed your beloved MLV App. That's all there is to it. Blind loyalism. Well, I'm not loyal to any app or camera.

And no, I don't accept replies to the type of "this is just open source". ML is an 8 year old project by now. Some form of software maturity should have been evident by now. Also: I've been using Linux since 1999. So I'm not some newbie who doesn't understand OSS. But I'm also --again-- not a loyalist to anyone. I'm a realist, and a very practical person. If something doesn't work adequately, I'm not going to give it props just for being open source. That's NOT a feature in my opinion. It's a political aspect of it, but not a software feature that makes work get done. I rather pay $50 and have it work better.
I've been shooting RAW for years with other cinema cameras without ANY such issues. BRAW from Blackmagic completely flies, for example. So is ARRIRAW.

Are you telling me that something special needs to be done inside the mlv app after loading the file, to make the raw file playback faster? If yes, then what is that special thing? Will that make the prores export faster? Because the way things are now, it's *dead slow*. And I've tried playing with the raw settings and change things around (e.g. removing AF points, getting back highlights etc), but the speed did NOT improve.
I just told you that this is not what happens here. I open the file in MLV app and it's VERY slow. It does not playback real time, as you suggest.
Do you have any idea what you're talking about?


The "reading" of an MLV is faster than real time ...

That statement is NOT true here. I tried it BOTH on a Windows (fast Xeon CPUs), and a maxed out Macbook Pro (2016).

I shot 4k anamorphic MLV using an EOS M (non-stretched resolution is in the ~1400 pixels range, can't recall it exactly now as I write this as i don't have the files with me), in 10bit, 1:39 ratio. So I did not even shoot in 14bit, just 10bit. I DID NOT process the files in any way. Just a straight export to prores (using the default ffmpeg settings as provided by mlv app). It was *very slow* on BOTH my computers. So, yeah, explain that. Why is it so painfully slow here while you claim that is real time for you?!?

The mlv files don't playback realtime on the mlvapp either btw.
I hope that some exporting optimization can happen on the MLV app. I tried on two computers, a PC and a Mac, they make for an unusable experience.

ffmpeg Prores or h.264 exports is abysmally slow on both (16 minutes for 28 seconds of 4k anamorphic footage), while when using Apple's Prores exporting libraries (instead of ffmpeg) on the mac, it's much faster (10 minutes), but still not fast enough. No filters or changes were done in the RAW tab (just a straight export). i know for a fact from FCP exports that Apple's prores libraries are not that slow.

What this tells me is that the FEEDING of the footage to the encoder that is the bottleneck, not the encoder. Please optimize the reading of the ML files. The way things are now, it makes ML not serious at all, not even for fun. In fact, it takes all the fun away.
Raw Video / Blackmagic RAW support?
October 12, 2018, 07:27:03 AM
I wonder if it would be possible to implement the new BRAW format in ML (it's not open source, but it's an open standard apparently, they provide an SDK). The advantages are that it creates smaller files (so Canon cameras with old SD speeds would handle better), and the fact that it would be a one-stop solution for editing, via the free DaVinci Resolve video editor. No transcoding to massive DNGs, no messy post processing to recover highlights etc.
Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: MLVProducer
March 31, 2017, 04:06:23 AM
>If i will find pixel-map for this mode i will let you know.

Thanks! Why not create 2x2 or 3x3 patterns to remove them though, like other apps do? Instead of hunting for maps for each possible mode that is.
Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: MLVProducer
March 26, 2017, 07:51:02 AM
with the new 10bit ability, the EOS M and the 5D MkII are now able to shoot higher resolutions with sustained frame rate. However, these new resolutions aren't supported by the "remove focus dots" option. I have here a 1728x692/30p MLV video, and I'm not able to remove the focus dots using any of the existing drop-down options on the left of the "remove focus dots" option. How to go about it?

To get the MLV file (700 MB):
Hello, first post here. :)
I have two questions, that I couldn't find answers for:

1. What is the max res of the EOS M using 10 bit, no crop, at 24p continuous?

2. What is the max res of the 5D MkII using 10 bit, no crop, at 24p continuous? Why is there no 10-12bit ZIP file to download for the 5D-MkII? I couldn't find any on the exp. download page.