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Raw Video / Re: Green artifacts in RAW 3x crop mode
December 16, 2014, 09:38:24 PM
Had the same exact issue last time i tried with my 550d.These green dots appeared in highlight areas and were recorded in the files too.I used mlv converter.
Haven't tried mlv raw video in a long time but now that i think about it maybe it was the zebras or some setting in my camera (global draw was on not sure about other stuff)
A few years ago i replaced mirrorbox and shutter mechanism (yes both of them were worn out badly) on my 550D at 120.000 clicks during warranty at an official canon dealership.Shutter actuations were NOT reset as i found out later.Better double-check this with canon service, maybe they actually can't reset it at all.
Today i started doing some more silent/mlv tests with my 60D using a late July nightly using the same -dmilligan?- posted a few weeks back.
For the life of me i can't understand why after a photo is taken, camera stays in preview after file is being copied to the mlv.It doesnt revert back to live view,if only for a split second before next photo is being taken, and i have tried every combo in the camera menus under the
image review.I didnt have this problem when i did the initial tests a couple of months back.Any thoughts?
Hi,i am actually a bit astounded noone has mentioned this,but the intervalometer counter in liveview is a bit too large and blocks a big area of the frame,being generally annoying, or sometimes hiding things
that had they been visible in the frame,they would call for a change in exposure,or stopping the timelapse and scrapping the sequence altogether etc etc.
There's always the case where the text can be changed or hidden and i haven't figured out how,in which case im a total moron and i sincerely beg your pardon.  :o :'(
So is there any way we could have smaller text or it could be in some way embedded to another area of the live view?
Thank you.
Quote from: gcrook on July 22, 2014, 04:33:02 PM
Thank you i will test this.

2nd sloppy test with the 60D with the modules brapodam linked.
Exposure simulation, and override, (if the latter matters) ,was ON.
f1.4 iso 100 exposures starting from 5'' until 1/250 exported using mlv converter and imported into LR.
Bug?next shutter (ie to go from 1/50 to 1/60) wouldn't change unless i went 2 steps ahead and then 1 back,
(had to go from  1/50 to 1/80 and then go back to 1/60 for it to engage and show in the screen).Maybe exp override does that?

5''     -  5686ms  f-stop reports incorrectly to LR (shutter reports 1.0s)
4''     -  4442      same as above
3.2''  -  3490      same as above
2.5''  -  2980      same as above
1.6''  -  1887      same as above
1.3''  -  1631      same as above
1''     -  1333      same as above
0.8''  -  1091      same as above
0.6' ' -   954       same as above
0.5   -   799       reports correctly as 0.5''
0.4''  -   680      ----reports as 0.5''---
0.3''  -   616     
1/4   -   539
1/5   -   460
1/6   -   438
1/8   -   399
1/10 -   360 After this step exposure changed very little and top corners vignette became more and more noticeable
1/13 -   354
1/15 -   324
1/20 -   310
1/25 -   301
1/30 -   302  ?
1/40 -   284
1/50 -   291 
1/60 -   276 
1/80 -   271
1/100-  270
1/125-  268
1/160-  266
1/200-  275
1/250-  264

Dont know if all these mean much, if there are other means to test this further and provide useful info, let me know.

A few random pics with shutter 1/3, 1/8, 1/30, 1/125.
Quote from: brapodam on July 22, 2014, 03:25:27 PM
I've used a self-compiled build from the main brach with dmilligan's on my 60D without any problems, but I've compiled a build from his branch, and here's the link:

Interestingly enough, I've had a weird bug with the build from his branch, but I think it's unrelated. After shooting a short test "time lapse", my camera refuses to take pictures, and the live view button has decided it would function as a AF mode toggle instead. A battery pull fixed the problem though.

Thank you i will test this.
Quote from: dmilligan on July 22, 2014, 12:59:38 PM
thanks, that data is very helpful
Right now the shutter speed in the exif metadata is simply the shutter displayed on the screen which is not actually correct. This needs to be fixed and figuring out the true shutter speed is going to be difficult.
You need to use this module with a build from the full-res-silent-pic branch that has the new correct EDMAC channels and skip offsets for your camera.

The module I posted will "load" with any recent builds, but if you don't use it with a build from the branch with the correct changes you will have problems actually trying to use it (except on 60D where there are no differences).

Do not use it with nightly builds

would a moderator or @brapodam please delete reply #160

Oh i see.Yes for the 60D i used the July 22 nghtly with the you posted on post #153.So its ok to continue with 60D and July 22 nighly if i understand correctly?
I actually did the same with my 550D but with the in mk11174 put in  latest 60D build only with full res silent pics (no mlv).
Should i stop using that as well?
I have no means to compile the build for the 60D you say though,if someone has already done that and wouldn't mind posting a link to it
i would continue shooting further tests or any kind of test you or anyone else would like for me to do.
EDIT:Exp override was off,just read the previous post.

MLV worked for me as well as ML raw video converter 1.9.1 with my 60D.

I did a simple exposure test primarily to find out how to expose.
I shot 1 photo mlv timelapses trying the next shutter step starting from 1'' exposure until 1/400.
Used f1.4 and iso 100 throughout and wrote down the milliseconds.
Extracted and imported to LR to measure (alas by eye and histogram) exposure and possible issues.

Here are my initial findings.

1''     -   1333ms
0.8''  -   1081
0.6' ' -    964
0.5   -    809
0.4''  -    640
0.3''  -    616
1/4   -    549
1/5   -    460
1/6   -    438
1/8   -    389
1/10 -    360
1/13 -    344
1/15 -    324
1/20 -    320
1/25 -    312
1/30 -    292
1/40 -    284
1/50 -    281
1/60 -    276 After this exposure bumped up and started getting random numbers from 269+ms to 280+ so i stopped the test
1/80 -    282 yep

So exposure changes are not very linear as far as i can see (or maybe i am wrong?),and after 1/30 there is no point in closing the shutter further.
Plus there is a strange top-corner vignetting after 1/30 which seems it exists anyway in the all pictures in every exporuse although it isnt always very noticeable.

EDIT:Exp override was off, just read the previous post.

General Help Q&A / Re: .dat file?
June 18, 2014, 03:58:51 AM
Quote from: CaliberGSD on June 17, 2014, 01:16:49 AM
So one of my clips is a .dat file. From what I can see on the internet it seems either the cam died during recording or the batt door was opened before the file was completed. Is there a free Mac Application that can repair this for me. When using app it seems to see that it can be repair and does show me the correct image. But... they want $99.... any help would be great. Thank you for your time.

This has happened to me in an event shooting where cam B's battery grip was somewhat faulty and every time there was a big bump on the monopod the camera would shut down.I reckon at least 30 mins of recording were thought to be lost inside these dat files.Fortunately there is a fix that worked for me 100%.Read this.

Quote from: Audionut on June 02, 2014, 04:05:08 PM
You should find a way to reproduce the error, and upload a CR2.

Ok audionut i'll shoot some tests and report back when i have something.
Any ideas btw where i could upload a few files?Dont have a cloud service.
So no idea as to why this occurs?Is it my fault?Am i the only one getting these images?
The last one was actually converted as well,all these files i uploaded were converted from the -converted- dng's.
Dont think its a card issue since this has been happening with every card i own (4-5 different sandisk 32gb 45mbps cards).All the cr2's appear normal i double checked but unfortunately i deleted them all this morning sorry about that.

P.S Dont know if that helps but now that i think about it this usually -but not exclusively- happens in cases where i do a day to night timelapse with auto shutter
and as sky darkens foe example, shutter exposure gets close to intervalometer interval, thus forcing the camera to expose immediately for the next picture without time for liveview to show.I had a case where i got no less that 120 "blocky' frames in a row and as soon as night came and i changed to manual all frames were normal again.Maybe its coincidential.Another case where it may happen is where i do a manual mode timelapse and i half press the shutter between intervals to note down the shutter value.Again ive spotted this a few times because i remembered that i did this during the first 5 frames and one or two were corrupted but not really sure (silent pics was not enabled btw).Do all these mean anything?I have no idea to be honest.

edit:Just finished importing and checking a new batch of timelapse sequences i did a few hours ago.Same camera (60D) ,lens, and card.Changed nothing in camera as far as settings,modules etc.Did various combinations of 100/400 and 100-800 dualiso but all of them in manual mode this time and not AV.Not a single corrupted frame in no less that 1000 raw pictures....
Lately ive started using dual iso to shoot raw (camera CR2) timelapse sequences.It generally works very well but very often i get corrupted frames on both my 550d and 60d.
It could be any number of frames from 1 random frame to tens or hundreds of pictures in a row or in an unspecified order.
All these frames appear to have a colored or black or white block overlayed to the photo usually in the right corner im my 60D.In my 550d they look like white purple interlaced blocks.
Sometimes some bright areas like clouds look like they have clipped to purple color.
I have been using various modes to shoot timelapses it has happened in both manual and av mode and i have no idea how to reproduce it.
Will it help if i upload some raw files but before that does anyone have the slightest idea why that happens?

Edit:Pardon me the CR2 raw files seem to be fine.These artifacts appear only on the converted dng pictures using cr2hdr to extract the raw files.Needless to say ive used a lot of nightly builds so maybe the problem is in the conversion?

Examples, just this morning from my 60D.Dual iso 100-800.  ----- This one is new never seen this kind of image degradation before.
Quote from: danell89 on April 17, 2014, 04:08:42 PM
A commercial shot in sweden on a Canon 5D mk3 RAW

Converted to .DNG in RAWMagic
Convert DualISO shots in cr2hdr
Converted to ProRes in Resolve
Edited in PPro CS6
Color corrected in Resolve on .DNG sequences

VFX in After Effects on .DNG sequences


That was great congrats,great shots.
Could you elaborate a bit about dual iso if you dont mind?Which shots in this commercial were shot in dual iso and which iso combinations if you dont mind.
Did you record them as 1:1 liveview or 3Xcrop and at what resolution?
I know im asking a bit much but im very interested in dual iso raw not only for stills or timelapse but live action too.
I dont see any kind of moire in any of these shots something unusual for dual iso at least according to my experience.
Raw Video / Re: 6D 1080P RAW in crop mode?
February 23, 2014, 06:42:46 PM
Live view mode isn't that bad as far as resolution.It's a tad bigger than my 550d's live view 16:9 mode and it's very close to 1080p.
So crop mode max 16:9 resolution should be something like 1680X948 if my calculations are correct?
Raw Video / Re: 6D 1080P RAW in crop mode?
February 21, 2014, 09:23:20 PM
Can anyone please confirm the max 16:9 resolutions  in both crop and live view mode?Dont really care if continuous or not.Thanks.
Tragic Lantern / Re: 6D - Install guide and raw shooting.
February 11, 2014, 09:28:40 PM
Guys pardon me for asking pretty basic or off-topic stuff ,but i have some questions that are not very clear in this forum,or propably i can't find the right answers via a search.
Since i will be buying a 6d soon i would like to know the following.

What is the max live view 1:1 dng resolution and the max 5x crop resolution?  (dont care about continuous recording at this point) .Do i have selection of aspect ratios like my 550d?
No nightly builds being developed for example like my 550d?Are the basic features working mostly as far as ml raw and timelapse (intervalometer/ramping) is concerned?Are these available through tragic lantern only?
Will 6d be supported via nightly builds or possible future unified build?
Audio levels/gains/monitoring etc? (ths is pretty important for me for live events)

Sorry for hijacking the thread.
Well i reinstalled ml on bath cards and although it works, camera still behaves eratically.
I get random bracketing every time i start the camera,which is the least of my worries,and metering mode
wont change to anything than the default mode (evaluative metering) but sometimes it behaves like a spot meter and last camera boot showed just that,until i went back and forth through menus to find icon had changed to the default but metering was still at spot.Go figure...

But this is an issue outside of ml and propably in the realms of the paranormal so
thanks for your help audionut,ill try to figure out the he rest on my own and report back if i have anything new.  :)
Found what was going on.For some reason every time i turned camera back on canon expo.comp/AEB defaulted at -5..!
I think it works now.
Only issue i have is that i cant change the metering mode to anything other that the default which is evaluative metering.
Any idea on that?
Almost everything in ml menu is turned off apart from global draw.

edit: before posting this i tried again (camera was still turned on) after a few mins, and different metering modes became selectable.
ediy:(sigh) did this again and now cant change metering mode again.
Im really buffled.Is it perhaps a latest nighly build issue?
Wow thanks.I knew i should have gone to bed early wake up fresh and post lol.
Still AV hs a very narrow shutter range from the tests i just did.Max shutter was 1/1000 and should have gone further since i pointed to a very bright area which was completely blown out
and the totally dark area i pointed the camera to maxed at 1/4 sec shutter leaving it dark.How can i have full range again up to 30 secs?

edit:i just turned on the camera again and using the exact same spots as before camera went up to 3.2 secs exposure,but still wasnt enough.
Turned off and on again tried the same thing still very random shutter values.
Last time i remember doing this camera would go up to 30 secs in for example i put the cap on the lens.
I also tried changing the shutter (manual lens) and shutter values were the same.
For the life of me i have no idea what im doing wrong.
Im sure its something minor that when pointed out it will make me feel totally stupid but here goes.

I cant understand why in tv mode i cant have full range auto shutter anymore (1/4000 - 30secs)
I have tried everything in the ml menu but shutter stays the same.
Now, i dont want to use all those cool ramping or other ml features at this time,all these are great but i want to do a simple day to night timelapse the way i used to before magic lantern,only using the lantern intervalometer instead of an external one.

So i need to expose in TV mode with locked iso, f-stop, and (maybe) some negative exposure compensation from canon menu, auto shutter with spot metering to an area i deem worthy and when shutter reaches its max (30 seconds) ill switch simply to manual use the same settings and continue.

So whats the deal with tv mode not letting the auto shutter do its job?