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Hey Danne!

Good to see you have kept up with the development of cr2hdr (Now switch).

I haven't been around much, been shooting raw on a c200, but using my 5d3 as a b-cam tomorrow and cant wait to give this a try.

Do these DNGs work in premiere?



Raw Video Postprocessing / Re: Free Ektar 100 LUT for Magic Lantern footage
« on: November 28, 2017, 05:28:34 PM »
Any chance you could do this for the c200?

Thanks for the LUT! Just used it on a wedding video I made for a friend and it really looks great.

This is a marvelous video you made! One of the best I seen. I have a couple of questions. Which canon lenses did you use? How did you do your grading ( & Did you use any LUTS)?

Can you explain this more "Yep - I also overexpose. I use the ML RAW histogram as well as zebras. I expose as hot as possible until I start to clip out highlights I want detail in, then I dial back 1/3rd of a stop"?

Thanks. Lenses were Canon 24-70 2.8 II, 70-200 2.8 IS, 16-35 F4 IS.

I use Film Convert inside Resolve for colour grading. I also occasionally do sky replacements in after effects.

Over exposing - all you really need to know is that I'm using the ML Raw histogram as a kind of digital sensor meter and I like to run it as a hot as possible. Dont really care that the image looks overexposed to the eye, I just try to get the highlights as close to 100% as possible without clipping.

Camera Emergency Department / Re: 5d Mark III Help Glitches and crazy pixels
« on: September 17, 2017, 01:56:50 PM »
Have you tried another CF card?

Hi all,

Hope you're all well! I haven't checked in for a while. Last time I was here, devs were making leaps and bounds - all very exciting. I was just wondering where we're at with the 5D3? I think last time I tried the build 3.5k was almost continuous but without realtime live view or sound recording. Is this still the case?

Apologies, I did try and trawl back through this thread, but it gets quite busy!

Last question beauchampy
What shutter speed did you use to shoot this video in 50p 3x3??

No problem. 1/100.

Thanks for your quick answer.
I have been using ML for the last months. And I have noticed that people have to exposure very very well, if you dont want to get noise/grain. I have read in this forum lot of topics about this issue with the grain. Some people posted that we need to overexpose to dont get noise.
How was your workflow during the shoot to get this clean images??
Thanks for sour help beauchampy

Yep - I also overexpose. I use the ML RAW histogram as well as zebras. I expose as hot as possible until I start to clip out highlights I want detail in, then I dial back 1/3rd of a stop.

First of all, you did a great video, seriously, well done.
I don't understand very well why you say that there is no need to strecht with  1920x672?? is it because the black bars??
And why you didn't shoot in 1920x800 2.50:1 aspect ratio 14-bit lossless? you can get continuous recording.

14-bit lossless wasn't available when I shot this.

It was a 3x3 binning build that would let you shoot at 1920x672 unstretched.

was this handheld or steadycam? some of your text could use a contrasting color instead of white. I have the audio off so I'll never know if shes a bride and actually got married.

pastels are perfect for the subject.

A bit of both, it was about 80% shoulder mount, 20% ronin.

I tried to reproduce the issue on macOS Sierra but couldn´t. I assume it was working before? Could you try doing these things:
1 - Restart computer and then double click from /applications folder again
If that isn´t working do:
2 - Drag the folder on to "Switch". Will do the same as double clicking only it will open from within your folder directly
Now try step one again.
3 - You can also try downloading the unzipped repository and see if that helps
4 - Open up Switch in automator on your computer and save it. Then double click

On macOS Sierra I can´t open from the dmg file since gatekeeper complains about opening "" which is a workaround I use to open up Switch when double clicking it.

All well after restart. Thanks Danne.

Hey Danne,

Looks exciting!

I can launch Switch from the DMG, but when I copy to my applications folder I get 'The application "Switch" can't be opened".

I have "allow apps from anywhere" selected in my OSX security settings, and I'm on 10.11.6.


Hello everyone!

I want to share my latest video with you:

I've shot this video with my 5D Mark III in RAW 50fps 2.35:1

Thanx again the great work of Magic Lanter ;)



Is this stretched or not?

Beautiful video !

I got some problems, i tried your settings but i can only record 100/200 frames. Can you tell me more about your settings?
Thank you very much and keep going !

It was 113, Jan 13th.
Canon menu: 720p / 50p
ML: mlv_rec, crop_mo, crop settings were 3x3 binning, aspect ratio in raw settings set to 5:3 which gives you 1920x672, set it to 12-bit raw
Cards were Komputerbay 1066x 128gb

You should get around 20s

As others have pointed out - that wont work.

However, I can recommend the Nexto DI as an alternative solution (it takes CF and rips them to HDD)

Now noticing that sometimes I'm getting almost no playback with some of the big MLV files, as in 20min long recordings. It'll play 2fps back. And then immediately following that suddenly other files resolve say are playing back 24fps green light stop playing back properly and are lagging intensely. I restart computer and suddenly it plays back properly?

The bottleneck is probably MLVFS - it's CPU based and quite intensive. Try converting the same file to DNG using cr2hdr and comparing performance.

I film quite a lot of big projects in raw (2tb of MLV files is normal) and I gave up on using MLVFS as part of my workflow. Far easier to suck it up and convert to DNG.

Selecting "Davinci Resolve file names" did not display anything in the folders.

Highlighting the folders and dragging them into the media bin works, about a 20 second delay/lockup for 128GB of mlvs - sound about right?

That's pretty quick. I find MLVFS substantially slower than dealing with normal DNG files.

You can also just highlight all the folders and drag them into the media bin.

g3gg0, thanks!
Here´s latest mlv_dump for mac which beautifully applies lossless compression to dng files!

Code: [Select]
mlv_dump --dng -c INPUT.MLV
And watch dng files process lossles with less than half it´s size. This works with uncompressed footage as well.

Fantastic! Look forward to seeing this with cr2hdr!

I loved your video mate, congratz
I would love to ask you something about how should I do to update ml for 4k crop ?
Download crop update files and drag into the ml card at pc?

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Plenty of threads on here mate.
Really impressive - especially the audio. All extra sounds recorded there or added via stock after?

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100% added in post.

So I decided to test the 5k mode at 6fps 10bit (not lossless) 2.35:1 and ..... Continuous. This is going to be wild for timelapsing!

Just curious. Why would you choose to shoot a timelapse this way compared to shooting raw stills using the intervalometer? I don't shoot a lot of timelapse, so genuinely curious.

Wonderful use of 12-bit RAW (non-lossless, right?) and was this shot in 50p w 1920 50/60 3x3 from ML and not the 1080p 45/48 3x3 in one of the experimental builds, correct?

Bang on. Non-lossless 12-bit and 3x3 from (50p, 3x3).

Great job Paul - nice light touch on the grading. I find FilmConvert to be a bit heavy handed at times - how did you work around this?

You're right. When you first apply Filmconvert it tends to look muddy and underexposed. I fix this by immediately removing the grain (not sure why they deem 100 to be the default level), dialling back the curve a touch, lifting the shadows to about 103 and being meticulous with my exposure, highlights, shadows and WB settings in the Resolve Raw tab. Usually I end up bumping up the exposure slightly, even though I ETTR during the shoot (althought its kinda hard to ETTR with a HDMI EVF / Monitor when shooting 50/60 - no global draw! I had to rely on the scope in my SmallHD 502)

General Help Q&A / Re: Audio levels too low?
« on: April 28, 2017, 03:51:49 PM »
What is it set to in the Canon menu?

Are you +db on your Rode mic?
Silly question but have you checked the battery in the mic?

Wow, beautiful work! They dynamic range on some of those shots looks almost unreal. I don't think higher resolution would have added much to this, and your video reminds me how much more important content, composition, and proper exposure are than higher resolution.

Thanks. There may have been one or two sky replacements in some of the beginning shots  ;) Not really due to lack of DR though - just because the weather wasn't quite what the client wanted.

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