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Camera-specific Development / Re: Canon 5D Mark III / 5D3 / Firmware 1.2.3
« on: December 01, 2016, 06:32:56 AM »
Hey I've got the mark III. I Recently ordered the ATOMOS Shogun Inferno for my future RED Scarlet-W. for now I wanted to know if anyone knows if magic lantern works with atomos monitors. I don't necessarily want to record on to the Inferno just use it as a monitor but still get RAW plus I don't think it's even possible to record raw through hdmi.

Main Builds / Re: Nightly Builds - try the very latest stuff here
« on: December 01, 2016, 06:30:40 AM »
Hey I've got the mark III. I Recently ordered the ATOMOS Shogun Inferno for my future RED Scarlet-W. for now I wanted to know if anyone knows if magic lantern works with atomos monitors. I don't necessarily want to record on to the Inferno just use it as a monitor but still get RAW plus I don't think it's even possible to record raw through hdmi.

Share Your Videos / Re: Is this it?
« on: June 02, 2016, 06:59:46 PM »
couldnt we make a film about a standard green tennis ball, (or any other standard object) rolliing through the best locations of each country?
that way we could have the best scenes from each location?

 that way we could at least try out how the collab would work. ie everyone does two 5-10 second shots?

In other words, another travel "type" video. AWESOME idea, but I am not aiming for that. I'm aiming for a fiction/non-fiction scripted film. But i'm down to try your idea as a side project.

Share Your Videos / Re: Iceland - the land of fire and ice
« on: May 31, 2016, 10:11:29 AM »
very NICE. Thanks for sharing.

Share Your Videos / Re: Is this it?
« on: May 29, 2016, 04:20:31 AM »
Clearly the fault is mine here as I didn't know that you were just looking for positive opinions. Perhaps next time you should specify that.....

....Best of luck with your projects - and incidentally that is not said with any sarcasm. I genuinely mean it. Just because I personally think it's a crazy idea doesn't mean it won't work. I hope it does! I shall be more than happy to eat humble pie in that instance.



Thank you, take care Mark.

Post-processing Workflow / Re: Cinematic Canon Picture Styles
« on: May 28, 2016, 03:20:15 PM »
 ??? I don't get it.

I think, and I'm just assuming here that he wanted to show an before and after of that LUT but the after picture got left out. Even if this is so I've seen that LUT and it isn't really "cinematic" at all. Just adds contrast and saturation.


I really like the color palette used in this grade looks great, thanks for sharing sir.

Share Your Videos / Re: Is this it?
« on: May 28, 2016, 02:52:18 PM »
I won't tolerate personal attacks on forums. Period.


You won't tolerate? What does that even mean exactly? I don't make personal attacks lol trust me that was intended to be an "attack". Learn to accept what might be the truth even though you might not like it.

Count me out. No offence but it sounds like a stupid idea.....frankly bonkers

Again how ironic of you "mr. Nice and Respectful" you think just because YOU put something like "no offense" that what you said can't be taken offensively or be disrespectful?

You've just been negative this whole time some would even consider you as a troll.
It may be fresh information to you but you could of just asked what resources I or anyone else have instead the first thing you say is "count me out your idea is STUPID"

And don't think for one second that I wouldn't say any of this and if needed more to your face. Don't be a hypocrite, I'd suggest you grow up take your own advice because there's a lot you don't know about me but you've made a lot of assumptions. You've read a few articles and watched a few YouTube videos and assume you know the structure of film productions and we don't. Making me laugh.

I think we can all agree that you "don't like the idea" it's your God given right to do so if that's what you choose to I respect your decision, but unless you have any way of contributing in a positive way I'd suggest you be on your little way so the rest of us can have positive and respectful discussions on what we love to do as filmmakers. Your negativity is neither needed or wanted here.

Share Your Videos / Re: Is this it?
« on: May 28, 2016, 08:07:32 AM »
____________________PROJECT MEMBER LIST__________________

CITY(Location)                                      Members(ML Users)
Sacramento,SF,San Jose, CA                  1) ItsDPmikey
                                                   2) David
                                                             3) Roberto Mena

CITY(Location)                                        Members(ML Users)
West Austria                                          1) Kharak

CITY(Location)                                       Members(ML Users)
Lund, Sweden                                        1) favvomannen

CITY(Location)                                       Members(ML Users)
  London, UK                                         1) extremelypoorfilmaker

CITY(Location)                                       Members(ML Users)
Unknown                                             1) DeafEyeJedi

CITY(Location)                                       Members(ML Users)
Red Deer City Alberta, Canada                1) reddeercity

At first , I thought what the end game here , sound kind of fishy  ::) etc... but I kept reading the post just to see where it goes .
Then I saw a few member's quickly jump on board , some with reservation  I thought will maybe there's something going on here I should  pay attention to.
Will when the negative comments started to flow in I was thinking that a little too harsh ! And Yea It should Only Be Canon EOS Cameras because that's why we are
all here in the first place . This is a Canon forum so it's only right to only use Magic Lantern Raw enabled Cameras !
So after reading @itsDPmikey responds post it was very clear to me that this would be a passionate project with mix favors for around the world and how can that Fail.

Ok I'm in  :D

5D Mark ii , can shot @ 2048x930 24p continuous 3x crop or 1:1 @ 1880x1058 24p
EF 24-70L f2.8, EF 100L f2.8, EF 70-200L f2.8 , 2X extender for 70-200 , 50mm Sigma f1.4
I have my own FTP Site for large file transfers & HD web video streaming servers (I host my own site ).
Plus I have full 12bit grading suit , with lots of Hardware to process (3 MacPro , 1 Killer Hackintoss+6TBRaid5 , 1PC WorkStation Dual GPU's +8TB Raid0) .

So just like everyone else my time is limited ,  but if I can help either filming or post work (grading  , editing etc...)  I will gladly donate my time/hardware usage.
Oh yea I'm from Western Canada , "Red Deer, Alberta"


reddeercity - YES! Thank you sir, I greatly appreciate and value your participation and time. If you have any ideas for improvement or add anything else please feel free. I'm trying to find ways to spread the word. Also I'm not sure if you are close to the region of the fires, but I wanted to say our thoughts and prayers are with the with people of Alberta.

Those are some mighty fine editing workstations you got there LOVE IT!
I got a HP Z820 dual core giving me 32 cores, NVIDIA QUADRO K6000
And I just got my new i7 4.0 GHz iMac this week, I'll be getting 2017 MacPro or whenever it comes out. My problem is storage! I don't have much of it.

Share Your Videos / Re: Is this it?
« on: May 28, 2016, 03:03:56 AM »
I can't help but feel that you missed my point.
..... ??? how ironic.

The equivalent would be for someone who uses Final Draft to try and create a collaboration for a short with only people who use Final Draft, or, for an audio guy on the Zoom forum to try and create a short by using only people who record with a Zoom H6.
:( Absolutely stupid metaphors.

Just because people on here have a Canon camera running ML doesn't mean they have any skill or desire to be a boom operator...
I don't even know where to begin with this one, I mean I feel like I made it very clear already but ok... ITS ABOUT THE ML COMMUNITY, CAMERA WORKFLOW SIMILARITIES AND CAMERA FORMAT SIMILARITIES, WORKING IN THE SAME COLOR SPACE VERY HELPFUL for color correction and editing since they are all Canon EOS cameras. ALSO No one is forcing anyone to do anything they don't want to. It's not like one person is going to be "locked in" as the DP for the whole project. I'm pretty sure everyone has more than one skill, we all have many skills its about utilizing them the best and most time efficient way. I myself can light, DP, Write, Color Correct, Edit, VFX, handle audio..etc. I can utilize my skills where they are needed. Sounds like you are stuck in amateur hour. This isn't about being selfish and just wanting to hold the longer stick its about coming together and focusing on the end goal the project and executing it successfully. No matter what anyone does we all get equal credit for it. TEAM WORK FOO!

More than likely, if / when you come to shoot it you'll need one camera for the majority of your shots and one camera operator / DP and one director. So what will the other people (who have turned up with their ML equipped cameras) be doing when this one person is shooting?
Man you clearly haven't read or understood anything if you have read. Its not just cameras, more than likely we all have more than just a camera. More than likely we have gear that we can use like tripods, dollies, lights, sliders, stabilizers, etc.. And another thing its always good to have backup cameras many times B cameras, C cameras are used for necessary scenes. You clearly lack in being a visionary which makes me question why you even bother with cameras and filmmaking. I'd suggest you do a whole reset in your thinking.

AGAIN this isn't going to be amateur hour, its not like we would just randomly meet and start scratching our heads like "what do we do now". OF COURSE we would have meets to have important discussions on what we are going to create, how we are going to create it, what we are going to need etc.. We would sit down and go over the scripts we would go over which one would be best for us considering time, and resources and how realistic it would be in executing it successfully. Then we would start with the schedule and discuss what SKILLS EVERYONE HAS to break down how we can utilize our skills the best way. Maybe I'm a gaffer one day and the other day a dp, TEAM WORK FOO!

Start with a script. Do you have a script?

yeah dude I got scriptS 3 finished and 2 more being worked on.

What I'd bring to the table personally: my cousin is a professional gaffer and electrician, my sister is a professional makeup artist, I also have 13 friends who have volunteered as talents anytime as long as I give them a heads up ahead of time. Not to mention rest of my gear (not counting camera).. And I'm just one person.

So yeah I do see this being very much possible and not as difficult as your making it out to be.

markodarko So at this point I've been respectful and I think reasonable AND I believe I've done a good job "explaining" the areas you've had trouble understanding and you said "you're out" (even tho you weren't necessarily in) I think you have been a tremendous benefit to this post because you've made some really good and important points and I respectfully thank you for that and hope you have a change of heart, but either way God-SPEED friend.

Share Your Videos / Re: Is this it?
« on: May 26, 2016, 08:22:13 AM »
____________________PROJECT MEMBER LIST__________________

CITY(Location)                                      Members(ML Users)
Sacramento,SF,San Jose, CA                  1) ItsDPmikey
                                                   2) David
                                                          3) Roberto Mena

CITY(Location)                                        Members(ML Users)
West Austria                                          1) Kharak

CITY(Location)                                       Members(ML Users)
Lund, Sweden                                        1) favvomannen

CITY(Location)                                       Members(ML Users)
        London, UK                                  1) extremelypoorfilmaker

CITY(Location)                                       Members(ML Users)
  Unknown                                           1) DeafEyeJedi

markodarko - first of all, If I had a "better" or "more capable" camera than the one I have(5d) then obviously I would use it but I don't. This isn't like lets make a feature movie with 5D(or other ML compatible cameras) EVEN THO we have the resources to shoot with "Higher Quality" cameras. This is for people like me who ONLY have ML capable cameras and want to collaborate on a serious professional level "short". You seem to be limiting yourself by getting caught up in this crazy Hollywood budget, well financed production rules, or something like that, but that's not even the goal here, but I will say that IN FACT more and more big Hollywood productions are starting to use consumer grade cameras these days IN THEIR FEATURES(5d Is the most common one). However as I said its Not what I was aiming at. THE REASON I said magic lantern cameras only is to show what we can do with ML AND because that's how the whole collaboration would work is that we are all working with the same format cameras the major benefit is the ML COMMUNITY, and THE SIMILARITIES of the camera workflow.

Also, I just wanted to just say MARKODARKO THANK YOU for you thoughts I truly appreciate it and I don't think that for one sec this "idea" was "perfect" by any stretch of the imagination but I wanted to see if others feel the same way as I do that this could be something great and possible.

Roberto Mena and favvomannen - YOU'RE AWESOME GUYS! I THANK YOU and APPRECIATE your support and participation. If you have any thoughts or ideas please share with us how to get this going!

DeafEyeJedi - THANK YOU for your participation and even more, for your thoughts and ideas.
To address some of your points. Yes you are right there are some amazing high quality content that have been made with ML and I am totally inspired by those, and this in a way came from that inspiration, so no you weren't wasting my time or boring me. A lot of those videos have been TREMENDOUSLY HELPFUL to me. So what I meant was there has to be some kind of "growth" something new and fresh. Don't get me wrong, I do value and appreciate all the time and effort the people in the ML community put in to share their craft, work, art etc. AND its because of that, that I BELIEVE that we are all very capable of doing something bigger and even more powerful. I don't want this to be a judgmental thing or w.e but rather how we can help each other to push each other and create something together something AWESOME, something POSITIVE. 

About the "CONTEST" thing. This does not have to be a contest, I only said that for motivational reasons. To get others going and have them participate because contests have the ability to do that but again by no means is that a rule or something.

Look, this is just an idea, a thought born from inspiration from those very test and other VIDEOS. I have seen over and over what we are capable of. Bringing our imaginations to life creating amazing content, and so why sell ourselves short. You mentioned "international friendly type thing" and I think that's BRILLIANT. You shared a thought and I found it brilliant please share more.

As for our busy lives, trying to find time for this. No one should get into something that they KNOW for a fact they can't finish or w.e especially when other people will be counting on them. BUT! I do think that if someone has passion and love for something(in this case filmmaking) they will DO ANYTHING to make it work. Success does not easy, and I wouldn't want it to because the reward is great when you know you've earned it. I'm sure some things could be worked out to work with each other with our schedules.

THIS IS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT, FRESH, GREAT STORY AND CONENT WORTH WATCHING (I'm sure this didnt take a huge budget or huge hollywood crew to create)
RANDOM FIND: Total War by Blue Rig Media

Thanks for the partial answer. Is that sufficient enough?

Actually this crash isn't really related to the "graphics card" because since v10 I've gotten this crashes and haven't been able to use davinci and I have a beasty workstation Z820 with 16 cores, QUADRO K6000. So I highly doubt that the gpu is the main reason behind these crashes.

It has something to do with magic lantern DNG's that the new davinci versions can't process or something.

Sorry, skipped reading. Eyes hurt. Repeat question with less VFX, please.

What should the "sd card" write speed be for the ML firmware to be on? currently the One I have is like 45mb write. Is this not "FAST" enough?

Share Your Videos / Re: Is this it?
« on: May 17, 2016, 02:36:03 AM »
I am in, I am looking for projects to do. Preferrably short films.

I am based for the most part in Austria (Western part) to the border of Swiss and Germany, so I am pretty flexible in that area. And I spend some months of the year in Scandinavia.

I got lots of ideas for some shorts.

The biggest obstacle to overcome is just going out and doing it! Just DO IT! not tomorrow, but now!

So hook me up if you got something in my area!

Kharak you just became one of my HEROS

This is what I'm talking about. This is the next step how to get ML users for locals to find each other. I'm from Sacramento, CA. I know someone who I've made a short with here in Sac, that also uses ML on his 5Dm2.

So here is the obstacle, how do we overcome this? Do we make a Promo video for this for people to start getting involved? What are some ideas SPECIFICALLY targeting this obstacle. Ideally at least 10 people would be great! but no rules to how many people can be involved the more the merrier.
i.g. Me, My friend + 8 more people in my area, How do I find 8 more ML users In my area?

I can already imagine an awesome movie with the credits running at the end of bunch of names AWESOME!!!

____________________PROJECT MEMBER LIST__________________

CITY(Location)                       Members(ML Users)
Sacramento, CA USA                 1) ItsDPmikey(Mikey)
                                                 2) David

CITY(Location)                       Members(ML Users)
West Austria                            1) Kharak(Kharak)

Share Your Videos / Re: Is this it?
« on: May 17, 2016, 01:35:06 AM »
I think it's a great idea - the Magic Lantern community is so diverse, and to really take advantage of that diversity we should tackle creative projects!  The real answer to your question about seeing finished entertainment is: It's hard.  You need GREAT writers in addition to great engineers, DP's, Directors, Grips, Actors.  It isn't easy.

That said, the first step is TRYING.  We have to TRY!  Try new things!  I think a new subforum for creative projects would be an excellent start.

FIRST OF ALL! THANK YOU for reading and commenting, I so appreciate it.

My point EXACTLY. Just try, start trying because we'll never know unless we try.

Another thing, yes you are right that such talents like "writers, grips, gaffers, actors, directors, etc. While these are all great and in a big way essential, doesn't mean we need to stress over it too much.
How often have you seen something like a short film on YouTube and even more on Vimeo that someone made with little to no financing, equipment, gaffers, engineers etc. and it was AWESOME! Just friends family participating in acting, helping in other ways etc.. I've seen quite a few and some have blown me away!
So then the question is WHY CANT WE?
If our hearts are completely into it, what can't we accomplish?

The developers behind ML have given us the opportunity to get AMAZING! FILM LIKE, HIGH QUALITY videos out of our cameras. Cameras that are super portable, easy to use, and super affordable. This to me is huge and gives us huge latitude.

STORY. Oh yes the STORY of course.
I think that this even tho being THE MOST IMPORTANT PART, is the least to stress about and here's why. I personally believe that "we" as humans are all story tellers. We all have stories to tell and everyday is a new story to tell. The goal is try not to overkill. Simple but powerful. Put 10 people together and you'll be amazed with the kind of stories that will come out enough to fill a season of shows. So you've all probably heard from all of your "role models" or "mentors" in the film industry something like "all you need is a camera, if you got a camera then go and shoot" you guys know what I'm talking about. So why not follow that very simple but powerful and OH SO TRUE principle.
..I'm not saying let's pretend that we have a Hollywood like budget and financing and although that would be nice, it's not really necessary I think.

i.g. I have a 5Dm3, a few lights, 1 monopod, 1, large tripod, 1 high hat tripod, zoomH6 pro kit, 1 C-Stand, and I think you gets get the point. So that's just one person imagine we all come together I believe we will have what we need to shoot a decent if not amazing quality project.

I think that whatever obstacle comes ahead we can overcome it work around it and eventually successfully execute it.

Share Your Videos / Re: Is this it?
« on: May 16, 2016, 11:42:14 PM »
You've made some really good points. Let me see if I can address them.

Well practically we start talking about it, start brainstorming ideas, find ways to make it happen. Because this is NOT IMPOSSIBLE.

One issue is, how do I get a hold of ML users in my community? In other words there has to be some kind of a "medium" for us to be able to find other ML users in our Cities.

MagicLantern website is a big one and probably the best medium because every ML user comes here, well pretty much has to for news and firmware updates. So how do we use this method?

You also made another great point which is "COOPERATION". Now I know that we're not going to immediately get the whole international ML community to start doing this, but we can start pushing this, and if even one JUST ONE city(group) attempts this and is successful at it then that'll be the spark that lights up a forest.

So that being said the need for an "administrator" to be in charge of a giant event isn't really necessary in the beginning (UNLESS THIS ACTUALLY STARTS TO BECOME A GIANT EVENT IMMEDIATELY) so but there will be an administrator for each group yes but not in the form of a boss or anything like that. More like someone who keeps everything in order, has a schedule of everything like who's available on what day etc. Once we are able to actually get together and start communicating I think things will start to come together. We will discuss and list down WHAT EQUIPMENTS we are able to use, from there we can get a clear idea what type of a story we can create and shoot for the project. If we are passionate filmmakers then we will find ways to work together peacefully and respectfully.

Look for the most part we have to be adults about it all and not quarrel about silly things. We would need to work and behave as professionals because if we put in honest hard work with our hearts into it, be creative, and it comes out as awesome as we make it out to be then you never know where that will take us. One of my points is that we don't need money, we need each other. Because we pretty much have all that we need. The talent, the equipment, and the STORY!

Share Your Videos / Is this it?
« on: May 16, 2016, 09:17:31 AM »
For almost 3 years now I have been part of the Magic Lantern community and I have loved every min of it. I think what has been accomplished is amazing. I am tremendously thankful for everyone who has put some much time and hard work into making what Magic Lantern is today. Giving so many people the ability to be creative and bring their stories and imaginations to life. That being said something is missing with the ML users(community) Which brings me to he point why I titled this subject "Is this it?".

In these 3 years for the majority of the part(not all just majority) from what I have seen from ML users, of course me included, have been mostly travel videos and random test videos which don't get me wrong are fantastic but, well i.g. just type in MAGIC LANTERN in YouTube or Vimeo or just in the google videos section, what you will find is that there isn't a lot of people pushing Magic Lantern to what its capable of in actual entertainment. Although some of these videos are very beautiful, inspirational, and creative.. watching someone test magic lantern software gets kind of old, and kind of boring when it's done too much :-[.

So although there are or might be some, but when are we going to start seeing some true "film like" movies, high quality "movie like" Entertainment that you would normally see in your local theater(no over exaggerations) Shot all on ML. Because the truth is that YOU CAN! get very amazing looking videos out of ML, with 5D MIII DCI 2.5k DCI and DCI 2K MIII & MII which is theatre standards. All of these test videos and other ML materials have proven that to be true.

Even here on ML site, When you click the "share your videos" in the ML forum section, again, most of what you'll see are travel videos and test videos and a few other type of content like documentaries. But again not saying they aren't important or that they are useless, not at all just would love to see some high quality content that have been pushed to the limits of ML. Hollywood used the Canon 5D for Captain America , Iron Man, Black Swan, shows like 24 and House and many many more like 2015 Mad Max which I'm pretty sure MagicLanter was installed on. Now obviously 5D isn't their "primary" camera I'm sure but think about it the camera you hold have been used in some huge features and we got MagicLanter on our side with unlocked capabilities.

So I was thinking about this.. :D
Why not start a project of some kind, it will be "The Magic Lantern Project".

Basically people from all over the world join together with other Magic Lantern users, IN THEIR CITY. Each city or location in partnership with other ML users, to write and shoot at least a 15min to 1hr movie(no documentary like stuff). All up to YOU GUYS! No rules, just be professionals.

Each City(group) writes their own material and shoots it. This means we should have ENOUGH TALENT, ENOUGH CAMERAS, ENOUGH LENSES, and I'm sure enough necessary production equipment like tripods, dollies, lights, etc.. because for the majority of "camera users" we have those equipments. (ONLY CAMERAS THAT CAN BE USED ARE CAMERAS THAT USE MAGIC LANTERN) because of Camera Workflow, Camera Accessibility, Editing and Grading Workflow like Color Space, File format, and of course ML Community

Maybe our work could even be entered in competition events like film festivals for recognition but optional. W.e we want.

It's time to create and put out some real story content and be taken seriously! [/b][/size][/color]

Anyway, this was just a thought and I'm curious to know what you all think. Suggestions? Improvements? Ideas? comment PLEASE!(please keep your comments clean and respectful)

I have Magic Lantern on my 5Dm3 1.1.3 and recently I have seen some AMAZING improvements with the "pink frame" issues, as in I'm not seeing them anymore  (woohoo! THANK YOU ALL INVOLVED)

...but now, I am experiencing something that I wasn't experiencing before which is skipped frames which causes the recording to stop(I know I can change it to not stop

I have 3 Lexar 1066x UDMA7 cards all "fast enough" for magic lantern but for 24fps 1080 I'm getting skipped frames...not cool.

so here's my question, What should the "sd card" write speed be for the ML firmware to be on? currently the One I have is like 45mb write. Is this not "FAST" enough?

Main Builds / Re: Nightly Builds - try the very latest stuff here
« on: March 03, 2016, 01:08:03 AM »
what I want to know at this point is, are pink frames/bad frames inevitable with the new builds at this point? because for a long time every new build  that I have tried has given me bad frames/pink frames.

General Chat / Re: 1D X II
« on: February 29, 2016, 01:28:51 AM »
Quoting you about 4 days ago:
" I downgraded to 1.1.3 from 03/27/2014 and everything just works BEAUTIFULLY!"

yes until 2nd and 3rd shoot I started to see some issues again. So I upgraded back to 1.1.3 latest build. It's w.e at this point, too frustrating to care anymore. Just going to shoot regular until I buy a red dragon. I just can't risk getting bad frames on a professional job when time matters and reshooting is not possible.

General Chat / Re: 1D X II
« on: February 28, 2016, 07:38:07 PM »
If the 5D Mark4 does not have Cfast option, then it's going to be an absolute shit situation. I'm pretty sure it will have 4K option with only 24fps probably.

But even if we get raw 2.5k continuous shooting on CFast card in 5DM4 with all the current features it will be amazing. Till this day I can't seem to find a an MLbuild that doesn't produce bad frames or frame skipp even with 1080p 24fps on fastest CF card. Drives me bananaZZZ!

Raw Video / Re: Uncompressed 14-bit RAW video testing - 5D Mark III
« on: February 24, 2016, 05:08:28 PM »
Geez guys this better be worth the efforts and thanks to @itsDPmikey for starting this party. It is actually a great thing that we are digging through this in order to narrow down those issues.

Will report back my findings w 50p tests as soon as I can.

Appreciate it thanks Jedi. I am now using 1.1.3 from 03/27/2014, installed it yesterday and used it for a couple of hours. Works BEAUTIFULLY! But I am curious to what the trade off was between that and the newest build.

Main Builds / Re: Nightly Builds - try the very latest stuff here
« on: February 24, 2016, 05:04:31 PM »
These two statements are in direct conflict.

Point taken. I did not realize that camera formats in 32 and not exFat. I should have known this tho my fault.
but just an FYI I downgraded to 1.1.3 from 03/27/2014 and everything just works BEAUTIFULLY!

Main Builds / Re: Nightly Builds - try the very latest stuff here
« on: February 23, 2016, 08:38:56 PM »
thanks for the response.

My cards are all formatted as exFAT, ALWAYS, I don't format them any other way.

Also the problem(error) is consistent with and without the 4gb split option.

The Problem started to occur with the latest build. So i'm not sure what to make of it..

I'll do as you suggested, reproduce it and maybe capture the error on video.

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