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Shooting a feature film in RAW on Mark III with Magic Lantern - running into tremendous problems seeing shots clearly on the small camera LCD. The director can't see the shot setup very well looking at LCD over cameraman's shoulder and playback is only in slow motion and black and white. What we are seeing in post are problems we could have caught on set but did not because of monitoring limitations.   

Naturally we are still early in the developmental process of shooting RAW on the 5D. We question the existence of a 5D Santa Clause but want to believe he might be out there hiding in the forums.   

Has anyone here found any workable solutions? Is there really a 5D Santa Clause?

From what I am reading, mirroring (simultaneous monitoring on both LCD + HDMI) is possible with Canon's 1.2.3. upgrade, but it is buggy and it knocks out the function menu? Has anyone out there found this to be true? The last thing we need on the set are buggy problems while actors and crew are all in position and we're rolling! 

Is it possible to get full menu function in ML and just go with only an external monitor? If we could monitor on an external monitor in HD full color, even without the LCD, that would greatly solve the problem as the director and cameraman could both watch the monitor while shooting, but if it disables the menu function permanently it seems a moot issue.

Does the menu function work once the HDMI output is disconnected, or is it a thing where the ML menu is disabled permanently?

If none of the above are possible or problematic, then being able to watch the footage shot that day on the set while still on the set,  would be very helpful.

With regards to playback of RAW footage on set, is it possible to load Da Vinci on a laptop and watch the native RAW files directly from a card reader or similar workaround?

We love the look of RAW but would love it more if a reliable, decent monitoring solution could be found - it would be a real Godsend for us here in the midst of a low light horror feature, where gremlins abound and Santa Clause waits patiently somewhere in the 5D chimney.   

Raw Video / Canon 5D Mark III monitoring on set
« on: June 03, 2014, 05:23:06 PM »
question about Canon 5D Mark III monitoring

Are there any solutions currently for external monitoring shooting live RAW on the Canon 5D Mark III that do not knock out the on-camera LED viewer, whilst using Magic Lantern?   


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