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This looks great and works a treat when I get the right cr2hdr folder ;I didn't delete the old ones!

Do you find it better to pre-process than to use the lightroom plugin ; I have only just started using it (and hobby digital photography for that matter) , but LRcc seems to leave non-dual cr2 in their folder untouched, makes the DNG to selected folder, annd leaves original in original folder as well , reporting the non-dual files at the end of the batch.

I am not yet used to LR catologues  / and collections , but seeing others use it easily, I suspect I might find it easier with time and do the batches there?
For now, I will use your batches with great thanks!
Cheers, Randall

Sorry, if I was not clear; see my signature; you asked for a link to an example file, but my post is "waiting for moderator " so did not show up? (And messages were empty for same reason?)

I think I have the same problem on 70d?

so this is an untouched file if it helps;

[removed as fixed ; see other post]

Cheers, randall

BUT see my other post ; fixed

The plugin must have wrong file? ****


Unfortunately I may not be clear enough; I also could not get the cr2hdr or 20 bit versions working from the Lightroom plugins , but fixed that problem using the other file
Cheers, randall

Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 70D (Beta-3b / 8th Mar)
« on: April 07, 2016, 03:06:41 AM »
Sorry to be very new ; used to be slr film camera 30 years ago, now new 70D, photo course 1 month, ML 12 hours!

Hope it is not obvious but I can't find in FAQ or forum how people best use the extra still features?
Is there a post i should be looking at?

[addendum ; i see so will look further...]

1. AutoETTR ; best with Av mode, AutoSnap as quite a few "gave up" reports on Manual / AutoSnap?
 [btw thanks , looks a good implementation to me and looking forward to the print trial and outcome]

1a.  AutoETTR ; best with M mode, for AlwaysON ; but not as easy to follow the settings and outcome?

[I think 1 and 1a fixed best by ensuring a good "average exposure estimate from settings before taking the shot....]

2. DualISO ; I see I need to process the RAW in a separate program (I see reference to cr2hdr** or similar) or just straight into Lightroom (looks OK though I can see the lines if magnified)?
[addendum 2 ; "cr2hdr"  ; I read on forum it is "included with the download" ; does that mean in the zip file?

i see also youtube instruction, so I'll look ; ] ;
but i get error that "the file does not appear to be dualiso" from lightroom

then with beta, lightroom doesn't process it, cr2hdr.exe goes through the dos details and makes a large DNG file, but lightroom can't read it!

[I see I am not alone ; 6D with similar problem in another post
example cr2 untouched
Removed as not needed;
** solved this by downloading the crhdr from th original aithor's post from 15 days ago, so i suspect the wrong file is in the s? ***?

3. Autoexposure ; how best to use and other Canon settings to turn off first?

4. MLbracketing ; guide to best setup? ; no point if AutoETTR working OK anyway?

5. no help files working ; I saw a reference back to the install guide ; will i find it there?
can't find help with this yet ; are they supposed to be in the 70D 111A ml file?

6. live view is fairly black until i press bbf af button ; is that usual?

7. back led very dark in movie view ; any fix?

Fixed LV/movie screen  problem by turning off Digic peaking, keeping normal peaking [the mildest type OK , but i saw some people having frame dropout even with that in movie mode, so turned it off.....]

Cheers, Randall ;

and apologies in advance if I have missed beginner hints elsewhere  ; I have seen the FAQ and basic User guide already, but not detailed enough newbie guide for me I fear?

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