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Does anyone know what the specific frame-rate and size for the 7D setting 'Force HDMI-VGA.'  Is it 720p23.98? 

According to the Atomos website, the Ninja Blade accepts 720p60, 720p59.94, 720p50, & SD 480i.  I'm still hoping to get the monitor to work while shooting RAW on the 7D.  Any help is appreciated!

*Monitoring on the Blade works when I have the Canon settings at 1280x720p60 - with ML 'FPS Override' set to 23.98.  When I import the footage, the image is squeezed vertically (1728x584 for 16:9), which requires extra scaling in the computer.  Does anyone know if I lose information filming this way?  Thanks.

I just purchased the Atomos Ninja Blade to monitor while shooting RAW on my 7D. 

Unfortunately, I can't record raw internally without getting a glitchy image in the lower portion of the image.  I've gone into Display settings and turned on the 'Force HDMI-VGA' setting, which I read will bypass that problem, but now the Ninja Blade reads 'No Input.' 

Any suggestions?  I guess the Blade doesn't read an input lower than 1080?  If it can't monitor while filming in RAW, it's kind of useless.

*I'm referring to screen tearing when I say 'glitch.'

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