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I found Ardfry Codecs to be faster and better than Fast Picture Viewer.  I had to do a thorough uninstall/cleaning to get rid of Fast Picture Viewer, and now just use Ardfry.

Previews of my dual-iso files (Cr2 converted with CR2DNG to DNG) have a crazy magenta coloring.  Has anyone found a way to adequately view these? 

I just tried Fast Picture Viewer and it didn't work.  The company was nice to respond:

"Sorry we only support CR2 files from the EOS Mk III and, as a side note, the DNG images you get most likely do not have a suitable JPEG preview and the codec falls back to a default conversion from an unknown camera. The cast you see is due to improper black-level calibration in what are essentially unknown files. "

Yes, live view can meter to the area inside the focus box, but only for stills.  I want that for video.

thanks for the link.  I'll read the thread, but it looks like it's not for video mode-- unless it happens to work for that too (which would be great).

I assume spot meter works in LV-- but I never use AF so I don't know.  I think spot meter only uses the center AF point, regardless of which is in use (at least, with stock firmware)

In video mode, in "M", I have a selected shutter speed and aperture.  Then I use auto-ISO to adjust exposure.  All well and good, except the camera almost always chooses too dark of a setting (too low ISO), because the subjects are backlit (and not in the center)

I would like to either:

1.  Have exposure compensation in video mode in "M", or
2.  (preferable) Choose a specific region of the frame (say, "bottom third") for metering video (especially for auto-ISO).

I'm also (especially) interested in having it work for .dng files as made from ML RAW dual-ISO video.  It seems to only work for my CR2 stills...

Thanks so much!

For anyone else interested, you can change all of these, if desired:


Works great for me.  I just drop my Raw files in the same folder as the script and run  the script.  done!


Is there a way to change multiple_cr2hdr.vbs so that I can move the folder around and it will still work?  By that I think I mean have all the extra files in the same directory as multiple_cr2hdr.vbs, and just drop CR2 files in the same directory and run it.

I think this requires setting the paths relative to multiple_cr2hdr.vbs script...

Feature Requests / Shutter actuation on HALF press
« on: June 23, 2014, 06:32:33 PM »
5D mark III. 

I'd like the shutter to actuate when only half-pressed.  I don't use the half-press for anything (focusing, etc.), so I'd prefer the camera to just take a photo when the button is half-pressed.

The Canon version will be released within the next few months.

Alternatively, you can use Pocketwizard's Hypersync or Phottix Odin OverDrive Sync.  Both allow you to adjust the flash timing.

I'd be very impressed if ML could adjust flash sync timing.

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