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Camera Emergency Department / 5DMK2 Semi-Brick?
« on: June 07, 2017, 02:40:41 AM »
So I installed ML on a backup body 5D2 and the installation went fine for about a week or two. Jump forward to recently and I get a text from one of my partners that the 5D2 wouldn't turn on.

I retrieve the cam and take out the card and the cam boots up, but it no longer takes photos/videos. Mechanically, the camera seems completely fine. Turns on, lights work, screen works, but video/photos are completely blacked out as if the body cap is on. Tested all manual cam settings in camera and via ML, changed shoot modes (Av/Tv), changed cards (both with and without ML), changed lens (and of course took off the lens cap), reformatted card, uninstalled/re-installed ML, pretty much everything I could think of.

The most I'm getting is a totally black image with the rare horizontal pink line or two of garbage data.

Any thoughts?

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Hardware and Accessories / Re: False economy with CF cards
« on: August 21, 2014, 10:46:19 PM »
Oddly enough, I'm having similar issues with SD cards. Always have bought the Extreme/ExtremePro SanDisk cards but as of late they been giving issues of being difficult to read (via camera or computer) or just breaking apart completely. Same reader (iMac port) but still falling apart after a few months use.

Was advised by the 'older' photogs in my area to either only buy the ExtremePro line or switch to solely CF cards, but it doesn't make sense to have shell out $100+ for a premium product that's expected to croak after a season, much less multiple times over and over.

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