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Is preview during recording frozen in 48p and 4k anamorphic mode?


thank you :)

and, one more question, please...

How to unstretch in post 4k squeezed footage?



Thank you....

After yours latest instruction post, i was able to record 48p and 4k anamorphic  :)

Is it possible to see what you record in those two modes? Or the live view is frozen? real time, or any buggy preview?

I set greyscale preview, but after pressing record button it is frozen


Dont know what doing wrong, with latest build (16 july)

Can enable only 2.7k

can not enable 4k anamorphic or 48p......i watched tutorial....but nothing...

thanks for help

aliasing on that bricks?

that would be nice

better h264!

good work!

Thanks again

Yes, 4096x590 is very cinematic!!!

i thought it was something about shutter speed...
Also, i remember once you said that all problems in 2.6k build (like red stripes) are related to improper shutter use....

I understand how shutter works, just did not think it will cause aliasing while i was shooting...

good to know


Any chance to test 48p soon?


You asked for the original mlv file to see aliasing and moire in 2.6k crop mode...

her is the original mlv file to download

Side note, with this and with 3k build, when formating card in camera, it delete ml from card

well guys,

after some testing, i can say that 2.6k build is the best thing ever happened to 5d2!!!

More useful than anything before -......very filmic, nice resolution, very nice aspect ratio, not so terrible crop with lens like sigma 18-35....

For now, only con is aliasing

5d2 is finally so close to be a true film camera.... it possible to deal with aliasing and moire problem? In other crop modes there is no aliasing issues

Dont be sad about 1:1 is really not worth it.....just an interesting idea, to shoot h264 in crop mode :)


i will try it, but in general, that mode is not very interesting at was more about red lines problem that one user have with his 5d2.....but, thanks for your input, i will try to refresh live view...


we all know that you give yourself for this build, try not to me emotional....everything we said is in best fate....we want to help with comments...sometimes the comments are stupid, but we are not all experts for coding....

again, we are thankful, just keep it on, and try to understand that all comments here are in sake of best build for 5d2.....and you are so close to it


I never said it works.....I mention it when red lines problem come into discussion, because the red lines in that mode (1080 1:1), reminded me on sample that Igor_Braun shared....(his red lines problem)

As i mention before, it is not a new thing, i used this preset couple of times with 5d3

By the way, it works just fine with red vertical lines, or other artifacts.....But in general, no real use of much croped

to reddeercity

one more need to be rude....(BS things.....)we are on the same side here...

We are thankful for everything you did with 5d2.....

Yes, that is it>))

thank you dfort!!

i will send a prooff as a video, soon

ok guys,

about shooting h264 in 3x crop on 5d2....

so, it is 1080 1:1 mode , under 3.5 crop is nothing new,  I use it with 5d3 couple of times, and i wish it works with 5d2 (without red lines) if i need some aliasing free shoots in h264...

video as a proof, as you asked for it, on this link

about 3x crop mode in latest experimental builds, under crop_rec mode, there is 3 options, 1:1, 3.5k centered, and can not remember the third one.....Just choose the 1:1, and disbale the raw_rec.....

hope this help

you have this problem (red lines) only with 2.6k build?

I have the same issue with 1:1 mode in h26h (it is in 3.5k centered module) si mode for shooting in 3xcrop mode in is useless...but your video (with red vertical lines) reminds me on it

i experienced greenish blacks in my tests, to.

but that was with previous build. Did not test the latest one jet.

once again, thank you for your work. Amazing things you done for 5d2.

In general, what would be a real benefit of shooting 2.6k, rather than 3k....beside a bit more vertical resolution?

We have now, thanks to you, very nice and stable according to my tests at least, 3k on 5d2.....15 or more seconds, but looks very nice...close to 5d3 max resolution.....less crop then 2.6k....i like it very much......but i think maybe i missed something about 2.6k build, because you guys talk about that build a lot......

Am i missing something?


o man.....

this is not normal any more :) :) :) :) :) :)

well done!!!



definitely looks much better!!

Share Your Videos / Re: Imaginary Bird // 6D ML RAW
« on: January 17, 2019, 07:37:51 PM »
transitions tutorial?

or some link to download it from (if those are presets)?

very nice work!

Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 5D Mark IV
« on: January 03, 2019, 12:47:47 AM »
good work guys! Again!

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