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I can only imagine this is going to lead to some incredible experiments.

Magic Lantern port?  :P
There was another post on the forum about this here:;topicseen#msg225660

I tried the steps above with decent luck. I ended up skipping the Digicam step entirely and using EOS Utility to generate the liveview window. The step of capturing and streaming the window from OBS was pretty pretty foolproof once virtual cam was installed, which I did by unzipping the the files from the github and moving them into the corresponding install folders.

I'm not certain what resolution is passed through USB, but it's pretty good quality. Once it's passed on to the viewer the quality is probably reduced pretty significantly.
Had some fun messing around with the 5k build last weekend. I didn't have any motion control system which is to me what really makes a time-lapse more interesting, but I liked the look of things.

One problem I had was pretty serious vertical stripes every time I entered 5x mode. I found that scrolling the shutter-dial - which messes up the frame - repeatedly until the frame returns to normal would sometimes fix this. I also believe that simply recording for 10 seconds or so can also slowly alleviate the problem.

Seems as if Dual-Iso at different bit-depths Just Works.

One thing I'd be very interested in would be even slower frame rates.

Thanks for your hard work RDC, we appreciate it.
You can expect problems using DSLR Controller and ML. Especially crop mode. In standard Raw recording you MAY be able to expect RAW video to work ok.
Running one of rdc's newer builds, with

haven't had any huge problems so far, not sure what was different this time. It was casual/fun stuff, nothing of huge consequence, but if anyone with savvy wants to take a look feel free, and much appreciated:
Quote from: masc on August 22, 2019, 10:27:06 PM
Thanks for your feedback @jpegmasterjesse!
Already done.

Just realized, masc, that I don't actually see those options in windows. In fact, on the latest release the clips just disappear from the sidebar (not deleted in explorer).

And RE: Tabbing through all the sliders, it is possible and feels great, except there is no way to know which slider you are currently tabbed to.

Also, would it be possible to change the increments the values change in? Could Shift+LeftArrow make it move in increments of 10, for example?

Thanks for all your wonderful work.
The box was greyed out - I'll try to reproduce and let you know.
Latest Reddeercity builds won't allow for audio export for Prores or H264 MLV example:
Quote from: masc on August 22, 2019, 10:27:06 PM

Unfortunately 100% impossible with current concept. We would have to rewrite the whole GUI. And even then rendering speed and export speed would drop by 50%, because we then have two tasks at the same time. So this would be extremely slow.

Just to be clear I wasn't thinking this would mean the app is operable during rendering. The problem I'm trying to solve is that, when working through a lot of videos, i will often think "this one is good to go" and also not want to stop editing. By the time I've mads it through all the clips, it's difficult to just grab everything you feel is "done" for a large export. So yeah, even just like an X you could tag next to the file name to help with selection would be great.

The tourbox is just a peripheral. It's a little frivolous but has led to some real efficiencies. In premiere i use a dial to jog frame by frame which I really enjoy. I'll mess around with mapping it and try to find a good preset for mlvapp.

Thanks Masc!
Some recent notes on my experience with MLV App lately.

-Would love if, when a clip ends, spacebar would restart the video by default.

-When using MLV App to preview/delete footage, it's a bit of a chore. You can't delete a video if it's open in the file browser. You have to delete it from MLVApp and then remember the title and delete it in explorer. If it's possible to delete the actual file via MLV App that'd be ideal.

-Re-sorting videos based on name/date/ect would be nice.

-Maybe a render-queue would be nice? Since you can't work/queue up additional videos while rendering, there's a video of memory and juggling involved once you've finished working on your videos. A star rating or color label system could help with this too.

-This is a long weird one. I recently acquired a fun little tool that magic lantern users might be interested in. It's called a tourbox, and it's essentially just a handful of buttons, knobs, and dials that currently is well-integrated with Photoshop but can work with any software using keyboard commands. Right now I can't really use it in MLV App because there aren't any keyboard commands to assign. If MLV App had something like Mlrawviewer had with changing color bance (4 and 6 changed blue value, 5 and 7 changed red value, ect), that could be a nice efficiency. Or more simply, if there was a "next slider" command and highlighting each slider allowed for alteration with keyboard commands (like up or down arrow), you can go down the list and use your dials to change values.

As always thanks for the wonderful App.
Right now in rdc's builds the custom experimental  dual-iso module someone whipped up for the 5d2 years ago gices an "OldApi" error.

Before all the crop-rec stuff happened I was able to get 12/10 bit dual iso running off of nightly builds.
General Chat / Re: BMPCC 4K
August 04, 2019, 08:33:21 PM
I don't know if I'd be so sure. I've shot on the 5D3 before and as I recall it got pretty noisy at 1600 and fell apart at 3200. The BMPCC is clean at very high ISOs. I'd have to see a shoot-off to know for sure though.
General Chat / Re: BMPCC 4K
August 04, 2019, 04:38:27 PM
Just shot a shirt film on bmpcc4k - amazed by the low light. i thought the crop would be a deal breaker but with a relatively cheap booster we really didn't lose significant sharpness. Battery life is kind of a bummer but there are some good workarounds available.
I was able to get continuous 4k with my Lexar 32gb 1066x!
Here's the solution; two cameras and the "auto-restart" feature. Obviously a second camera is no small thing,!but you can find a t2i for under $200 pretty easily.
I really wouldn't do it! The chance of something going wrong is too high, and if it's your only camera it seems like too big a risk. I save RAW for B-Roll, I've shot a few 2-3 minute long performances in RAW but even that seemed risky.
5D3 is pretty much the flagship ML camera, but the 6D would also be a good full frame choice. I'm assuming you're not shooting RAW for documentary, so you have a lot of good options.
EDIT - I don't need to contribute to bad vibes. Appreciate everyone's hard work.
Anyone have any pointers for porting Switch to Android? Thinking primarily for DUAL-ISO photo conversion - I don't think I want to mess around with MLV's on a smartphone. Although....
Don't Heed The Trolls!

For me, while I have work that I do in filmmaking that I find some satisfaction in, it's the small steps forward my camera takes thanks to this community and your work that get me out of the house experimenting and shooting more. It's hard to find a balance between shooting because I love it and shooting because I'm working - but ML is a huge part of me finding personal satisfaction in filmmaking and photography in so many ways. I don't know if I'd still be in this field if ML didn't keep me curious and enabling technical growth and experimentation.
Always rooting for you!

I, for one, would pay $10 for an Android app that can convert dual-iso files.  :)

Idk, I for one would be comfortable with a sort of tithe situation - every gig I do that requires magic lantern I could toss in some bucks!
Quote from: Galterius on March 30, 2019, 06:53:07 PM
It works !!!! Thanks a lot ^^?
is it normal if I can't go to 2880 ? (I am stuck to 2560)

Use the build in the first post of the thread. Cheers!
Sounds like you have MLV_Play enabled?
Quote from: reddeercity on March 24, 2019, 02:06:21 AM
Let me know of any problems .

Seems to work ok at all bit depths in non-crop and 5x crop. No issues with sound enabled.

I did try going to Canon 24p and it worked ok for a few shots and then I encountered issues with 5x preview mode being broken; on auto and on ML greyscale. A battery pull returned things to normal.Going in to 10x mode seems to trigger the same wonkiness no matter the Canon FPS, actually.

FPS override does not work in 5x mode.

Changing ISO's in 5x mode does work with the ISO button on the top of the camera. Changing the ISO in the ML menu with the joystick however, results in an infinite scroll where the ISO keeps increasing or decreasing depending on the direction you pushed. I believe this was also the case on crop_rec_4k_mlv_snd, but I will have to double check. Using the top scroll wheel in this menu does not cause this.

Using any method to change iso while in 5x zoom mode creates a white bar on the bottom of the frames of some ISOs - exiting to menu and back fixes this. Results for which ISOs are effected seems to depend on your starting ISO.

Gradual Exposure seems to be broken - there is no smooth transitions, and the briefly gets darker before brighter if you raise the iso

This is probably already known, but arrow/set shortcuts don't work in 5x mode.

ML digital ISO seems to have no effect with or without Raw modules loaded.

@dfort: One thing I'm noticing in your latest build magiclantern-crop_rec_4k_mlv_snd_experiments_waza57.2019Mar22.5D2212 is that there are 8 black pixels on the right side of the frame at 5x mode.
Not all that important, but I'm wondering if digital dolly works for any versions of crop_rec?  I think it'd be pretty great to scan vertically to get something like a full-sensor scan for landscapes. It hasn't worked for any of these builds we've been testing.

I noticed you can't move the preview window in 5x mode at all once digital dolly is enabled, wheras it does move without.

Here is what Alex said in another thread regarding digital dolly and crop_rec:

Quote from: a1ex on March 18, 2018, 09:30:49 PM
Modifying digital dolly to cover the full sensor is possible, but non-trivial (Canon recalibrates the vertical noise correction factors with each video mode reconfiguration, including when shifting the scanned area in x5 zoom mode). By default, Canon code scans a non-centered wide area in x5 zoom mode (3584x1320 usable area on 5D3) and moves it around as you move the focus box - notice a slight pause at certain positions on the screen, when it reconfigures the sensor.

You can, however, try something with the crop_rec_4k experimental build (caveat: requires fiddling)

- load crop_rec and mlv_lite
- set crop_rec preset to full-res LiveView
- reduce the vertical resolution in crop_rec submenu until you get the desired FPS (Target YRES = 1039 will give 23.973 FPS)
- recalibrate the CMOS[1] register to get good and centered image (trial and error)
- enable raw video and digital dolly - now it should cover the full width of the sensor.

If useful, I'll consider adding a full-width 1080p preset to crop_rec (maybe it can be pushed to about 5784x1080 at 23.976 FPS, or it might require slightly lower horizontal resolution).

Side note: the MLV spec also has metadata for 1-pixel increments for digital dolly, but would require special support from the MLV converter.