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yes ... inopportune day to announce

General Chat / Re: Flash Mirror on 600D
« on: April 01, 2015, 09:03:52 AM »
Hi, Rob!

Well, I have this flash mirror as well, but I hadn't any problem with the pop-up flash on my 500D

I'm gonna show you a video that I've made last year. It's in portuguese but I skipped to 50 seconds in the link:

The 500D it's not with me but will be in 15 days.

Things that you can try:
- Test only your pop-up flash
- Going to 'external flash optimization' and see if you can access the menu
- Post here pictures of your gear (Camera, Hot Shoe and Flash Mirror)

Until next time!

User Introduction / Re: Portuguese language ML users, say Hello here!
« on: April 01, 2015, 08:53:03 AM »
Olá, pessoal!
Acabei de descobrir que eu não tinha um conta propriamente dita, apesar de acompanhar o fórum e atualizações (my bad).
Bom, espero poder contribuir com a comunidade principalmente aqui no Brasil e outras regiões que falam português.

Meu nome é Edilson e sou o criador do canal Sobre Foto. Aquele abraço!  :) :)

I've just notice that I haven't had an properly account yet --
anyway ... just had to comment this great new, it's amazing! Thanks for share ;)
 :D :D

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