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Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: Colorcast [0.4b1] with Magic Lantern support
« on: February 02, 2018, 10:18:39 PM »
Just checked the console via the search, this came up.

photo uploading sites

Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: Colorcast [0.4b1] with Magic Lantern support
« on: February 02, 2018, 09:55:40 PM »
Hi martin, i’ve uploaded a clip for you to take a look at,

Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: Colorcast [0.4b1] with Magic Lantern support
« on: February 02, 2018, 08:15:02 PM »
Welcome back Martin, just downloaded this app, but i’m unable to import any files, tried MLV files, prores files and H.264 files, nothing imports, tried using add clips tab, nothing.. and drag and drop but still nothing.

I’m using a macbook pro 2016 macOS High Sierra 10.13.3

Looking forward to trying out MLV files in this app.

PS, i see your minimum requirements say macOS 10.14.0 High Seirra that version is not due until summer lol, 10.13.3 is indeed the latest macOS version, unless i'm missing something.

Yes the latest test i did using jadurca’s mlv (easy for you all to download), just one mlv exported no sessions loaded or saved, import -> adjustments -> export. i even just loaded that one clip into the app, same crash. As danne suggested here’s a video. Hope this helps. PS well since as you got the same crash to masc, you probably dont need this now, hahaha.

Hi Masc, sorry yes i should have been more precise and informative and less vague, my bad.

I applied minimal corrections (just sharpening and added alexa log c) then i click on export, screen comes up with save as (file name), and where to (desktop etc), then i click on save to start export and it crashes.

Using apple AV Foundation apple prores 4444, and AMAZE Debayer, what is weird though, is that it always crashes, when i first open the app and run my first export ALWAYS, i restart the app and sometimes then the export starts and it’s ok, other times it will crash again, i took the liberty of downloading JADURCA’s MLV upload to see if the same thing happens with that MLV and i can confirm, it does, crash on trying to export, then i re-launch the app, and it renders export fine,

Using macOS High Sierra 10.13.2 Macbook pro late 2016

Using JADURCAS MLV (as it's already uploaded for you to test) First time it crashed, re launched app, it worked and started writing export file. third time tried, crashed again, hope this helps..

PS great work guys this is now (in my humble opinion) the go to, must have MLV app for every Magic Lantern user, the progress has been phenomenal.

Hi, Masc, ilia, bouncyball, Merry Xmas to you all. Noticed a bug when i try to export, using apple AV Foundation, it crashes when i hit the export button, although for some strange reason it always seems to crash when i hit export for the first time, then i re-boot the app, and it seems not to crash after that, only sometimes..

Here's the crash report

Anyone know the optimal Deflicker target when working with dual ISO files with this app?

Hi guys. Dayum you have all been busy, seems like a really nice solid update, i will do some stress tests over the week and report back any bugs, Happy to report no crashes from the previous issues i reported :)

It looks like you all have implemented some sort of new debayering, the results are stunning with 3584x1320 crop footage, (previously some shots would exhibit some nasty aliasing and moire. In conjunction with the alexa log c profile, and sharpening.. the gradabilty within FCPX is a joy, that log profile makes matching scenes effortless, saves a whole heap of time, and seems to nullify a ton of noise too.

Excellent progress Ilia, Masc, Bouncyball, this app really is coming along nicely. I LOVE IT :)

Thank you Masc & Illia, think i'll wait for the new version rather than compile tho, (not so much fun, confusing lol) + something to look forward too, haha, on the post production side, xmas 2017 is going rather fun, the soon to be released FCPX 10.4 with new colour tool goodies + i'm hoping a new version of this great app too, also potentially with new goodies, :) fingers crossed. lol

I'm really really impressed with this app, i'm curious to know what other feature's and option's you have planned for future releases (roadmap) lol?

One side note, the dual ISO feature, i've tested this, Loaded dual ISO file (11-8bit lossless), raw corrections D_ISO enabled, everything is fine lines gone etc, However once i click on export, the alternating lines re-appear, and the final exported dual iso file is with the line's, exported un proccessed it would seem, i'm not sure whether you guy's are aware of this, or whether the dual iso feature is a work in progress, just thought i'd share my experiance with using it,

AGAIN, GREAT WORK GUYS, Masc, llia, Bouncyball, Danne and anyone else who has contributed to this app,

Thanks Wayne.

Hi Masc, here's the smallest file i could find that crashes the app, (repeatable crashes when loaded into sessions with other clips and using the chroma blur radius) The app crashes with other much larger clips too. All shot on 5d3, 1.2.3 Crop mode 3520 x 1320 11-8bit lossless. hope this helps, thanks wayne

Hi masc, All the MLV files where shot in 11-8bit lossless, currently i'm away untill monday, My camera and cards are at home, but when i return i will upload a small MLV file. Many thanks wayne.

Hi Masc & illia here are the crash reports as requested.    Crash report (App crashes when using the Chroma blur radius)

Crash report (App Crashes then importing a large amount of files)

Hi, Masc. This app really is starting to become fully featured, excellent. Been testing out this new alpha 0.10 version, first bug report is that when using chroma blur radius it crashes the app everytime, (only managed to get away with using it once without the app crashing) using macOS High sierra 10.13

Hi Ali, REAL TIME LIVEVIEW would indeed be the Magic Lantern holy grail, unfortunately it’s not currently possible, as for focusing you have one of two options,

You can use an external monitor and you’ll get the x10 zoom continuous feed displayed (no latency) perfect for focusing (only available in the 3.5K CROP MODE), or you can half press the shutter, and liveview will display the 10x zoom until you take your finger off the shutter button. So go into crop mode 3.5K CROP MODE, set your resolution you wish to shoot at, 3K or whatever, then compose your shot, half press shutter and then focus, finger off the shutter and hit record.

Post-processing Workflow / Re: Encoding for UHDTV and ACES workflow [?]
« on: October 23, 2017, 05:01:47 AM »
Hi, i used the (ACES) colour space for the first time, really pleased with the result's, there is a colour shift but it does in my humble opinion feel more cinematic. Here's a sample i uploaded to youtube in glorious 4K. Crop Mode 11-8bit lossless, 3584x1320. Da Vinci Resolve. ENJOY. lol. 

Really looking forward to this switch app with a GUI, Tried using the normal switch app, but could never really figure it out (user error) lol. Great work Danne and Co.

Hi again, yep can confirm non lossless raw streams to iphone fine i when hit record, soon as i hit stop on camera (tried over 10 times) first couple of clips recorded fine no camera lock up (small clips 3-4 seconds) but then automatically switched to photo mode (mirror goes down), few more attempts hit stop and error 70 appeared again and again, using the app to stop recording locks up camera everytime. seems camfi is telling the camera to switch to photo mode automatically as soon as i hit stop.

what we're your finding’s using normal raw mode Hans? If we could some how get this working properly, then touch screen auto focus comes to magic lantern raw on the 5d3, lol

PS included some crash log reports that came up on liveview, may or may not help.

ASSERT: IsSuiteSignature( hSuite )
at ./PackMemory/PackMem.c:599, Epp:aefc
lv:0 mode:3

Epp stack: 17dbc0 [17dca8-17d0a8]
0xUNKNOWN  @ de48:17dca0
0xUNKNOWN  @ 17bbc:17dc78
0x000178B4 @ ff0de67c:17dc58
0xUNKNOWN  @ 178e4:17dc48
0xUNKNOWN  @ 1796c:17dc28
0x0000AEB0 @ ff1859f8:17dc08
0x00001900 @ aef8:17dbf8
0x00069868 @ 69c1c:17dbc0

Magic Lantern version : crop_rec_4k.2017Oct07.5D3123
Mercurial changeset   : 1a47ac994cc5 (crop_rec_4k) tip
Built on 2017-10-06 22:56:28 UTC by jenkins@nightly.
Free Memory  : 134K + 3610K

ASSERT: hLvJob->hJpegMemSuite
at ./Epp/Vram/VramStage.c:891, Epp:ff1859cc
lv:1 mode:3

Epp stack: 17dbd0 [17dca8-17d0a8]
0xUNKNOWN  @ de48:17dca0
0xUNKNOWN  @ 17bbc:17dc78
0x000178B4 @ ff0de67c:17dc58
0xUNKNOWN  @ 178e4:17dc48
0xUNKNOWN  @ 1796c:17dc28
0x00001900 @ ff1859c8:17dc08
0x00069868 @ 69c1c:17dbd0

Magic Lantern version : crop_rec_4k.2017Oct07.5D3123
Mercurial changeset   : 1a47ac994cc5 (crop_rec_4k) tip
Built on 2017-10-06 22:56:28 UTC by jenkins@nightly.
Free Memory  : 133K + 3610K

Hi, did some testing with normal raw 14 and 10bit non lossless, liveview is fine no messages as seen in lossless, hit record, records fine, (with video stream working on iphone) then hit stop (via camera) and the camera locks up (same when i hit stop on the app), red light stays on and liveview goes black, and mirror switches to photo mode, almost like camfi or something is telling the camera to switch to photo mode, removed battery, tried again, only this time viewview was clearing buffer frames, (shown on liveview) then after that i got error 70. reomoved battery, checked card, and mlv succesfully recorded to card.

Also the camera can sometimes randomly just switch to photo mode -intermitermitently.
so it seems something is going when the recording ends, some communication issue between camfi and the camera. will try to test more later when i get home.

In regards to testing other apps, camfi via usb connected to iphone is the only communication app i have, so if anyone has a camranger or anything similar to test, that would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Alex, Unfortunately not, just tested camfi using crop_rec_4k build 5d3 (1.2.3) oct 10th , i’m getting the same messages reported above.

additionally, i got an ERROR 70 here is the log report

Hi Hans, i to have experianced the same thing when using camfi, i never managed to get it working with ML raw, also interestingly, Zhiyun just released the Zhiyun Crane 2, with follow focus and camera controls i was wondering if that too would work with ML RAW, for the price and performance i think it would be amazing with ML RAW, i did ask a few youtubers in the comments if it would work, the answers i got was “well yeh, it should”, but no one has actually tested a 5d3 running ML with the Crane 2, i’m holding off purchasing becuase of the issues i’ve had with camfi and ML,

Obviously Camfi is different as it provides a video stream as well as camera controls, where the crane 2 provides only camera and focus controls, So does anyone think ML RAW would work with the Zhiyun crane 2 (only to control focus and camera settings, iso, Aperture etc) Any input is much appreciated, and as stated in the comment above an explanation as to why Camfi locks when you hit record would also be greatly appreciated,

Many thanks Wayne

Hi alex, tested the new tweaks to liveview, works well, i did notice the image still darkens ever so slightly in lossless 8bit, but still greatly improved, 12, 11, 10bit lossless are great, just thought i'd share my findings, thanks again.

Small update??? THIS IS A BIG DEAL!!!!! Amazing work ALEXXXX. :)

@Alex that is an excellent and highly detailed explanation on how you Magic Lantern magicians are squeezing 3.5K and 4K out of the 5d3,

I was wondering a while back why the 12bit and 11-8bit lossless options were only available on the 3.5K mode, and not in the other UHD and 4K modes, but after doing some magic lantern reading, i quickly understood that the 3.5K mode works differently to all the other high resolution modes,

Makes me appreciate just how much work you guys do in your own free time, LIVEVIEW is incredibly complex. (it took Canon 6 months just to get the 5d3 to spit out clean and mirrored HDMI via a firmware update) AMAZING WORK GUYS.

Hi Martin, Welcome back

Incorporating all the features from the Footage app into this new app would make this app incredibly appealing to all us macOS Magic Lantern users, i hope you decide make that happen,

I know this app is for a wider range of cameras, but if you can somehow give this app its own little magic lantern menu or something with all the options the footage app has, that would be golden. i really liked the footage app, and appreciated all the hard work that went into writing/making it, but with no batch export it simply takes to long when working with a large amount of clips.

This app seems to have a solid foundation, although i prefer the layout of the footage app, in regards to having the temp, tint, gamma settings etc accessible from the right at all times, rather than having to click on the icon to bring them up every time you work with a new clip, i find it less intuitive, also adding a sharpening tool, and white balance tool like in the footage app would be nice, just my two cents,

Looking forward to CinemaDNG integration too.

@Alex the latest build 22 AUG, gives me error 70 everytime i try to turn on raw video on 5d3 1.2.3, reverted back to older build and everything works ok again.

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